History of the Berlin Church

Transcribed by Barbara Dix
(Note: this church is located in Martin Township about 8 miles southwest of Robinson.)

The first School house in this community was a log building in a clearing on a rise of ground nearly a quarter of a mile north of the present Berlin Church. This was called the Berlin School because of a pioneer family named Berlin that lived nearby. This building was used as a school and church until it burned down.

Some of the families attending services in the school house were the Berlin's, David King's, Kirby Smith's and Mrs. Retha Grahams family. For a few years after the building burned, there was no church in the immediate neighborhood so several families attended South Bend Church. A Rev. Smith who was preaching at South Bend told them he would come in the Berlin neighborhood and preach if a building were provided. Upon hearing this, one of the men, Anderson Curry, said he had a house that could be used. This house was on the County line road at the corner of the present Carl Stanley farm. It was the planked up and down type with board partitions and had originally been occupied by a family named Reppette. Next it had been used for a saloon, at the time Mr. Curry owned it, it was filled with corn blades for feed. For this reason it was called "Fodder House", a name well known to the older generation. The partitions were removed and the building fixed for services with the elderly Rev. Smith as the first Minister, followed by Rev. John Tracy.

Some of the families attending at this building were the Anderson Curry's, Charley Tuel, Bob Taylor, Issac Bailey and Mrs. Sophia Higgins. This was about the year 1885 and the church was called the New Light Christian. After three or four years this building burned one night after prayer Meeting Services. In the meantime a new school house had been built which was called the Berlin School. Since there was no Baptist Church near, both the Baptist and the Christian people used the new school house as a place for worship services. After a short time in the year 1892 they organized and built a Church naming it the Berlin Chapel. The ground was donated by Joshua Francis. Mrs. Hannah Wright and Mrs. Jane Jolton laid the first corner stone at the south west corner. The carpenters were Edward Francis and Joe Hughes. It was a union Baptist and Christian Church. Boards were used for seats, when it was completed. A revival was held by Rev. Tom Wade, Christian and Rev. John Parr, Baptist. It was a wonderful revival with 85 converts. After a few years the Baptist withdrew and built their own church a mile north. It was known as the Star Church, long since abandoned. On August 30th, 1942, the church celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In April 1950 this Building was wrecked by a windstorm. It was so damaged it could not be repaired. On Thursday night April 27th, 1950 the old building was sold at auction with Hugh Russell auctioneer. It sold for $117, was torn down and moved to Robinson and used in the present Church of God.

Plans were made for erecting a new church at once. Most of the labor was donated and it was over a year before the building was completed. The new church was dedicated the last Sunday in May, 1951.

The present pastor is Rev. Gerald Musgrave.

Written by Dolly Jordan GB


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