Crawfordites Abroad 1893

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

The Robinson Argus

Athey, I. N., LaJunta, Colo

Athey, S. M., Orlean, Virg.

Allison, W. H., Bismark, IL

Athey, Levi, Litchfield, IL at hotel

Abbott, Violet, Newport, NH

Barlow, E. E., Danville, IN

Buchanan, G. L., Muncie, IN

Bales, W. F., Terre Haute, IN

Branch, Peter J., Sailor Springs, IL

Calvin, Allen, Canfield, Ohio

Coulter, Jacob, Ogden, Utah

Connett, Dr. J. M., Douglas, Alaska

Culp, Martha, Loup City, Neb

Colins, Josiah, Jamestown, Colo

Chiddix, Mrs. Jane, Bridgeport, IL

Crampton, W. T., Portland, Kan

Douglas, J. W., Marion, IN

Delzell, W. A., Cheney, Kan

Douglas, E. I., Danville, IN

Darnail, J. N., Terre Haute, IN

Emmons, Jennie L., Danville, IN

Emmons, Willis, North Bend, Wash

Edgington, Thomas, Russellville, IL

Frost, Lewis, Milford, IL

Fie_ls, George, Denver, Colo

Fisher, C. R., Russellville, IL

Flenner, Martin, Martinsville, IL

Fields, Frank, Kansas City, MO

Ford, F. A., Uklah, CA

Green, W. N., L__utner, IL

Grimes, J. N., Hot Springs, Ark

Gaines, Duane, Newton, IL lawyer

Howell, Isaac H., Narrows, IN

Hill, D. D., Decatur, IL, lawyer

Hadden, Alva, Sullivan, IN

Huffman, Elmer, Vincennes, IN

Henry, J. O., Colorado Springs, Colo

Hubbard, Martin, Terre Haute, IN

Highsmith, S. D., West Point, Ark

Hart, N. H., Monticello, IL lumberman

Hastings, Mrs. Mollie, Willmington, Del

Jean, F. A., Nashville, IL

Johnson, John, Moonshine, IL

Kinney, Fred S., Hammond, IL

Keith, Minerva, Moorehead, Iowa

K_____, Mrs. Dora, Sullivan, IL

Kirk, W. B., Sailor Springs, IL

Kelly, Hon. Lawrence, Martinsville, IL

Leggitt, S. S., Willow Hill, IL

Lewis, John A., Guthrie, Okla

Landrith, W. J., Loveland, Colo

Lane, P. M., Vincennes, IN

Lemon, Benton, Carisle, IN

Licklite, H. M., Neoga, IL druggist

Lester, Mrs. M. F., Plainville, IL

McGrew, Wm., Ca____, IN

McLain, Wm., Vanatta, Ohio

McCarty, O. P., East Dallas, TX

McLean, Dr. J. A., Yale, IL

Maddox, J. A., Latham, IL

Myers, W. T., Willow Hill, IL

Myers, W. H., Vincennes, IN

Newlin, Esic, Melrose, IL

Newlin, S. H., Mt. Pulaski, IL grocer

Orman, Mrs. N. C., Terre Haute, IN

Prior, Alvin, Heber, Ark

Price, Edgar, Chicago, IL

Pope, Wm., Johnstown, IL

Rich, Wm. F., Quanah, TX

Reynolds, Joe H., Noble, IL

Roberts, Hiram, St. Paul, IN

Reed, Charles I., Arcola, IL

Reinuehl, Cuba, Rolla, MO

Reavill, Palmer S., Ann Arbor, Mich

Stifle, Owen, Greenfield, Iowa

Shaw, F. D., Merom, IN

Steel, J. O., Wichita, Kan

Schull, Rosa, Dana, IL

Shaw, S. B., Goffs, Kans

Shaw, S. P., Venke, IL

Smith, HQO. Bloomington, IN

Stifle, Peter, Cedar Rapids, Neb

Sankey, J. M., Fairbanks, IN

Taylor, O. G., Chicago, IL

Vanmeter, W. S., Carico, Neb

Warren, Hon. James P., Rose Hill, IL

Wheeler, W. P., Ottawa, Kan

Wyman, J. W., Kaareuy, IL

Weir, I. J., Louisville, Kent

Whipkey, David, Seneca, MO

Weger, John O., Danville, IN

Wilkin, Ralph, Crawfordsville, IN

Williams, Wm. R., Moonshine, IL

Williams, C. K., Vincennes, IN

Zimmerman, S. I., Effingham, IL


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