Allen's Baptist Sanitarium of Robinson, Illinois

Typed by Rita Millis from a history originally done about 1955 - 14 August 2000

Allen's Sanitarium, the oldest Hospital in Crawford County, was founded and built by Dr. A. W. Allen in 1912, after having practiced in his private office since 1908 in the house he had built on the present site of the Hospital.

In 1914 an addition of twenty rooms was added to the structure to accommodate the growing use of hospitals and make one available in this County.

In 1919 the north wing was added giving additional rooms for patients and expanding the X-ray and laboratory facilities and giving the building its present appearance.

In 1936 Dr. Sam Allen, his son, a graduate of Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts and of Baylor University School of Medicine, Dallas, Texas, joined his father in the practice of medicine.

In 1950 Dr. Sam Allen assumed the managership of the Hospital, since which time it has been completely refurnished with all modern equipment, making it second to none. Practically all rooms are air-conditioned and have television facilities. The nurses dormitory is spacious, comfortably furnished, with private bath and television service.

Dr. A. W. Allen and Dr. Sam Allen practice from their private offices within the Hospital with use of all facilities open for each.

"If God writes Opportunity on one side of an open door, He writes Responsibility on the other side." This was an Opportunity seen and a Responsibility met.


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