Ettelbrick Shoe Factory

Typed by Rita Millis from a history originally done about 1955 - 14 August 2000

Robinson is proud to have one of the finest and most modern shoe factories in this section of the country, fully equipped with the latest and best manufacturing devices used in the manufacture of children's shoes, with an investment of about $200,000.00 and a payroll of approximately $8,000.00 per week, the building and land having been paid for by the citizens of Robinson in the year 1946. This proved to be an excellent investment, as all the stockholders had their investment in the stock repaid with interest as of April 1953. The factory employs at present about 212 workers, mostly women, and is a great asset to our city and community.

Nicholas Ettelbrick, founder of Ettelbrick Shoe Company, moved his factory from St. Louis, Missouri, to Greenup, Illinois, and it was incorporated as Ettelbrick Shoe Company on November 26, 1926. His eldest son, August V. Ettelbrick, joined him in the management of the business, and was made vice president of the firm. As the enterprise flourished, there was need for a second factory, which was built in Casey, Illinois, and incorporated as the Casey Mfg. Co. on March 28, 1936. The business continued to thrive and grow so that when ten years later a third factory became necessary, a building was erected in Robinson, Illinois, and incorporated as the Robinson Mfg. Co. on January 25, 1946.

Since the death of the founder, Nicholas Ettelbrick, on November 4, 1947, followed closely by the death of his son, August V. Ettelbrick, on January 23, 1948, the third son, Nicholas Ettelbrick, Jr., has been president of Ettelbrick Shoe Company.


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