History of the Christian Science Society

Transcribed by Barbara Dix.

Early in the year 1922, a small group of people intensely interested in the study of Christian Science, decided to hold regular Sunday and Wednesday evening services in their homes. These meetings were held for the most part in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Midkiff and Mr. and Mrs. James Lantz, the Lantz home then occupying the lot on which church edifice stands.

On March 15th, 1922, The Robinson Christian Science Society was authorized by the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Shortly there after the I. C. O. F. Hall was procured for holding services on Sunday and in April this was extended to include the Wednesday evening services.

The present property location ,on which was situated a frame dwelling, was purchased from James E. and Lillie M. Lantz, and the dwelling was remodeled into a church building with the first services being held on March 22, 1931, and dedicated, free of all indebtedness on October 25 of the same year. All Churches of Christ Scientist must be free from all debt before they can be dedicated.

As the congregation grew and the old building deteriotated it became evident that even though the old building had served its purpose, it was time was now time to leave the old building with its memories and establish a building to more adequately meet the needs of this congregation. Accordingly membership meetings were called, a Building Committee appointed and contracts 1st. On the 12th day of July, 1951, the prime contractor started removing the old structure. Excavation for the foundation was started on or about the 4th of September, 1951 and the church edifice was completed late in January of 1952.

The new building was constructed of concrete and Bedford Limestone, with the interior and pews being natural wood finish. The reading room at the rear of the building was furnished in blood mahogany with light green carpeting floor covering. The building is heated with gas and is completly air conditioned. Music is provided by the Hammond Electric Organ as well as chimes in the bell tower. All equipment as well as hymnals, Bibles, etc. were completely new.

First services were held on Sunday, February 1st, 1952 and the church was dedicated free of debt, early in April of the same year.

There are no members on the church register from the original charter group. Many persons have passed through our membership lists since the first authorization of the Society, most of them having moved to other localities where they still remain active in the Christian Science movement.

In humble reverence we give thanks to Almighty God for our beautifull church and for our never ending flow of blessings. We are indeed deeply grateful for the financial aid given us from the Silina C. Cornish Fund and the Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy, as well as our many friends who aided us so generously and made possible the dedication of our church.


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