The Crawford County Farmer's Exchange

Typed by Rita Millis from a history originally done about 1955 - 14 August 2000

The Crawford County Farmers Exchange was opened in August, 1946, by Ivan Ransom Miller. Mr. Miller, a native of Oblong vicinity, educated in Agriculture with a BS degree from the University of Illinois and an MS degree from Connecticut State University, returned to this area after seven years spent in the armed services. He had envisioned a business to serve the farmers of the area through supplying agricultural needs and providing a market for grain and seed.

The business was originally a Purina Feed, Fertilizer, and Seed Store with facilities for grain buying. In 1948, the Hasper Elevator at Flat Rock, Illinois was purchased, and the elevator conditioned for the handling of grain and for the same type of retail sales as the Robinson store. Mr. Roy Kemper first managed the store, and in 1949 August Wampler became the manager.

The Rock Phosphate Sales of Burnis Waldrop was included in the business in 1948, and grew into the Crawford County Fertilizer Company with facilities for bulk unloading and loading added in 1949, and with the addition of Anhydrous Ammonia storage in 1951.

The Crawford County Farmers Exchange became a Honegger Feed Dealer in 1950 and began expansion of the poultry department with sale of baby chicks, feeds, housing and sanitation products.

Bert Miller, the brother of Ivan was a partner in the business from 1950 to 1957.

In 1955, the Mullins Feed Store, north of Lawrenceville at the Pinkstaff Junction Road, was leased and the name of the organization became The Farmers Exchange. The new store is chiefly a hardware store and gasoline service station, with farmers needs available. The manager is Walter Miller.

Undoubtedly, The Farmers Exchange has benefited the economy of Crawford County by supplying advice and materials for the agriculture, poultry, and livestock of the county and the conservation of the natural resources.

The Farmers Exchange owns and operates a 180 acre farm two miles northeast of Robinson. A scientifically managed poultry flock is maintained there to supply eggs for retail to Robinson people and for shipping to graded egg markets. The farm manager is Bennie Mendenhall.


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