History of the Palestine Second Methodist Church

Transcribed by Barbara Dix

The church was established April 1935. It was originally established as a Southern Methodist Church under the pastorate of Bro. H. H. Higgins. The meetings were first held in the old Shaw building in Palestine. A new church building was erected April 10, 1937 at the corners of Grand Prairie and Ill. St. in Palestine.

The following is the list of the Pastors that have served the church. Rev. E. O. Hobbs, Rev. Kelso Angel, Rev. W. A. Patty, Rev. Richardson, Rev. Mode Powell, Rev. Cullison, Rev. Frank Finkbinder, Rev. Chester Peterson, Rev. Samuel N. Totten and Rev. F. Glen Creek. Bro. Richardson and Bro. Peterson were pastors of the church twice. The present Pastor is Rev. Edward Sadler.


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