Modern Woodman of America

Typed by Rita Millis from a history originally done about 1955 - 14 August 2000

Modern Woodman of America, Robinson Camp No. 463; Organized Nov. 24, 1887, with 24 Charter members, viz: A. C. Malone, J. D. Ruddell, Aldridge Walters, P. E. Gordon, Hiram Myers, C. N. Hackett and Dr. T. N. Rafferty, who was its first Venerable Consul; in 1906 the following officers succeeded Dr. Rafferty as V. C. and A. C. Malone as Clerk, Gen. U. S. Carey as V. C. and C. S. McKamy as Clerk.

At the present time the officers of this Camp are Dr. John W. Long, V. C., Past Consul, O. C. Mitchell, Advisor, Henry Murphy, Banker, Walter Henderson, Escort, William Kirk, Watchman, Fred Mitchell, Sentry, Elmer Dollahan, Trustees Harry Smith, Carlton Randolph and Speed Prier.

For the past sixty-six years it had administered to the needs of its members and their families in times of sickness, when death has claimed the bread-winner of the family, it has been a Father to the Fatherless and has gently laid its arm of protection about the widow and walked by her side in the darkest hours when there were no human friends to lean upon.

It has provided food for the hungry, homes for the homeless and hope for those who could not provide for themselves.

It has paid out millions of dollars for the education of orphans. During the dark days when war hovered over our land and the pride of our nation had been called it had paid the policies one hundred percent to the beneficiary.

It provided an excellent spirit of Fraternity not only to its members but to its community where the lodge functions; its creed harmonizes with the Holy Bible. "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes alone, all that we hand into the lives ot others come back into our own."

The Camp Secretary, George I. Martin, is appointed by the Head Camp, is rounding out his fifteenth year of service.


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