History of the Palestine Pilgrim Holiness Church, Robinson, IL

Transcribed by Barbara Dix

In the spring of 1911, three young men formed a evanglistic party, Eddie & Henry Cornelius, singers, and William Pratt, as minister formed this trio, known as the Willing Gleaner Band. Came to Robinson, pitched their tent on the corner of Meyers & Poplar Streets. This campaign lasted for six weeks. The workers slept in the tent, and ate meals in the homes when invited.

At the close of the meeting the Pilgrim Holiness Church was organized with 40 members.

After worshiping in rented buildings & homes, in 1914 ground was purchased and a church was built which is its present location at 503 Hazel Street. The following are the names of the former and present Pastors.

Name of Pastor Years of Service
Rev. W. A. Sexton came and built the Church. 1914-1916
Rev. F. Reed 1917-1919
Rev. L. Hudteson (or Hudleson) 1920-1921
Rev. H. M. Basset 1922
Rev. Pearl Roush 1923-1924
Rev. Mary Dice 1925
Rev. Alice Head 1926
Rev. R. Cleaner 1927
Rev. O. K. Shaffer 1928
Rev. Pearl Roush 1929
Rev. E. A. Meeks 1930-1931
Rev. A. D. Canary 1932-1933
Rev. Pearl Roush 1934-1939
Rev. J. Cunningham 1940-1946
Rev. E. Waltrip 1947-1954
Rev. F. E. Dunn 1955-1956

The Church at present has 59 members. Also two Charter members, Mrs. Emma Lake, and Mrs. Maude Perry.

In the year of 1945, under the able leadership of Rev. Cunningham, the present parsonage at 507 South Lincoln Street was purchased. The church has out grown its building. At the present time the plan is to build a new church in 1957.


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