Crawfordites Abroad 1892

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

The Robinson Argus

Adam, H. C., has a clerkship in the PO Department, Washington, DC

Allen, H. E., late deputy county clerk here, is in an abstract office at Ottumwa, Iowa

Anderson, Lizzee, formerly well known at Palestine, is now Mrs. Elizabeth Eshom, at Sharon, Washington

Aten, C. P., is in the wholesale house of Layman, Carey & Co., Indianapolis

Aten, Thomas, now resides at Fowler, California

Barlow, L. H., is practicing law and is a police judge in Oklahoma City

Beeman, Ed is at Oaktown, Ind.

Bishop, A. J., is at Monument, Colorado, where he is engaged in the business of general ranchman and market gardener.

Bishop, O. H., who was a member of Co. D. 30th IL Vols., is engaged in farming near Monument, El Paso Co., Colorado.

Bishop, S. P., is in the same county, engaged also in farming, PO address, Winfield

Bishop, S. S., is also farming in the same county, his address being Table Rock., Colorado

Boring, W. M., is at Orange, Los Angeles county, California

Bowman, Eli, formerly of Annapolis is running a mill at Pawnee Rick, Kan

Brigham, Geo. M., is at Pueblo, Colorado, where he is running a dray.

Bristow, Mrs. E., Reynolds, Ind.

Bristow, O.L., and brother, C. C. Bristow, formerly from near Flat Rock, are at Moberly, MO., in the gas fitting and plumbing business, under the firm named of Bristow Bros.

Broadstone, Rev H. W., is pastor of two or three churches in Edgar Co., and lives in Paris

Brown, Henry C., is farming in Neosha county, Kansas, PO Earlton

Brown, James. S., is farming near Arkansas City, Kansas

Burner, Dr. S. A., is practicing medicine at Martinsville, and is a member of the Clark County Medical pension Examining Board.

Burner, Will A., is clerking a store in Chicago

Cantwell, Capt. Abe, formerly of our city, late of the State Treasurer's office at Springfield, is in the office of the Carnagie Land and Iron Co., at Johnson City, Tennessee.

Carson, Charles C., Brimfield this state

Cartwright, Dr. J. W., for several years a resident of this county, is now at Amarillo, Texas, running a noted health resort, and making money.

Castle, J. S., from Flat Rock, is at Great Bend, Kansas

Chaffee, I. V., is bookkeeper for Payton & Co. Danville, Ill

Condit, E. C., is in the grain business at Paxton, Ill

Condrey, C. D., is at Watson, MO

Connett, Rev. J. B., is at Terre Haute in charge of the U. B. Church there

Cooper, I. L., is assistant cashier in a bank in Shelbyville, Ind

Correll, A. N., formerly of Trimble vicinity is in a saw mill in St. Paul, Ark

Correll, M. F., is farming near Bedford, Arkansas

Culp, John, who served an apprenticeship in The Argus office, 1869 to 1872, is in the lumber business at Westphalia, Kansas. He also owns a farm near that town.

Currell, Lorenzo D., is at El Reno, Oklahoma

Dawson, W. D., is at Clayton, Minnesota, where he is engaged in the hardware business with Mr. Pearce

Davis, Mrs. Lou, nee Watts, Walsonburg, Colorado

Dennis, George, Box Butte, Nebraska

Devonshire, W. L., is farming near Hoquiam, Washington

Dickson, Henry D., in 1870 a printer in this office [Argus paper] is practicing law at Neosha Falls, Kansas

Ducommon, S. E., Cortez, Nevada

Dunham, Dr. Frank, is located at Rawlings, Wyoming

Emmons, Willis, is at North Bend, Kings county, Washington

Evans, Mrs. Mary E., Krum, Texas

Ferguson, J. J., is principal of an Academy at Onarga, this state

Ferguson, John, from Trimble vicinity, is a farmer near Newton, Kansas

Fessler, C. C., has a grocery and provision store at Clay City, IN.

Firebaugh, C. W. And W. H., are in the hardware business at Austin, Texas

Firebaugh, Chester, is yet in the real estate business at Wichita, Kansas

Firebaugh, H. C., is practicing law in San Francisco, CA

Fisher, Ben R., is Justice of the Peace and grain dealer at Russelville, IL

Fisher, Chas. R., lives on a farm on Allison prairie, Lawrence co., and gets his Argus at Russellville.

Fisher, Mrs. H. L., nee Mary Bales, lives at Doylesville, Colorado

Fisher, John F., brother of G. W. Fisher of our city, owns a little farm near Terrem and follows gardening in the summer and teaches school through the winter.

Fitch, T. C, is in the sewing business at Tuscon, Arizona having a general agency extending into Mexico

Fuson, A. H., is at the same place farming.

Fuson, Rev. A. J., is at Nebo, Missouri, a retired minister.

Gooch, Green L., has a general variety store in Waco, Texas

Gordon, C. A., Jr., has a cattle ranch in Brigham county, Idaho, post office Wilford

Gordon, George P., is farming near Loup City, Neb. And his mother, Mrs. A. W. Gordon is at the same place

Gordon, Lafayette, is in Mongtomery Co., Kansas, farming, PO Independence

Gordon, O. L., is in business with the Rider Type Writer Circular Co., having a one-third interest.

Gorman, Mrs. Don, formerly Mrs. James Mitchell lives at Dennison, Texas, the home of her husband, to whom she was lately married.

Grace, Chas. F., owns a restaurant at Danville

Grace, J. V., is farming and dealing in stock at Indianola, Vermilion county

Granger, J. C., is at Milwaukee, Wis., and is general agent of the McCormick Harvesting Co.,

Green, N. B., and L. Wilson, formerly of Montgomery township, are in Boulder county, Colorado, and former at Caribou and the latter at Christman.

Griswold, Mrs. Mary J., is at Greenburg, Ind.

Gwin, J. N., is practicing law at Effingham

Gwin, Joseph, is located at Oakville, Chehalis county, Washington, DC

Hackett, L. C., is editor, publisher and proprietor of the Index, at Childress, Texas a booming young town.

Hackett, R. M., is at Newton, where he is nit he grocery business.

Hale, Rev. W. G., is now stationed at Walnut hill, this state

Hamilton, J. Harvey, is at Reno, Indian territory

Hamilton, J. M., formerly of Licking township is principal of the public schools in Missoula, Montana

Hargrave, W. H., is now located at New Harmony, Ind.

Harness, J. Lee, is living on a claim near Pueblo, Colorado

Harness, Stacey E., former Hutsonville is in the coal trade at Kansas City, Kansas and is doing a good business

Harper, J. Ed, an old Palestine boy is now at Sumner

Hart, N. H., is in the lumber business at Monticello, IL

Hartwell, G. W., post office is Blaine, Kansas

Haskett, M. A., a Palestine boy, is traveling for the wholesale grocery house of Payton, Parmer & Co., Danville

Heath, Asahel, is located at Adrain, IL and his son Albert, is at Colusa, IL both farming

Heath, Renick, who lived sixty years on the same farm in Montgomery township, now lives in Russellville. He is past eighty-seven years old.

Hendrickson, W. Scott, from Lamotte, is railroad agent and telegraph operator at Scandinavia, Wis.

Heustis, Arvine, still resides at Western Star, Summit County, OH

Highsmith, G. W., from Palestine, is blacksmithing at Boremen, Montana

Hill, Will "Senator", is practicing law in Chicago

Hiser, Rev. H. O., is stationed at Lancaster, Ill

Huffman, Frank, is at Arcola this state

Hughes, Lafayette, the temperance evangelist, is at Portland, Oregon

Huls, Amos, is located at Pawnee Rock, Kansas and is publishing an F. M. B. A paper

Ingles, Dr. J. A., is practicing medicine at Hoopston, this state

James, R., a farmer from Oblong township is farming near Dickson, Beaton Co., Arkansas

Johnson, Allen, is living at Pratt, Kansas

Jones, Dr. A. W., is practicing medicine at Westville, Ohio

Kessler, W. H., Bloomingdale, Ind.

King, Horace F., has an extensive whole sale grocery house at Crawfordsville, Ind and is making money

Lagow, A. G., formerly of Palestine is now located at Fort Pierce, Florida

Lagow, W. H., formerly a farmer of this vicinity, is located at Weeping Water, Neb., where he is foreman in an extensive flouring mill.

The post office address of Daniel Lewis is Russelville, Oregon

Lightner, I. W., for some time a citizen of Lamotte prairie has gone back to Ohio, with headquarters at Dayton.

Lockhart, Elder J. J., former pastor of the Christian Church here, is now in Texas and residing at Greenville.

Longenecker, Addison, post office address is Russelville, Oregon

Longenecker, B. B., is at Chicago, where he has a position of grain inspector in the Board of Trade

Longencker, J. M., post office address is Chicago, and he is State's Attorney for Cook county, at a salary of $7,00 per year and fees making the office worth about $12,000 per year.

Mackey, Wm. H., is mining at Hicks, Nevada and making lots of money

Mail, J. F., and D. A. Reavill are practicing law at Rock Springs, Wyo

Mail, John F., and family are at Fremout, Nebraska

Mann, C. L., is at Elk Horn, Colorado

Mann, Sherman, is with Townley Bros. Hardware and stores, Terre Haute

Mann, Wm. H., is at the Empire Mining Co., Montana

Maxwell, A. S., now lives at Sylvia, Reno County, Kansas

Midgett, J. A., is in Denver, Colorado

Mitchell, E. W., is a member of the firm of Anderson & Mitchell, grocers Dennison, TX

Moers, Sol, has a jewelry store in Cincinnati

Moody, Mrs. W. T., nee Emma Highsmith, resides at Warsaw, MO, where her husband is in the marble business

Morgan, Mrs. Emily, formerly Emily Newlin of this vicinity resides with her husband at Helena, Montana

Morrison, Ben and Huse, are in New York City

Murphy, J. P., is at Terre Haute, Ind.

Musgrave, Chas. H., who read law with Callahan and Jones, is practicing at Missoula, Montana

Musgrave, Harlan, post office address is Chaves, NM. He is in charge of the commissary of Mitchell Bear Camp., of a party building a branch of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.

Myers, Simon, is visiting relatives in Switzerland and Germany and will be gone until August next. His headquarters area t Bale, Switzerland.

McCarty, C. W., formerly of Hutsonville, is traveling for a Terre Haute wholesale house

McCord, B. F., and wife, formerly Rose Fitch lives at Garden City, Kansas

McGraw, Mrs. Ella, nee Grubaugh, lives at Lyonton, Sullivan Co., IN, PO is Cass

McNeal, James, is railroad agent and operator at Kanarado, Col., PO Longhorn, Kas

McTaggart, Dr. W. A., is practicing medicine and is Post Master at Bogota, Jasper Co.

Newlin, Crawford, is bookkeeper for a mining company at Cambria, Wyoming

Newlin, Enoch, is in Cowley County, Kansas, engaged in farming, PO address Winfield.

Newlin, M. E., has a clerkship in the PO department, Washington, DC

Newlin, S. H., is at Mount Pulaski, this state in a mill

Newlin, Usher F., is at Coronado, California

Newton, Mrs. Emma, and family are now living at Valparaiso, Ind.

Newton, Frank, is publishing the Enterprise at McCracken, Kansas

Organ, D. W., is at Montazuma, Washington

Otey, I. F., is farming at Sweetwater, Texas

Overstreet, Ben, lives at Fisher, this state

Parker, Wm., for many years in business in our city and some ten years postmaster resides at Wichita, Kansas.

Patton, George, son of C. W. Patton of our city is clerking in Kansas City, MO

Patton, Dr. W. R., is still practicing medicine at Charleston, this state

Powers, Z. M., and family are living at West Superior, Wis

Raney, A. L., has a harness shop at Purcell, Indian territory

Reavill, D. A. See Mail, J. F.

Reedy, Mrs. Ella, nee Springer, lives at Sullivan, Ind

Riebold, Mrs. Mollie, nee Longenecker, resides in Terre Haute, Ind.

Robuttom, Miss Ann, nee Trimble, lives at Winter, Texas, where her husband is practicing medicine

Rodgers, C. C., is station agent and operator at Smith Center, Kansas

Shelby, James W., formerly of this vicinity, is farming near Edwin, Stanton Co., Kansas

Shepherd, C. C., a son of the late Matthias C. Shepherd, is in Kansas City, Kansas, and has a position as a clerk in some business.

Shew, Jacob, is at Fawn Creek, Kansas

Shew, W. H., is farming near Bagodo, IL

Shire, Jacob, lives at Redmon, this state

Short, Gus and Wilbur C., are in the book and drug business at Pembina, Dakota

Shrader, Mrs. W. H., nee Fannie Connett, lives at Windsor, this state

Sims, C. Ray, is railroad agent and telephone operator at Davisville, CA

Sims, Mrs. Mora, nee, Grubaugh, Nevins, Edgar Co.

Smith, J. V., at Licking, Washington

Steele, James O., who had been in Kansas for some years, has located at Tuscola, this State, and opened a law office.

Stoner, W. H., formerly of Lamotte, lives at Troutwood, Montgomery Co., OH

Swain, Andrew L., formerly of Trimble vicinity, is now at Seatco, Thurston Co., Washington

Tedford, P. S., is on a farm near West Liberty, Jasper county

Thompson, Alex, who went form Honey creek to Kansas, is now located on a claim near Noble, Oklahoma

Thompson, Joseph, is living at Arkansas City, Kansas

Thornburg, W. Scott, from Porterville, is in a hardware store in Cawker City, Kansas

Vane, C. A., is at Springfield, MO

Vanhorn, A. T., is living near Ridge Farm, Edgar county,

Walters, Aldridge, and family are temporally sojourning at Boulder, CO

Walters, Jacob, is at Ness city, Ness County, Kansas

Watts, Tiffin, lives at Yates Center, Kansas

Whittaker, A. N., is at Fort Collins, Colorado

Wicklin, H. J. H., is farming near Miltonvale, Kansas

Widener, U. V., Kansas City, Kansas

Wilkerson, Henry, formerly of Lamotte, lives at Willoughby, Ohio

Wilkins, Mrs. Mary E., formerly Mrs. Mary E. Hill, Palestine, is at Lincoln where her husband Rev. E. D. Wilkins, is a stationed M. E. Minister.

Wilson, James A., is at Pueblo, Colorado

Wilson, L. see N. B. Green

Wilson, R. N., and family are in Fulton, Oregan

Wilson, W. H., is at Arkansas City, Kansas

Wisner, W. K., is running a hotel in Olwin, Iowa


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