History of the Robinson Rotary Club

Typed by Rita Millis from a history originally done about 1955 - 14 August 2000

(Compiled by Carl Zwermann, Jr., April 1956)

Early in 1925 Rotarian Peter Kolb of Mt. Carmel talked to L. S. Heath, O. V. Redding, John S. Abbott, and Sam Faucett with the idea of founding the Robinson Rotary Club. These men were not enthused at first, but "Pete" Kolb, a former schoolmate of L. S. Heath, did not give up and on October 10, 1924, twenty-five men signed the Rotary membership cards and the wheels of progress were set in motion for the founding of the club. The charter members were: "Jack" Abbott, "Gus" Apgar, "Lute" Brigham, "Cliff" Brubaker, "Whit" Carlisle, "Bernie" Clawson, "Tom" Cheatham, "Gib" Gibson, "Ham" Hamilton, "L. S." Heath, "Bake" Hummel, "Ra" Jones, "Wood" Lewis, "Bill" McCarty, "Jack" Maxwell, "E. O." May, George Merrick, "Al" Midgett, Fred Mills, "Oce" Olwin, "Otto" Redding, "Smithy" Smith, "Vick" Whitmer, "Buddy" Winteringer, and Carl Zwermann, Sr.

On November 6, 1924, the Robinson Rotary Club was officially accepted into membership of Rotary International as club number 1839. The club held a few meetings that year. It elected its first board of directors--Carlisle, Gibson, Heath, Mills, Redding, Smith, and Zwermann. The board in turn elected L. S. Heath the first president and O. G. Olwin secretary.

On January 22, 1925, the charter was presented to the local group at a very impressive meeting attended by over 200 Rotarians from surrounding towns. "Charlie" Taylor of Harrisburg made the presentation to President L.S. Heath "Pete" Kolb of Mt. Carmel, Acting District Governor and the "daddy" of the local club, was present for the occasion.

Many new members were taken into the club the first year or two. Among them were: Fred Lathrop, "Rol" Evans, Harry Deming, T.B. Steele, "Chick" Everingham. Rev. Cummins, "Cris" Franke, Merit Shew, Frank Norris, A. J. Goff, "Doc" Allen, H. F. Crosby, Bayard Heath, "Charl" Olwin, Elmer Boyd, Ira Jordan, A. P. Hammond, "Billy" McCaman, "Sing" Singleton, Frank Wiseman, Lorin Brigham, Walter Johnson, Fred Endsley, Lynn Root, Fred Roslyn, H. D. Summers, and Rev. Shirey. That year the club took an active interest in the Boy Scouts and Scout Leader George I. Martin was elected an Honorary Member. Other Honorary Members elected in order were Congressman William W. Arnold and Clyde Lee Fife. Judge Arnold holds the distinction of being an Honorary Member up to the present date.

The first club bulletin appeared in 1925. The first two weekly issues appeared under the name, "What Should We Call It" the third "Gingersnaps" and then Baby Rotarian T. B. Steele suggested the name "SAS" from Service Above Self, a name it continues to have. E. O. May was the first editor and he continued to publish it for many years assisted in the summer months by "Ra" Jones, "Al" Midgett, A. J. Goff, and others. SAS has been published continuously except for several months in the thirties. Editors in addition to E. O. May have been "Al" Midgett, "Vic" Smith, Vernon Heath, Hanby Jones, Roe Wright, Ralph Stringer, "Al" Gerber, Ivan Miller (1949-54), Lawrence Gordon, "Wib" Powden (1954-55) and Carl Zwermann, Jr. (1955-56). E. O. May also published a SAS Yearbook that was very popular with the membership for many years.

The club has always held its weekly meetings with lunch and a program on Wednesday noons at the Woodworth Hotel except for special events held at the various churches in the county, the high school, Country Club, American Legion Home, and various picnic areas. Many of these special occasions were ladies' nights and others were as hosts to such groups as the High School Senior Classes, School Boards and faculty from the High School, High School News 'N' Everything Staff, High School football teams, High School and Grade School basketball teams, Grade School teachers, Members of the GAR, Rotarians' sons, Rotarians' daughters, college students, High School Rotarians for the month, Grade and High School scholars, Boy Scouts and various farmer groups. Intercity meetings were frequently held with the neighboring Rotary clubs at Oblong, Newton, Casey, Marshall, Mt. Carmel, and Lawrenceville. Joint meetings were often held with the Lions Clubs in Palestine and Robinson, and the Robinson Kiwanis Club. Athletic contests including soft ball, baseball, and bowling were held now and then with these same clubs of other organizations such as the high school senior boys--all for entertainment or to promote good fellowship.

It is usually customary for Rotarians to assist in local projects as individuals and not as a club; but on various occasions the club has sponsored or helped sponsor various projects. Among these were: the Scotch Highlanders Band in 1925 and 1927; the Boy Scouts in 1926, 7, and 8; the Hobby Fair in 1926 and 27; Christmas parties for the children in conjunction with the Lincoln Theater; Halloween parties annually in conjunction with Rotarian Lynn Root; the Institute of Understanding in 1940; the Elk's Crippled Children Fund for many years; the Youth Recreation Center; the Marine Band in 1947; the Safety Lane in 1948; scotch-lite tape for children's bicycles; and the Little League Ball teams in 1954, 55, and 56. Almost since its existence the club has sponsored the annual Robinson high school football awards dinner at which time noted athletic directors, coaches, or players from Illinois and Indiana colleges and universities highlight the programs. The largest such banquet with over 550 attending was held in the new gymnasium at the high school in 1945 with Governor Dwight Green of Illinois as the guest speaker.

The club celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special dinner at the Woodworth Hotel on November 7, 1934, with President O. V. Redding presiding with all former Rotarians as guests. Visitors present were B. E. Heath, "Gus" Apgar, T. B. Steele, Fred Lathrop, Lorin Brigham, "Buddy" Winteringer, Fred Endsley, "Rol" Evans, "Doc" Allen, and W. L. Johnson. Fred Mills read articles from back issues of the Argus on the founding of the club.

The 25th Anniversary was celebrated with a banquet at the First Methodist Church with the Rotaryanns and former presidents as guests at 6:30 p.m. November 8, 1949, with President Hanby Jones presiding. Charter Members present were: Heath, Hamilton, Hummel, Lewis, Mills, and McCarty. Past Presidents L. S. Heath, Mills, Goff, Singleton, Hamilton, Hewitt, Boyd, Kopta, Hammer, V. L. Heath, R. M. Wright, McKamy, Olds,, and Guyer were also present. L. S. Heath told of the early organization of the club. Fred Mills reviewed the activities of the club and its members. A. J. Goff presented the club with a Rotary bell on behalf of the past presidents. Past District Governor L. Clarke Grandfield gave the principal address. A four-tier birthday cake decorated with a Rotary emblem and twenty-five candles topped off the evening's festivities.

In 1951 the Robinson club with Paul Norris its president played host to the 40 clubs in district #215 for their annual conference. Dan Proctor was the Principal speaker at the banquet at the high school gymnasium culminating the business sessions. An informal dance and get together at the Crawford County Country Club ended the two days of activities.

Rotary International's Golden Anniversary was celebrated by the Robinson club with a dinner at the American Legion Home March 3, 1955, with President Jack Brown presiding and the Rotaryanns as guests. The program consisted of an elaborate pageant directed by Rotaryann Maxine Zwermann depicting the early years of Rotary both International and local. This history was presented in a series of scenes of pantomine accompanied by narrators Hanby Jones and "Bob" Bonham. Over thirty persons participated in the various scenes.

Charter member Henry "Bake" Hummel was appointed song leader of the local club in 1925, a position that he has ably held since that time. He has also been called upon to lead the singing at assemblies and conferences held throughout the district. He has been ably assisted at the piano by Rotarian Fred Roslyn, daughter of Agnes Hummel Skidmore, Rotarian "Al" Gerber, Rotaryann Helen Grandfield, and Rotarian "Hap" Fleming.

In the first 31 years of its existence the club has grown from a membership of 25 to 66 with over 185 (Chart 2) prominent persons having been members at one time or another. Its members have been invaluable to the growth and prosperity of the community.

Chart 1

Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
1924-25     L. S. Heath J. W. Carlisle O. G. Olwin Evert Smith
1925-26     Harry L. Deming J. W. Carlisle O. G. Olwin Evert Smith
1926-27     Fred I. Mills L. B. Gibson L. W. Singleton C. C. Brubaker
1927-28     J. W. Carlisle T. B. Steele L. W. Singleton Charles Olwin
1928-29     A. J. Goff Ralph Lathrop L. W. Singleton Elmer Boyd
1929-30     L. W. Singleton Henry Hummel Sam Faucett A. T. Midgett
1930-31     E. O. May F. W. Hamilton Sam Faucett Ira Jordan
1931-32     J. S. Abbott F. W. Hamilton Sam Faucett Elmer Hurd
1932-33     F. W. Hamilton O. V. Redding Sam Faucett James Rooney
1933-34     J. C. Hewitt Paul Hammer Sam Faucett A. T. Midgett
1934-35     O. V. Redding Elmer Boyd Sam Faucett A. T. Midgett
1935-36     Sam Faucett Elmer Boyd F. I. Mills A. T. Midgett
1936-37     Elmer Boyd Clyde Kimmel F. I. Mills A. T. Midgett
1937-38     Frank Kopta Vernon Heath F. I. Mills A. T. Midgett
1938-39     Paul E. Hammer Arthur McCoy F. I. Mills A. T. Midgett
1939-40     V. L. Smith William Crebs F. I. Mills A. T. Midget
1940-41     V. L. Heath William Crebs Ralph Stringer A. T. Midgett
1941-42     John Nuttall Kenneth Gould Ralph Stringer A. T. Midgett
1942-43     H. N. Rafferty Kenneth Gould Ralph Stringer F. W. Hamilton
1943-44     K. D. Gould Roe Wright F. I. Mills F. W. Hamilton
1944-45     Roe Wright George Everingham    F. I. Mills F. W. Hamilton
1945-46     George Everingham    Charles McKamy F. I. Mills F. W. Hamilton
1946-47     Charles McKamy L. C. Olds F. I. Mills F. W. Hamilton
1947-48     L. C. Olds Murray Guyer E. C. Lowe F. W. Hamilton
1948-49     Murray Guyer A. H. Jones, Jr. E. C. Lowe F. W. Hamilton
1949-50     A. H. Jones,Jr. Paul B. Norris E. C. Lowe (Bonham)    F. W. Hamilton
1950-51     Paul B. Norris> E. C. Lowe C. H. Zwermann,Jr. F. W. Hamilton
1951-52     E. C. Lowe Richard Firebaugh Clyde Hamman F. W. Hamilton
1952-53     Robert G. Bonham Carl Zwermann,Jr. David Herring David Herring
1953-54     Carl Zwermann, Jr. Jack W. Brown David Herring David Herring
1954-55     Jack W. Brown Estes Skaggs David Herring David Herring
1955-56     Estes Skaggs Spencer Woodworth    David Herring David Herring

Chart 2

Past and Present Members of the Robinson Rotary Club

Name Classification Dates
*Abbott, John S. Banking Nov. 1924-Jan 1934
Alexander, Everett Gasoline & Oil Retailing Nov. 1941-Dec 1942
Allen, A. W. Hospital Mar. 1925-May 1931
Allison, John Men's Clothing Retailing Jan. 1948-June 1952
Alton, Lloyd Municipal Water Service May 1946-to date
*Apgar, Augustine K. Optometry
Nov. 1924-Feb. 1927
Feb. 1927-July 1927
Apple, M. D. Dentistry Orthodontia Sept. 1952-to date
Arnold, William W. Honorary Apr. 1925-to date
Baker, George F. Petroleum Marketing Nov. 1941-Apr. 1950
Bennett, Edsall G. Decorating Materials Retail June 1933-Apr. 1936
Bonham, Robert G. Petrol Reservoir Engr. June 1949-to date
Boyd, Elmer F. Elect. Equip. & Supplies Ret. July 1925-to date
Brigham, Lorin H. Jr. Mar. 1926-May 1929
Brooks, Kenneth L. Honorary
Christianity Protestantism
June 1947-Jan. 1953
Jan. 1953-to date
Brown, Henry L. Automobile Retailing Nov. 1955-to date
Brown, Jack W. Jewelry Retailing Mar. 1947-to date
Brown, Walter Honorary Nov. 1924-July 1952
*Brubaker, Charles C. Lumber Retailing Nov. 1924-June 1948
Brubaker, Robert Lumber Retailing Apr. 1948-June 1948
Buechner, Charles A. Refined Oil Products Distrib. Aug. 1932-June 1941
Bussard, E. J. Cleaning July 1940-to date
*Carlisle, Jonas W. Physician Nov. 1924-June 1943
Chapman, Joseph H. Insurance Feb. 1936-June 1937
*Cheatham, Thomas E. Cleaning and dyeing Nov. 1924-Jan. 1926
Clark, Charles E. Refined Oil Products Retail Nov. 1955-to date
*Clawson, Bernard H. Household Furniture Retail Nov. 1924-Apr. 1928
Coay, Philip L. E. Light & Power Service June 1941-Sep. 1949
Coddington, John A. Refined Oil Products Mfg. June 1950-Feb. 1952
Coe, R. L. Petroleum Producing Apr. 1934-June 1940
Connours, Les Tinsmithing Jan. 1945-June 1945
Cooper, J. O. Tinsmithing June 1951-to date
Cordell, William H. Geologist Mar. 1938-June 1938
Cox, Carroll T. Probate Law Aug. 1953-to date
Crawford, Wayne Education public schools Aug. 1953-May 1955
Crebs, William J. Capital Investments June 1934-Feb. 1942
Crosby, Henry F. County Agricultural Agent May 1925-Apr. 1926
Cummins, J. S. Protestant Church Feb. 1925-Sep. 1926
Deming, Harry L. Oil Refining Feb. 1925-Apr. 1928
Doyle, Thomas M. Gas & Electric appliances Oct. 1945-June 1946
Duncan, Ray C. Education, Rural Supervision June 1952-to date
Duncan, Richard C. Gas Utilities Nov. 1941-Aug. 1949
Duncan, C. Wade Executive Secretary Nov. 1943-Aug. 1947
Endsley, Fred S. Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling May 1926-Jan. 1928
Evans, Ellis E. Petroleum Producing Dec. 1955-to date
Evans, Jerry Pottery Manufacturing Feb. 1925-Nov. 1931
Everingham, Charles Refined Oil Products Distrib. Feb. 1925-June 1927
Everingham, George D. Refined Oil Products Retailing
Dairy Products
County Government, Admin.
Feb. 1930-Sep 1931
Oct. 1939-June 1951
Mar. 1955-to date
Faucett, Sam Dry Goods Retailing June 1927-to date
Fife, Clyde Lee Honorary Mar. 1926-July 1926
Fike, Darl W. Farm Advisor Jan. 1948-Aug. 1954
Firebaugh, Richard D. Insurance--Life Jan. 1945-to date
Fleming, H. C. Real Estate June 1954-to date
Foster, Hugh H. Protestant Minister Jan. 1934-Feb. 1938
Franke, C. M. Jewelry Retailing Mar. 1925-Jan. 1927
Fuller, Rex Cold Storage Mar. 1929-Feb. 1930
Funkhouser, Scott Education Public Schools Oct. 1954-to date
Gerber, Albert C. Pottery Manufacturing Sep. 1943-Sep. 1949
*Gibson, Leslie B. Dry Goods, Retailing Nov. 1924-Mar. 1927
Goff, A. J. Insurance--Casualty Mar. 1925-Mar. 1937
Jan. 1945-Sep. 1951
Goldsmith, A. F. Grade Schools Nov. 1930-Apr 1932
July 1934-May 1937
Jan. 1945-Apr. 1946
Gordon, Lawrence Drugs Retailing Nov. 1949-to date
Gouckenour, E. R. Women's Clothing Retailing July 1946-to date
Gould, Kenneth D. Ceramic Engineer Sept. 1937-Nov. 1954
Grandfield, L. Clarke Senior Active Aug. 1949--to date
Grant, Reid H. Cold Storage Mar. 1930-Jan. 1934
Graves, Dean Building Materials Retailing Jan. 1948-Aug. 1954
Graves, Perry Jr. Lumber Retailing Dec. 1954-to date
Guyer, Murray E. Petro. Reservoir Engr. Sept.1941-to date
*Hamilton, Frederick W. Osteopathy Nov. 1924-Oct. 1951
Hamman, Clyde Accounting Service Jan. 1948--to date
Hammer, Paul E.Household Furniture Retailing May 1929--to date
Hammond, A. P. El. Light & Power Service Aug. 1925--Apr. 1929
Harrison, Shelby Refrigeration Distributing July 1941--Mar. 1942
Harvey, Prior Garage and Service Station Nov. 1952-to date
Heath, Bayard E. Confections, Retailing May 1925-Dec. 1927
*Heath, Lawrence S. Ice Cream Manufacturing Nov. 1924-Dec. 1932
Heath, Richard Dairy Products Manufacturing May 1956-to date
Heath, Robert Beverages--non-alcoholic Dec. 1953-to date
Heath, Vernon L. Dairy Products Manufacturing Jan. 1937-to date
Herring, David W. Hotels June 1950-to date
Hewitt, Joseph C. Motion Picture Theaters Dec. 1930-June 1939
Hostettler, Henry W. Lecturing Feb. 1938-Apr. 1939
Howard, J. R. Insurance--fire Jan. 1945-to date
*Hummel, Henry Baking Retail Nov. 1924-to date
Hurd, Elmer W. Gas Service Apr. 1928-May 1933
Hurley, H. G. Honorary Nov. 1943-Mar. 1946
Jeffers, Bob Building Materials Retailing Dec. 1954-Nov. 1955
Johnson, Walter L. Express Service Mar. 1926-May 1926
Jones, A. Hanby Jr. Renting Proprietary Sept. 1937-June 1939
July 1940-to date
*Jones, Ramon Dentistry Nov. 1924-July 1935
Jordan, Ira R. Insurance--Fire July 1925-Apr. 1943
Kennedy, E. V. Education Elementary Schools Aug. 1937-May 1939
Kimmel, J. Clyde News Dealer July 1933-Aug. 1936
Kinney, Harry W. Dentistry Sept. 1935--to date
Kopta, Frank Banking Feb. 1934-Aug. 1954
Lamp, Cletus L. Protestant Minister Jan. 1940-Sept. 1941
Lathrop, Fred E. Monuments, Retailing Feb. 1925-Sept.1928
Lathrop, Ralph B. Senior Active (Monuments Ret.) June 1927-Oct. 1928
Feb. 1934-to date
*Lewis, Fornando W. Newspaper Publishing Nov. 1924-Dec. 1949
Lowe, A. L. Jr. Physician & Surgeon Dec. 1942-to date
Lowe, E. Coke Savings Banking May 1944-Nov. 1953
MacPherson, Roderick Municipal Water Service July 1941-May 1942
McCaman, William Petroleum Producing Aug. 1925-Aug. 1932
McCarty, P. G. General Law Practice Aug. 1949-Apr. 1952
*McCarty, William A. General Law Practice Nov. 1924--to date
McColloch, R. E. Petrol. Reservoir Engr. Apr. 1952--to date
McCoy, A. C. Shoes Retailing Nov. 1933--to date
McGahey, Paul Automobile Repair Mechanic Sept. 1939-Dec. 1951
McKamy, Charles S. Real Estate Agency
Oct. 1942-Mar 1949
Mar. 1949-to date
McQueen, Ferd T. Senior Active (Groceries Ret.) Mar. 1947-to date
Martin, George I. Honorary Feb. 1925-July 1925
Mattern, Elwood C. Elec. & Gas appliances Nov. 1946-May 1953
*Maxwell, Stoy J. Loans Nov. 1924-Sept. 1935
*May, Erie Otis Education Public Schools Nov. 1924-June 1932
*Merrick, George N. Groceries Retailing Nov. 1924-May 1927
Michael, Henry El. Light & Power Service Aug. 1949-to date
*Midgett, A. T. Druggist Retailing
Nov. 1924-Mar. 1949
Mar. 1949-Apr. 1950
Miller, Ivan R. Feed and Grain Retailing Nov. 1946-to date
*Mills, Fred I. Men's Clothing Retailing Nov. 1946-to date
      Men's Clothing Retailing
Senior Active
Apr. 1934-Oct. 1948
Oct. 1948-May 1951
May 1951-Nov. 1954
Mitchell, John R. Refined Oil Products Distrib. Mar. 1956-to date
Milz, H. G. Automobile Retailing Jan. 1949-Mar 1952
Morrow, D. Wayne Banking Sep. 1954-to date
Moyer, Allen Wholesale Oil Sales Jan. 1948-May 1949
Musgrave, Herbert L. Farm Machinery Retailing Apr. 1948-July 1951
Myers, George M. Honorary
Protestant Minister
Feb. 1940-Oct 1941
Oct. 1941-Jun. 1944
Neeley, Earl El. Light &Power Service June 1934-Mar. 1936
Nepote, Peter Motion Picture Theaters Sept. 1939-June 1943
Newlin, Ralph T. Corporation Law Practice Nov. 1945-to date
Nicholson, Kenneth J. Civil Engineer Feb. 1940-June 1943
Norton, Fred Chemical Research July 1946-Apr. 1948
Norris, Dan Oilwell Pump Equip. Mfg Apr. 1937-Apr. 1955
Norris, Frank Oilwell Supplies Mfg. Mar. 1925-Mar. 1941
Norris, Paul B. Senior Active (Oilwell Pump. Equip. Mfg.) Jan. 1938-to date
Nugent, J. O. Optometry June 1927-Apr. 1939
Dec. 1939-to date
Nuttall, John Education Rural School Super. Dec. 1934-June 1943
Olds, L. C. Drygoods Retailing Apr. 1942-to date
Olson, Earl Secondary Education Nov. 1949-Dec. 1950
Olwin, Charles H. Shoes Retailing May 1925-May 1929
*Olwin, Ocie G. Sec. Chamber Commerce Nov. 1924-Apr. 1926
Pfrimmer, Lowell Sec. Chamber Commerce June 1927-Mar. 1928
Phelps, Edwin Radio Broadcasting Service Jan. 1956-to date
Powden, Wilbur R. Photography Dec. 1951-to date
Prose, Jake Variety Store Retailing July 1947-Apr. 1950
Rafferty, H. N. Surgeon Apr. 1937-June 1946
Randolph, Carlton O. Livestock Feeding Apr. 1940-Dec. 1947
*Redding, O. V. Automobile Retailing Nov. 1924-Apr. 1932
Jan. 1934-Apr. 1941
Rooney, James Groceries Retailing Nov. 1930-Nov. 1938
Root, B. L. Funeral Directing Apr. 1926-to date
Ross, Charles W. Tires Retailing (Agriculture) Oct. 1930-Apr. 1955
Roslyn, Fred Music Apr. 1926-July 1927
Seligman, Leslie R. News Agency Oct. 1936-Sept. 1941
Shew, Merit W. Women's Clothing Retailing Mar. 1925-Jan. 1926
Shipman, Emmitt Automobile Retailing Aug. 1952-July 1953
Shirey, W. E. Protestant Church Nov. 1926-Feb. 1931
Singleton, L. W. Savings and Loan companies     Feb. 1926-to date
Skaggs, Estes A. Motion Picture Theaters Oct. 1942-to date
Slaten, John R. Protestant Minister Nov. 1931-Sept. 1933
Smith, Charles L. Education High School Sept.1952-Jan. 1953
Smith, A. Edson Education High School Aug. 1943-June 1949
*Smith, Evert D. Groceries Wholesale Nov. 1924-Apr. 1929
Smith, Victor L. Newspaper Publishing Feb. 1934-to date
Sockler, Harry Education Athletic Director Dec. 1942-June 1944
Speeman, Walter Roman Catholic Church Oct. 1927-Feb 1929
Steele, Theron B. Casing Head Plants Feb. 1925-Aug. 1928
Stover, Nelson T. Oil Refining Jan. 1928-Nov. 1931
Stringer, Ralph E. Education High School Aug. 1932-June 1943
Summers, H. D. Cold Storage Mar. 1926-Feb. 1929
Thorpe, J. Roy Senior Active (Petrol. Prod.) Sep. 1937-to date
Tucker, James G. Honorary
Protestant Churches
July 1935-Oct 1928
Oct. 1938-Sept. 1939
Turner, Clarence Decorating Materials Retail Sept. 1937-to date
Van Lear, James L. Honorary
Protestant Minister
July 1942-Aug. 1944
Aug. 1944-Dec. 1952
Walkington, L. B. Honorary
Christianity Protestantism
July 1952-Sept. 1955
Sept. 1955-to date
Weber, Donald J. Surety Bonding Aug. 1954-to date
Wesner, Elmer J. Probate Law (Honorary) Oct 1942-Sept. 1950
West, C. T. Public Safety-Police Service Aug. 1948-Nov. 1950
Dec. 1954--to date
White, John M. Variety Store Retailing Sept. 1935-Jan. 1938
Wheeler, Gilbert R. Surety Bonding Dec. 1951-to date
*Whitmer, Victor L. Insurance--Life Nov. 1924-Aug. 1928
Whitten, Cyrus R. Flowers Retailing Nov. 1936-to date
Willis, Sherman E. Variety Store Sept. 1950-to date
*Winteringer, Elmer O. Laundry Nov. 1924-Apr. 1932
Wiseman, W. Paul Garage & Service Station Feb. 1926-May 1929
Wood, J. W. Household Furniture Retailing Oct. 1928-Feb. 1929
Woodworth, J. Spencer Insurance--Casualty Apr. 1949-to date
Wright, J. I. Railroad Transportation Nov. 1931-to date
Wright, Roe M. Education Public Schools Aug. 1939-Sep. 1954
Young, Willard G. Pottery Manufacture Jan. 1951-to date
Zwermann, Carl H. Jr. Capital Investments June 1949-to date
*Zwermann, Carl H. Sr. Pottery Manufacturing Nov. 1924-Mar. 1934

*Charter Members


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