History of the New Hebron Church

Note: this church is located in north of Palestine.
Transcribed by Barbara Dix

In 1848, a small group of residents of the village of New Hebron met at the home of one of the group, possibly in the home of William Bussard or Leonard Reinoehl, and formed the Church known as the New Hebron United Brethren in Christ Church.

For approximately nine years this Church was held in the homes in and near the village of New Hebron.

This Church became a member of the Wabash A. Conference and on January 25, 1857, the Conference Certified the following men to become Trustees: Daniel K. Young, Joseph Rider, William Bussard, Joseph Smith, and Leonard Reinoel. Permission was granted to these trustees by the Conference to build a church building.

On November 5, 1857, the trustees: Daniel K. Young, Joseph Rider, William Bussard, Leonard Reinoel, and George Fry purchased the east end lot # 49 in the village of New Hebron from George I. and Henrietta Reinoehl for the price of ten ($10) dollars. (This lot is east across the street and a few feet south of the present location of the Church building.)

A brick building was erected on this lot in which regular Sunday services were held, along with prayer meetings and revivals during the following years.

During this period of time, eight United Brethren Churches in Crawford County grew out of this church; twenty--one members became licensed  preachers; and a number of them became faithful itinerants- and leading ministers in the conference. Five Conferences were held in this church building, also.

On February 23, 1924, after a winters storm, this brick building was condemned, therefore, church services were held in the New Hebron School House, until the completion of another Church building in November, 1924.

The trustees of the church met April 16, 1924, and decided to buy three lots from J. O. Geeseman.

On May 1, 1924, the Trustees, Fred Parker, W. H. Berry, and Allen Henderson purchased the Geeseman lots numbering 37, 38 and 39 for $200. On that same date, the trustees, together with the building commitee, Rev. R. L. Webber, William Henderson, and Harry A. Tracy purchased the building known as the Frog Pond Baptist Church, located approximately one and one half miles northwest of Palestine. This wooden structure building was torn down and rebuilt on the church lots in New Hebron where it was completed and dedicated on November 16, 1924, at the cost of $3500.

Today, July 9, 1956, two new class rooms are being added to the church. to accomodate the increase in attendance. The work of the construction of these classrooms is being donated by the men of the church.

New Hebron Church is a member of the Illinois Evangelical United Brethren conference and one of a four--church circuit, Rev. W. O. Beard is the present minister, having returned to be with the church in God's Work for the seventh consecutive year.


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