Crawfordites Abroad 1890

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

The Robinson Argus
Where Are They
Jan. 1, 1890

Anderson, Lizzie, formerly well known at Palestine, is now Mrs. Elizabeth Eham, at Sharon, Chebalis county, Washington Territory.

Barlow, C. A. is at Thebes, Ill.

Barlow, L. H., is one of the editors and publishers of the Democrat, Garden City, Kansas

Bishop, A. J., is at Monument, Colorado and is engaged in the business of General Ranchman and Market Gardener.

Bishop, O. H., who was a member of Co. D. 30th Ill Vols, is engaged in farming near Monument, El Paso county, Colorado. S. J. Bishop is also faring in same county, his address being Table Rock.

Boring, W. M., is at Orange, Los Angeles county, California.

Bowman, Eli, formerly of Annapolis, is running a mill at Pawnee Rock, Kansas.

Bristow, D. C., is now located at Howbert, Park county, Colorado, as railroad agent and telegraph operator.

Bristow, O. L. and brother C. C. Bristow, formerly from near Flat Rock, are at Moberly, Mo., in the gas fitting and plumbing business, under the firm name of Bristow Bros.

Broadstone, Mollie E., is at Geriaw, Ill.

Brown, James S., is farming near Arkansas City, Kansas.

Brown, Henry C., is farming in Neosha county Kansas, post office Earlton

Burner, Wm. A., is clerking in a clothing store at Kansas, this state.

Cantwell, Capt. Abe, is still on duty as a guard at the office of the State Treasurer at Springfield.

Chaffee, L. V., is bookkeeper for R. Coddington & Co., Danville, Ill.

Castle, J. S., from Flat Rock, is at Great Bend, Kansas.

Condit, E. C., is in the grain business at Paxton, Ill.

Condrey, C. D., is at Watson, MO.

Co_nett, Rev. J. B., is at Terre Haute in charge of the U B church there.

Cooper, I. N., is telegraph operator at Shelbyville, Ind.

Correll, M. F., is farming near Bradford, Arkansas.

Correll, M. N., formerly of Trimble vicinity, is in a saw mill at St. Paul, Arkansas.

Culp, John, who served an apprenticeship in The Argus office, '69 to '72 is in the lumber trade at Westphalia, Kansas. He also owns a farm near that town.

Dawson, W. H., is at Clayton, Minnesota where he is engaged in the hardware business with a Mr. Parker.

Dickson, Henry D., in 1870 a printer in this office, is practicing law at Neosha Falls, Kansas, and is also postmaster.

Dorothy, F. M., formerly merchandising at Robinson and afterward at Bellair, is in business at Clay City, Ind.

Dromgold, Dr. T. J., formerly of New Hebron, is now practicing medicine at Seneca, Ill.

Eaton, B. I., from this township, is on a farm near Henrieta, Texas.

Ferguson, John, from Trimble vicinity, is a farmer near Newton, Kansas.

Firebaugh, Chester, is yet in the real estate business at Wichita, Kansas.

Firebaugh, H. C., is practicing law in San Francisco, Cal.

Firebaugh, Jennie, daughter of Sam Firebaugh, of our city, is teaching a mission school at Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Firebaugh, O. W., & W. H., are in the hardware business at Austin, Texas.

Fitch, T. G, is in the sewing machine business at Tucson, Arizona, having a general agency extending into Mexico.

Fox, E. F., formerly of Lamotte township, is farming near Butler, Montgomery county, this state.

Fuson, Rev. A. J., is at Nebo, Missouri, a retired minister. A. H. Fusen is at the same place farming.

Gogin, A. D., is in the U S Railway Mail Service, being postal clerk on the run between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Los Angeles, Cal.

Gooch, Green L., has a general variety store at Waco, Texas, and is a leading member of the prohibition party in his section.

Gordon, C. A., Jr., has a cattle ranch in Bingham county, Idaho; post office Wilford Gordon, George P., is farming near Loup City, Nebraska and his mother, Mrs. A. W. Gordon is at the same place.

Gordon, Lafayette, is in Montgomery county, Kansas, farming; post office Independence.

Gordon, O. L., formerly of Gordon Station, is employed in the subscription department of the News, Chicago.

Gordon, Elder W. T., resides at Watson, Effingham county, and is engaged for one half his time as pastor of the Christian church at Marshall.

Grace, Charles C., owns a restaurant at Danville.

Grace, Elmer is clerking in the clothing store of Pixley & Co. Danville.

Grace, J U., is farming and dealing in stock at Indianola, Vermillion county.

Gramon, Mrs. Don, formerly Mrs. James Mitchell, lives at Dennison, Texas, the home of her husband to whom she was lately married.

Granger, J. C., is at Milwaukee, Wis. and is a general agent of the McCormick Harvester Co.

Grant, Wm. J., who was a Methodist minister on the Robinson circuit about 18_9, is editor and publisher of the News, Clarendon, Donley county, Texas. We also understand that some real estate investments there have proved quite profitable for him.

Green, N. B., and J. L. F. Wilson; formerly of Montgomery township, are in Boulder county, Colorado, the former at Caribou, and the latter at Chrisman

Griffin, Elder J. L., is pastor of the Christian church at Rutland, LaSalle county, this state

Griffith, John T., who learned the printing business in the Constitution office, is editor and publisher of the Democrat at Lakin, Kansas.

Griswold, Mrs. Mary, is at Greensburg, Ind.

Gwin, Joseph, is located at Oakville, Chehalis county, Washington Territory

Hamilton, J,. M., is principal of the public schools at Sumner and also editor of the Press.

Hardman, J. C., for some time with A. R. Short here, is in the drug business at Riverside, California.

Harness, Stacy, from Hutsonville, is in the coal trade at Wyandotte, Kansas, and is doing a good business.

Harper, J. Ed., an old Palestine boy, is now located at Sumner.

Hartwell, G. W., post office is Blaine, Kansas.

Haskett, Ira, is running a restaurant at San Marco, Texas. His sister, Miss Maytie, is also residing there.

Haskett, L. E., is foreman of the News printing office at Clarenden, Texas.

Haskett, M. A., a Palestine boy, is clerking in the wholesale grocery house of Coddington & Co. Danville.

Haskett, R. M., is at Newton, where he is in his grocery business.

Havill, John, for many years a resident of Martin township, has been for some six or eight years located at McKinney, Texas, where he is farming.

Hendrickson, W. Scott, also from Lamotte, is railroad agent and telegraph operator at Scandinavia, Wis.

Heustes, Dr. E. L., is in San Francisco, Cal.

Higard, Jacob, located at Effingham, in Atchison county, Kansas.

Highsmith, G. W., from Palestine, is blacksmithing at Bozeman, Montana.

Holmes, Marion, is at Pigon, Ill.

Huestis, Arvine, still resides at Western Star, Summit county, Ohio.

Huffman, Frank, is at Arcola, this state.

Huls, Andy, is on a claim near Garden City, Kansas, and is also assessor of the township in which he lives.

Huls, Amos, is located at Pawnee Rock, Kansas.

James, R., a farmer from Oblong township, is farming near Dickson, Benton county, Arkansas.

Jones, Dr. A. W., is practicing medicine at Westerville, Ohio.

Johnson, Allen, is living at Pratt, Kansas.

King, Horace F, is a half owner of an extensive wholesale grocery house at Crawfordsville, Ind., and is making money.

Lagow, A. G., formerly of Palestine, now located at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Lagow, W. H., formerly a farmer of this vicinity, is located at Weeping Water, Nebraska, where he is foreman in an extensive flouring mill.

Lamb, Douglas, is running a hotel and restaurant at Russell Springs, Kansas, and claims to be doing a good business.

Lewis, Daniel, is at Mount Tabor, Oregon.

Lightner, I. W., for some time a citizen of Lamotte prairie, has gone back to Ohio, with headquarters at Dayton.

Lindley, Mrs. M. J., formerly of West York, is now living at Benton City, Texas.

Lockhart, Elder J. J., formerly pastor of the Christian church here, is now located at Palestine, Texas, a pastor of the church there.

Longenecker, Addison, is farming near Mount Tabor, Oregon.

Longenecker, B. B., is at Chicago, where he has a position in the grain inspection office.

Longenecker, J. M., post office address is 79 Dearborn Street, Chicago, and he is State's Attorney for Cook county, at a salary of $7,000 per year and fees, making the office worth about $12,000 per year.

Mail, John F., and family are at Freemont, Nebraska.

Mann, Wm. H., is at the Empire Mining Co., Montana Territory.

Maxwell, A. S., went from Duncanville, to Freeman, Kansas, where he has a general store.

McCabe, Wm., is farming near Willow Hill, Jasper county.

McCarty, C. W., formerly of Hutsonville, is clerking in the drug store of H. B. Lee & Co., Casey.

McConnell, M. G., is located at Mattoon.

McCord, B. F., and wife, formerly Miss Rose Fitch, live at Garden City, Kansas.

McGrew, Mrs. Ella, nee Grubaugh, lives at Lyonton, Sullivan county, Ind., Cass post office.

McNeal, James, late railroad agent and telegraph operator at Flat Rock, now has a like position at Kanarado, Kansas post office Carlisle, Colorado.

McTaggart, Dr. Walter, is practicing medicine at Bogota, Jasper county.

Medcalf, N., gets his Argus at Bigelow, Kansas, where he is farming.

Midgett, James A., is in Denver, Colorado.

Moody, Mrs. W. T., nee Emma Highsmith, resides at Nevada, Mo. where her husband is in the marble business.

Morgan, Mrs. Emily, formerly Emily Newlin, of this vicinity, resides with her husband at Stemple Montana Territory.

Murphy, J. P., is at Terre Haute, Ind.

Murray, S. G., formerly principal of the Robinson public schools, is practicing law at Missoula, Montana, and is a member of the Territorial legislature.

Musgrave, Chas. H., who read law with Callahan & Jones, is practicing at Stevensville, Montana. Rumor has it that he will return home before long for the purpose of securing further emigration to that Territory, and that he will be accompanied on his return by one, not from Robinson.

Newlin, Enoch, is in Cowley county, Kansas, engaged in farming. P O address Winfield. S. P. Bishop is in the same county, engaged also in farming, P O Winfield.

Newlin, S. H., is at Mount Pulaski, this state, in a mill.

Newlin, Woodford D., is farming near Hunt City, Jasper county.

Newlon, Ward B., is publishing the Enterprise at McCracken, Kansas.

Nichols, F. P, and family are now located at Panora, Iowa.

Noble, Mary A., a daughter of the late Reuben Leach, lives with her husband at Conway Springs, Kansas.

Noe, M. J., is farming near Noble, Richland county, and is a Republican supervisor from a Democratic township.

Otey, . F., is farming near Sweetwater, Texas.

Parker, Fred, lives at Garden City, Kansas.

Parker, Mrs. Sarah A., recently removed with her husband from Flat Rock vicinity to Monmouth Springs, Arkansas.

Parker, Wm., for many years in business in our city, and some ten years postmaster, resides at Wichita, Kansas.

Parkinson, Mrs. J. D., is now living at Hagerstown, this state.

Patton, George, son of C. M. Patton, of our city, is clerking in Kansas City, MO.

Patton, Dr. W. R., is still practicing medicine at Charleston, this state.

Reedy, Mrs. Ella, nee Springer, lives at Sullivan, Ill.

Reibold, Mrs. Mollie, nee Longenecker, resides in Terre Haute, Ind.

Reinoehl, F. D., is agent and operator on the I. & I. S. at Lyonton, Cass post office Sullivan county, Ind.

Richart, H. C., is at Red Bluff, Temsha county, California.

Richart, Miss Jane, is attending school at Dixon, this state.

Rubottom, Mrs. Ann, nee Trimble, lives at Hatfield, Finney county, Kansas where her husband is practicing medicine.

Shelby, James W., formerly of this vicinity, is farming near Edwin, Stanton county, Kansas.

Shepherd, Fred, is in a railroad office at Kansas City, Mo.

Shew, Jacob, is at Fawn Creek, Kansas.

Shew, W. H., is farming near Bogota, Jasper county.

Shire, Jacob, lives at Redmon, this state.

Short, Gus and Wilbur C., are in the book and drug business at Pembina, Dakota.

Sims, C. Ray, is agent and operator for the Southern Pacific at Alverado, Texas.

Sims, John T., is in the real estate business at Pratt, Kansas.

Sims, Mrs. Nora, nee Grubaugh, Nevins, Edgar county.

Smith, J. V., is at Nooksack, Washington Territory.

Smith, R. P., is at Lamar, Mo. where he is engaged in the banking business.

Steel, Davidson, is practicing law and is a real estate agent in Wichita, Kan.

Steel, James O., lives at Anthony, Kansas.

Stoner, W. H., formerly of Lamotte, lives at Trotwood, Montgomery county, Ohio.

Swain, Andrew L. formerly of Trimble vicinity is now at Seateo, Thurston county, Washington Territory.

Swearingen, O. L., is at Knoxville, Tenn.

Talbot, P. J., is foreman in a printing office at Iola, Kansas.

Taylor, H. L., formerly with Hurst Bros. Hutsonville, is now in a store at Evansville, Ind.

Tedford, R., S., is on a farm near West Liberty.

Thompson, Alex, who went from Honey Creek to Kansas, is now located on a farm near McKinney, Texas, and is doing well.

Thornburg, W. Scott, from Porterville, is in a hardware store at Cawker City, Kansas.

Vane, C. A., is at Springfield, MO.

Walters, Jacob, is at New City, Ness county, Kansas.

Watts, Tiffin, lives at Yates Center, Kansas.

Wicklin, J. B., is farming near Miltonvale, Kansas.

Wilkin, Mrs. Mary E., formerly Mrs. Mary E. Hill, Palestine, is at Carlinville, where her husband, Rev. E. D. Wilkin, is the stationed M. E. Minister.

Willison, L. P., is farming near Brocton, Coles county.

Wilson, James A., is at Pueblo, Colorado.

Wilson, R. C, is on a ranch near Pueblo, Colorado. His sons, Paull and Speed, are in the mercantile business in the city.

Wilson, T. N., late of this city, is running a saw mill in Tipton county, Tenn, not far from Memphis; post office Brighton.

Wilson, W. B., is at Arkansas City, Kansas.

Wisner, W. E., is running a hotel in Riceville, Iowa.


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