Brief Sketch of Early Settlers of Christy Township (Lawrence County)

One of the first settlers of the territory now embraced in Christy Township was Peter Shidler. He settled on the old Indian trace, now the State road, two miles and a half north-east of the present town of Sumner, and lived in a tent on first coming to the neighborhood. John Higgins, another old pioneer, settled half a mile east of Sumner, and Daniel Stultz located two miles south. Benjamin Sumner settled two miles and a half south-east of the town, and Joseph Williams was also an old resident, and a neighbor of the Sumners. Joshua Dudley lived in the same neighborhood. Henry Sherraden, whose residence at present is in Sumner, is an old Settler of Lawrence County. George W. Petty came from Ohio in 1838; J. B. Sumner was born in the County in 1834; Andrew A. Mulligan in 1831; H. Lucas, a native of Kentucky, came to the County in 1829; Philo Bell's father came from Ohio in 1839, and settled west of the site of Sumner, and in 1850 Abraham Piper came from Pennsylvania to the same neighborhood. H. S. Gines was born in the County in 1834; Edward Heath from North Carolina, in 1840; Joseph Knapper, from Pennsylvania, in 1839; Jacob Severns from Virginia in 1830; Elizabeth Williams from Kentucky in 1829; J. V. Shick, from Ohio, in 1842; and Marshall Stivers from Kentucky, in 1826.


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