Crawfordites Abroad 1886

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

From the Robinson Argus

Bacon, George W., is working at the marble business in Virginia, Cass Co., this state

Bales, Joe, is at Plattville, CO

Bartley, Rev. Allen, a former Crawford County boy and member of the Southern Illinois M. E. conference was last fall transfered to Nebraska

Beatle, Alvin C., is at Hazleton, Dakota

Bonner, Rev. G. W., is at Ashley

Bowman, W. H., from near Annapolis, is farming near Pawnee Rock, KS

Boyd, Mrs. Frank, nee Draper, resides at Fort Dodge, IA

Bringle, Dr. J. S., is practicing medicine at Hanover, IN

Bristol, R. A., formerly of Palestine, lives in Paris, and is engaged in the insurance business, in addition to being a notary public

Cauble, Elder P. C., lives at Carlisle, IN

Clark, Rev. O. H., some years ago on the New Hebron circuit, and more recently presiding elder at this district, is now pastor of the M. E. church at Mt. Vernon

Clark, Wm., is near Pocahontas, AK, farming

Cochran, J. C., formerly a printer on The Argus, is now at work at the business in San Antonio, TX

Cooper, (I.N.?), is telegraph operator at Shelbyville, IN

Crow, Rev. N., last year at Flat Rock, is now at Vienna

Crowley, Charley, is at work in Chicago

Cullom, Rev. A. D, last year in charge of the New Hebron circuit of the U B church, is now at Avena, IL

Culp, John, who learned "the art preservative" in The Argus office, is publishing a Democratic paper at Garnett, Kan

Currell, L. D., is farming near Emery, TX

Delzell, S. R., is at Arkansas City, KS

Devonshire, D., now resides near Heber, AK

Dickson, A. C., is at Attica, KS

Dickson, H. D., a graduate of the Argus office, is practicing law at Neosha Falls, KS

Dorothy, F. M., is in the mercantile business near Clay City, IN

Downey, E. L., is at Channahon, IL

Doyle, Hugh, late forman on the Palestine section of the I. & I S, is now at Newton where he has a like position on the same road

Draper, W. L., and wife, of Hutsonville, are spending the winter at Beloxi, Miss

Dundas, F. W., last winter principal of our schools, has a like position at Chrisman, IL

Eaton, B. J., is farming near Henrietta Co., TX

Ferguson, John, formerly of the vicinity of Trimble, isfarming near Newton, KS

Firebaugh, Charles W., is in business at Austin, TX

Firebaugh, Chester, is practicing law and trading at Wichita, Kan, and has made a fortune in three years

Firebaugh, H. C., is practicing law in San Francisco, CA, and is also member of the legislature

Fitch, T. G., is in the sewing machine business at Tucson, AZ

Fox, E. F., formerly of Lamotte township, where he was born and lived until he was forty-nine years old, is farming near

Butler, Montgomery county, in this state, where he has been for over twelve years

Gault, J. A., is at Chrystal River, FL

Gordon, Mrs. A. W., resides at Loupe City, Nebraska

Grace, J. U., resides at Indianola, IL

Green, Rev, S., is stationed at Albion, Edwards County

Grimes, John, farmer and stock breeder, George Grimes, farmer and trader, and Blanche Conrad, farmer and stock breeder, are all living at Ragle Rapids, Smith county, Kansas

Grimes, O. H., is located near Woodston, Kansas, where he is engaged in farming and stock raising, and also preaches Gudgeon, Charley, is teaching school near Okawille, IL

Haiff, Julian, lately with the Green Front Clothing Store, is in a clothing store at Winfield, Kan

Hale, Rev. Will G., is stationed at Wilsonburg, Richland Co.

Hale, Wick, a Hutsonville boy, lives at Independence, KS

Hardman, J. C., is now located at Selma, CA

Hardy, John A., of Honeycreek township, is attending the theological college of the Adventists at Battle Creek, Mich

Harness, _. E., of Hutsonvile, is in the coal business at Wyandotte, Kan, and is making money

Harper, J. Ed, formerly of Palestine, is in business at Grayville, IL

Hartwell, George W., has a farm near Blaine, KS

Havill, John, formerly of Martin township, is now farming near McKinney, TX

Hendrickson, W. S., from Lamotte prairie, is telegraph operator and railroad agent at Scandinavia, Wis

Hennessay, Rev John D., is stationed at Jeffersonville

Heustis, Arvine, is Justice of the Peace and Notary at Western Star, OH

Highsmith, G. W., from Palestine, is in the blacksmith business, at Bozeman, Montana Territory

Holmes, Marion, is at Logansville, IL

Holmes, Nathaniel, formerly of Palestine, is farming and dealing in stock, near Gaylord, Smith co., Kan

Jackson, Rev. J. W., is stationed at Calhoun, IL

James, Richard, formerly of Oblong township, is farming near Dickson, Benton Co., Ark

Johnson, J. Wayne, recently a school teacher in this vicinity, is now teaching near Filson, Douglas county, this state

King, Horace F., is in the wholesale grocery business at Crawfordsville, Ind. His firm was to open a commission house in Chicago on the first of the month, of which Horace was to have charge

Lagow, Alfred O, formerly of Palestine, and for some years past living in Florida, is now located at Falmouth, Mass

Lagow, W. H., formerly of this vicinity, is farming near Weeping Water, Neb

Lewis, Daniel, resides on his farm near Mt. Tabor, OR

Lingenfelter, Rev. C. D., is on the Newton circuit

Lockhart, Elder J. J., is located at Ennis, TX

Longenecker, B. B., is an assistant in the State grain inspection department at Chicago

Longenecker, J. M. is practicing law in Chicago, and is assistant prosecutorin Cook county

Manning, Joseph A., is in the hardware business at Emporia, KS

Massey, Rev. T. J., has been transferred to Washington Territory, and is now stationed at Tacoma

McConnell, Mrs. Matilda, nee Ray, lives at Cynthiana, Ind., where her husband is in the grocery business

McCord, Mrs Rose, nee Fitch, is at Lincoln, IL, where her husband is still Professor of Mathematics in the University

McKee, W. H., is at Garden City, KS

McTaegart, Walter, is practicing medicine at Bagotta, Jasper co.

Medcalf, Nathan, lives at Bigelow, KS

Merrick, J. A., is farming and trading in Jasper county. Postoffice, Hunt City

Midkiff, B. F., lives at Rockville, MO

Mall, Rev. J. W., is located at Ramsey

Marshall, J. F., late county surveyor, now resides at Witcherville, AK

Matthewson, A., formerly of Palestine, is farming near

Portis, Osborne County, Kansas, and Wm Matthewson is farming near Rawlings Center, Kan

Murray, D. G., formerly a teacher in our schools, is teaching at Fairmount, Vermillion county. He is also a preacher in the M E church

Murray, S. G., formerly principal of our public schools, has charge of the schools at Missoula, Montana Territory

Newton, _. C., formerly railroad agent of Hutsonville, is now agent of the C.V.& C. of Paris

Nichols, F. P., is in a mill at Winfield, KS

Nichols, Miss Lucy, daughter of T. L. Nichols, of Duncanville, is at Eureka, KS

Noble, Mrs. Mary A., daughter of Reuben Leach, Esq. Of Oblong, lives with her husband at Northfield, Sumner county, Kan

Noe, _. David, is running a livery stable at Danville, and is the big prohibition St. John Apostle of that city

Noe, M. J., is faring near Noble, IL

Otey, L. F., is farming near Sweetwater, TX

Parker, Charley, is in a book store at Wichita, KS

Patton, W. R., is practicing medicine at Charleston, IL

Price, Dr. C. J., formerly practicing medicine at Hardinsville, is now located at Claremont, Richland Co.

Pyle, John H., the first telegraph operator here, telegraph operator and ticket agent at Akron, IN, on the line of the N. Y. C. & St. Louis railroad

Ravenscroft, Rev. W. R., is stationed at Greenville

Reeder, Rev. J. D. is at Mount Erie

Retherford, E. G., is at Judsonia, AK

Richart, H. C., postoffice address is Red Bluff, Temeha county, CA

Riker, G. B., is running an engine at Loxa this state

Riker, W. T., is with a bridge gang on the C. & K. I. railroad, with headquarters at Danville

Scammahorn, Kittie, nee Shire, can be addressed by her friends at Pawnee Rock, Kansas, where her husband is engaged in farming

Selby, James W, is located near West Plaines, KS

Shew, Jacob, from Hutsonville township, is farming near Pawn Creek, KS

Shire, Edward T., is located at Beloit, KS Short, Gus, is clerk of the courts at Pembina, Dakota

Short, W. C., is with his brother-in-law, in a drug store, at Fairmount

Simpson, Wm. from the vicinity of Trimble is farming near Wyckoff, KS

Smith, J. V., formerly of Bellair, is at Nooksack, Washington Territory

Smith, R. Pendleton, is in the banking business at Lamar, MO, and is county treasurer.

Sperry, Mrs. J. M., known to our old citizens as Imogene Cousins, lives with her husband at Sperry, Iowa, and has several grandchildren

Spurgeon, N. M. P., formerly employed on The Argus, is now at McKinny, TX

Steel, James O., is a broker at Anthony, KS

Steers, John W, now resides at Hunt City, Jasper Co.

Stevenson, Miss Alice, is with her parents near Delaware, OH

Stoners, W. H ., postoffice address is Trotwood, OH

Taylor, E. V. of this vicinity is attending school at Lebanon, OH

Tedford, J. B., is at Delafield, IL

Tedford, R. S., a former Honey Creek citizen, is farming near West Liberty, Jasper co.

Templeton, B. F., a Lamotte township boy, is principal of the public schools at Oaktown, IN

Thompson, Alexander, formerly of Honey Creek, and for some years residing in Kansas, now lives near McKinney, Tx, where he is farming

Thornburg, W. Scott, formerly of Porterville, is at Cawker City, KS

Trimble, Miss Mattie, is attending lectures at the Physio-Medical College, Chicago

Vane, Charles A., is at Springfield, MO

Waller, Rev. J. L., is still stationed at Effingham

Walters, Jacob, is now at Franklin, KS

Walters, John, of this vicinity, is visiting relatives near Downey, Los Angeles Co., CA

Widener, U. V., is in a dry goods store at Homer, IL

Wilkin, Mrs. Mary E., nee Mrs. Hill, of Palestine, is at Collinsville, Illinois, where her husband is pastor of the ME church

Willison, Lorenus, is farming near Brockton, Coles Co.

Wilson, R. C (Col), is near Pueblo, Col, on a sheep ranch owned by his sons Paul and Speed, who are also in the merchantile business at Pueble, and have a large wholesale and retail trade

Winn, Joe S., late with Chas. Stewart, is in the hardware business at Rockport, IN

Wolf, A. W, late of the vicinity, is at Rothsville, MO

Wright, Mrs. Mary _., formerly Miss Mary Donnell, of Palestine, resides with her husband at 56 West N Y street, Indianapolis

Zimmerman, Mrs. Nate, nee Kaley, of New Hebron, lives at Myerstown, Penn.


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