Crawfordites Abroad 1885

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

From the Robinson Argus of Jan 7, 1885

Allen, Judge J. C, is practicing law at Olney

Baird, Rev. A., is agent for a college of the M E church in Nebraska

Beach, Dr. David, lives near Gonzales, TX, where he is farming

Bishop, G. W., is located at Pine City, Washington Territory

Bonner, Rev. C. W., is in charge of the M. E. church at Sparta.

Bull, E. F., and family live at Hamburg, Iowa

Burks, Dutch, is among the "missing" whose residence and occupation is unknown

Carothers, W. E., is setting type on the Register, at Dubin, IN

Cauble, Elder P. C, home is at Carlisle, IN

Chaffee, L. V., lives at Danville, and travels for the wholesale grocery house of Coddington & Co.

Clark, Rev. O. H., is in charge of the M. E. church at Mount Vernon

Cochran, J. C., is in the printing business at San Antonio, TX

Condrey, Preston, is keeping a boarding house at Greencastle, IN

Culp, John, is one of the publishers of the Independence, at Wa____, KS

Delzell, R. A., is keeping a hog ranch at Arkansas City, KS

Dickson, Henry, C., is practicing law at Neosho Falls, KS

Dorothy, F. M., is in the mercantile business at Clay City, IN

Dunham, Frank, is attending lectures at Rush Medical College, Chicago

Eaton, H. J., is farming near Henrietta, TX

Emmons, Willis, is a brakeman on the Iron Mountain Railroad in MO

Firebaugh, Charles W., is in business at Austin, TX

Firebaugh, Chester, is practicing law at Wichita, KS

Firebaugh, H. C., is practicing law in San Francisco, CA

Fitch, T. G., is in the Sewing Machine business at Tucson, AZ

Goodwin, Will, lives at Marshall, and is brakeman on the Cairo Division of the Wabash

Gordon, Elmer W., is practicing medicine at Dexter, KS

Grace, J. U., is farming near Indianolo, Vermillion county

Graham, Noah, is located at Sedalia, MO

Granger, J. C., is located at Janesville, WI, and is traveling for the McCormick Machine Co.

Gwin, John N., is one of the leading lawyers of Effingham, and a prominent Greenback politician

Hardman, John A., is in the drug business at Corsicana, TX

Harper, Will G., is at Janesville, Wi at the "art preservative"

Harness, Stacey E., is a partner in a coal and lumber yard at Wyndotta, KS

Haskett, C. N., has a cattle ranch near Eureka, KS

Haskett, Ed., is working at the printing business in Springfield, IL

Helmick, John, post office address is Decatur, IL

Heustis, A., is a Justice of the Peace at Western Star, Summit county, OH

Highsmith, G. W., is running a blacksmith shop at Bozeman, Montana Territory

Howell, Lillie, nee Lamb, lives near Hammond, IL. Her husband is a farmer and stock dealer

Huls, Andy, is running a saloon at Sullivan, IN

King, Eugene F., with ______ Woodworth in the dry goods business, is in the mercantile business. Arcidalia, NY and is interested in a chemical manufacturing company at the same place. He is also a partner in the commission house of L. C. King & Co., New York City

King, Horace F., is in the wholesale grocer trade at Crawfordsville, IN

Lagow, Alfred G., formerly of Palestine, has an orange orchard near Melbourne, FL

Lagow, Wm. H., is farming on a claim he located a few years ago near Weeping Water, Cass county, KS

Leeper, Rev. John, is presiding elder of the Vandalia district, and resides at Centralia

Lewis, Daniel, and family reside near Mount Tabor, Oregon, where Mr. L. is engaged in farming

Lockhart, Elder J. J., resides at Tuscola. He is preaching one fourth of his time at Lawrenceville

Longenecker, Joel M., is practicing law in Chicago

Mabry, Rev. W. D., is in charge of the M E church at McGregor, Iowa

Massey, Rev. T. J., is in charge of the M. E. church at Sumner

McCord, B. F., is Professor of Mathematics in the University at Lincoln, IL

McTaggert, Walter, is practicing medicine at Bagota, Jasper county

Mills, M. C., Ex-Police Justice and Village Treasurer, is well we are not alone in our regrets that we cannot tell where he is by several dollars

Moers, Sol, lives at 484 West Ninth St., Cincinnati, and is doing a wholesale business in the line of watches and jewelry

Murphy, J. P., home is at Terre Haute, and he is traveling for C. C. Smith & Co., wholesale hardware dealers

Murray, S. G., is principal of the public schools at Helena, Montana

Myers, Joel, is located at Appleton City, MO

Newlin, Sarge H., is in a mill at Mount Pulaski, IL

Nichols, F. P., is in a mill t Panora, Iowa

Noe, S. David, is running a livery stable at Danville

Organ, James D., is at Freeport, Washington Territory

Otey, I. F., is farming near Sweetwater, TX Overstreet, Fred is running a jewelry store at Farmer City, this state. He was married in November

Parker, Charles C., is bookkeeper in a stationery and book house at Wichita, KS

Parker, Harry, is running a skating rink at Bloomfield, IN

Patton, Dr. W. R., formerly of Palestine, is practicing medicine at Charleston, and has been mayor of the city.

Phelps, Richard, is at Switz City, IN, and running an engine on the Indiana side of the narrow gauge.

Porter, Mrs. John, nee Ida Davis, lives near Lovington, IL, where her husband is engaged in farming

Price, Dr. Charles J., is practicing medicine at Claremont, Richland county, IL

Reavill, Mrs. Wm., is keeping boarding house at Fort Collins, CO

Ravenscroft, Rev. W. E., is in the wholesale grocery trade at Greenville, IN

Rethersord, E. G, is keeping a hotel and running a grocery store at Livermore, CO

Riker, Benton, is engineer in a mill at Loxa, Coles county

Riker, Tom, is on the bridge gang of the C. and E. I. railroad, between Danville and Terre Haute

Rosebrough, H. F., is at work on a creamery at Arcola, IL

Ruddell, Henry is in Dennison, TX

Short, Gus, is farming near Pembina, Dakota

Short, Wilber C., is with his brother-in-law in a drug store at Fairmount, Vermillion county

Smith, R. Pendleton, is in the banking business at Lamar, MO. Four years ago he paid three dollars for a year's subscription to the Argus. This year he gets the paper for nothing, all owing to the result of the Presidential elections.

Sperry, Mrs. J. M., nee Imogene Coszins, lives with her husband at Sperry, Iowa, and is a grandmother.

Spurgeon, N. M. P., is setting type in McKinney, TX

Steel, J. O., is located at Emporia, KS

Stephenson, Miss Alice, resides at Delaware, OH

Trimble, Miss Mattie, is attending lectures at the Physio-Medical College, Cincinnati

Waller, Rev. J. L., is in charge of the M. E. church at Effingham. He is now a delegate to the Centennial Convention of the church in session at Baltimore.

Walters, Cephas, is farming near Harrisonville, KS

White, Ed., of County Map notoriety, is "among the missing", but has many remembrances behind in the way of "confidences," the editor of the Argus being a sufferer in the way of printing and loans to the amount of one hundred dollars.

Widner, U. V., is clerking at a store in Homer, IL

Willis, Wm. N., is clerking in a hardware store at Wellington, KS

Wilson, Paull, is in the mercantile business at Pueblo, CO

Wilson, R. C., (Cul), is at Pueblo, Colorado, with his boys and enjoys good health

Wisner, W. E., is keeping hotel at Lawler, Iowa


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