Crawfordites Abroad 1896

Compiled by Sue Jones.
This list of names appeared in the Robinson Argus, usually in the January first issue or the second. It is a listing of the people who subscribed to the Argus that were originally from Crawford County, or who had lived in the county for a number of years, and had moved out of the county but still subscribed to the Argus. The listing of subscribers ran for nearly 20 years and I hope to be able to transcribe all lists for this web page. About three years appeared previously in the Crawford County Genealogical Society Newsletter in the 1990s, but not all of the years were reprinted.

Names of Many who Left our Fair County to Seek their Fortunes Elsewhere. The following list of former citizens of Crawford County embraces about 700 persons. It is by far the most complete list published, and friends in various parts of the county, including our very obliging friends of the Hutsonville Herald, Palestine News, Oblong Ledger and Flat Rock Advocate, have our thanks and those of our readers for so kindly assisting us in the matter. The list, although large and interesting, is of course far from complete. After you read it, make a list of those omitted and mail it to us and their names will be published in a subsequent issue. You will observe that the Constitution doesn't do anything by halves and your appreciation of this list will be ample pay for the time and trouble collecting it. You will find in it many persons that you have been anxious to hear of, but knew nothing of their whereabouts.

The list tells the story of the restlessness of the American citizen, ambitious and alert to find that ideal country further on, with its fancied opportunities for great prosperity. The Constitution sincerely hopes that all of the wanderers are prospering, and it voices the sentiment of their friends in old Crawford when we express the wish that circumstances may arise that will permit them to pay their old home a visit and again clasp friendly hands in a renewal of old-time acquaintances.

Adams, Frank, formerly Hutsonville railroad agent is now agent at Metropolis, IL

Adams, H. C., son of Lewis Adams, of Hutsonville, is lawyer in Danville, IL and wife is dau. of Dr. S. D. Meserve

Adams, Milton A., is postmaster at West Liberty, IL

Alexander, H. K., and family, publishing the Record, Farmersburg, IN

Allen, G. P., farmer, Lawrenceville, IL

Allen, H. E., late deputy co. Clerk is in abstract office at Ottumwa, Iowa

Allen, Hon. James C., well known lawyer is at Olney. His son Harry is court reporter for Judge Landes

Allison, Wm. H., is farming in Vermillion Co. near Bismarck

Anderson, J. A., Indianapolis, IN - former merchant of Palestine, IL

Askren, Milton, St. Francisville, IL

Aten, C. P., in hardware at Indianapolis, IN

Athey, I. N., LaJunta, Col

Baird, J. W., Perkins, CA

Baker, Adam, formerly of Hutsonville, silver ore miner near Calhan, Col

Bales, Wm. Railroading, Vandercook, IL

Barlow, L. H., practicing law in Perry, OK

Barlow, Brooks, formerly in newspaper and drug store business in Robinson is merchandising in Vincennes, IN

Barnes, Geo. D. and son Charles, reside Terre Haute, IN. The latter a traveling salesman

Barrett, James Monroe, raised at Annapolis, is in Kansas City, MO

Barton, E., is an insurance agent at Lawrenceville, IL

Battson, Mrs. May., Marshall, IL

Beals, Capt., G. W., is farming near Liberty, Kan

Beard, A. R., once in business at Hutsonville now clerks at Harrisburg, IL

Beam, Paul and wife are residing at 791 Main St., Memphis, TN

Beeman, Ed., Oaktown, In

Beeman, Fred, Newton, IL

Billingsly, Lewis, Bakers Corner, IN

Bishop, Oliver H. and A. J., Monument, Colo., stone masons

Bline, James P., employee of street railway, San Francisco, CA

Boring, Benjamin F., Terre Haute, IN groceryman

Bottoms, Henry and Newton, farming in Pottawattmiie co., OK

Bottoms, Wm., farmer Jacksboro, TX

Bowles, Alf., learnt telegraphy at Hutsonville and is railroad agent at McAlmont, Ark

Boyd, Alex., railroading in Boone, Iowa

Boyd, R. C., Wells, IL

Brashears, Guy, farmer, Lawrenceville, IL

Brashears, Mart is blacksmithing at Sanborn, IN

Braugh, Peter J. Sailor Springs, IL

Brigham, Harvey and wife live at East St. Louis where he's working in the stockyards

Brigham, Geo. M., in Pueblo, Colo

Bristol, R. A., real estate business, Paris, IL

Bristow, Dr. J. C., Wayne City, IL

Brown, Robert, Pratt, Kan

Browning, Cliff., Indianapolis, IN

Buchanan, Geo., Oaktown, IN

Burris, Thomas and family live at Newton, IL

Butler, Mrs. Ella, Butte, Mont., her husband in book binding business

Bussard, Rev., Browns, IL

Burner, Dr. S. A., physician at Martinsville, IL

Burton, Green, farmer, Georgetown, IL

Byerly, George W., at Park City, Utah, mining, gone since 1880

Byerly, Wm. T., is at Pocatelia, Idaho - a Pacific Railroad inspector

Caley, Jno., Bedford, IN

Calvert, G. B., Clem Price and James E. Skaggs all farming at Attie, MO

Calvin, Allen, miller, Canfield, OH

Canaday, Wm., Wells, IL

Canine, L. L., former manager of Palestine saw mill now resides Harrisburg, IL

Carpenter, Nelson, married Miss Truitt at Hutsonville resides at Lincoln, Neb

Carter, B. H., gardener, Carmi, IL

Chaffee, L. V., bookkeeper for Payton, Palmer & co., Danville, IL

Chamber, Dr. W. B., physician, Crawfordsville, IN

Chiddix, Mrs. Jane, Bridgeport, IL

Clark, Miss Ollie, teaching at Fairbanks, IN

Clayton, Mrs. Clara is at 209 Stevenson St., Pullman, IL

Clemons, T. L., and wife formerly in hardware business in Robinson now in Chicago

Coday, Silas, formerly of Licking township farming near Sullivan, IN

Coday, W. A. H., Clay city, IL, proprietor of the Racket Store

Coffman, W. E., resided near Porterville, IL is practicing law in Galesburg, IL

Collins, J. W., proprietor of the Commercial Hotel Mt. Vernon, IL

Collins, Josiah, engaged in mining, Jamestown, Colo

Collins, M. E., is in poultry business at Lebanon, MO. and will move to St. Louis, MO

Colton, Everett, postal clerk, Kirkwood, MO

Colton, Rhoda J., Hartville, MO

Connett, Aaron and family, live at Carrier Mills, Saline co., IL

Connett, Dr. J. E., was doctor and teacher in the Indian school on Douglas Island, Alaska is now at Lawrenceville, IL practicing medicine

Conover, J. C., farmer, Harrisburg, IL

Cook, Ed., of Hutsonville township lives Solberry, IN

Cooper, I. N., assistant cashier at bank in Shelbyville, IN

Correll, M. F., farmer, Bradford, Ark

Correll, Mathew, moved to Bradford, Ark in 1884 is farming and running a cotton gin

Coulter, Jacob, Rushland, Kan

Coulter, John, on a farm in Clay co., IL

Cox, John Wiley, who married Sally Ann Cox, both born here, now farming in Denton Co., TX

Cox, Simpson, married Miss Ollie Newlin in 1880, both born here, moved to Colo. In 1887 now reside Walsenburg, Col., keeping hotel and railroading

Crow, Mrs. F. A., San Gabriel, Cal

Crowley, Chas., with Armour packing house Chicago

Cunningham, J. O. & G. A., are at Elgin, IL. J. O. is a carpenter and G. A. a butcher. C. E. Cunningham is at Woodstock, IL while F. W. Cunningham is a painter in Peoria, IL

Dailey, J. D., is shoe-making at Vincennes, IN

Dancy, W. G., Long Island, NY

Daugherty, John, is blacksmithing at Birds, IL

Dawson, W. H. Publisher of Murray Co., Herald at Slayton, Minn

Delzell, Eliza, married Eben Archer an artist and lives Cedarville, OH

Delzell, G. B., for years lived at New Hebron, IL is a retired blacksmith at West Liberty, IL

Delzell, John F., is industrial teacher at Caw Indian Mission Agency, Goodwill, S. Dakota

Delzell, Maggie, married Cush Lyman a farmer of Dayton, Wash

Delzell, Mrs. Mary J., living with daughter in Arkansas City, Kan

Delzell, Nannie, married A. C. Wiley a merchant lives Arkansas City, Kan

Delzell, Dr. Robert M., is at Reynolds, IN, his wife was Mollie Bristow of Honey Creek

Delzell, Wm. Attorney at Cherry, Kan

Dennis, H. T. and family, farming near Cherry Valley, Kan

Devine, Mrs. John, Attica, Kan

Dew, Marion, formerly of Licking township, is on a farm near Neoga, IL

Dick, Arthur, is street car motor man and Oll Dick and Harry Cooper are street car conductors - all three reside in Colorado Springs, CO

Dickson, Mrs. A. C., Attica, Kan

Dickson, H. D., lawyer at Emporia, Kan

Dickson, Judge Wm. C., county judge of Woodson Co., Neosha Falls, Kan

Dolson, R. W., farming, Wynne, Ark

Doolin, Mrs. Lulu, nee Carter, at Martinsville, IL

Douglass, Harry, Paris, IL, mechanic formerly worked in the shops at Palestine, IL

Dow, Marion of licking township is on a farm at Neoga, IL

Drake, James and Bruce, Charleston, IL

Draper, H. L., of Hutosnville, owns a liquor store in Paris, IL

Due, Robert, farmer, Popular Bluff, MO

Duff, S. P. and family, live at Colorado Springs, CO

Duggett, Mrs. Sallie, dau. of Lewis Adams of Hutsonville resides at Galveston, IN

Dulaney, Marion, farming Attica, MO

Duncan, James A. and A. F. Bussard., lawyers, Toledo, OH

Duncan, John, is farming near Harrisburg, IL

Dunham, Dr. Frank, physician at Lander, Wyoming

Edgington, Mrs. Sarah F., Orchardville, IL

Edgington, Thomas, farmer, Russellville, IL

Elkins, Mrs. Mary, is in Indiana

Evans, James, married to Mary E. Stiles in 1865, both born in this county. Moved to Crum, TX where he died in 1883. She is engaged in farming.

Evans, Rev. O. C., of Hutsonville is at Ft. Atkinson, Wis - minister of the Universalist church

Faught, Dr. W. C., physician at Fairbanks, IN

Ferguson, Prof. J. J., principal of the normal dept. Of Grank Prairie Seminary at Omarga, IL

Ferrel, Ira, formerly of Annapolis, is assistant freight agent in Terre Haute, IN

Fessler, Charles, railroading, Clay City, IL

Fields, Frank, railroad conductor at Kansas City, MO

Fields, George, telegraph operator, Chicago, IL

Firebaugh, C. W., and W. H., are at Austin, TX in the hardware business, their brother - Joseph is sojouring there also.

Firebaugh, H. C., lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Fisher, Benjamin R., a former resident of this county, is now circuit clerk and recorder, Lawrenceville, IL

Fisher, C. R., Russellville, IL

Fisher, George M., and Robert Thompson, salesman, Muncie, IN

Fisher, Horace, Willard, Oregon

Fitch, T. J., Tuscan, AZ - general agent for Singer Mfg. Co for Arizona, Mexico and California

Flenner, Martin F., tinner, Martinsville, IL

Flynn, Eli, left here 12 years ago, is teaching in Indian Terr

Foley, M. F. Paris, IL

Ford, F. A., ranching near Ukiah City, CA

Foster, N. K., tobacco dealer, Winchester, KY

Fowler, Dr. L. F., is dentist at Caboo, MO - his brothers Will and Al are on the road in Mo with a show

Franklin, Mary A., Littleton, Colo

Fraser, Mrs. Florence, nee Newlin and husband, live at Terre Haute, IN

Fristoe, H. N. and Frank - St. James, IL Frank in coal business H. N. In grocery and implements business

Fritz, Hiram, Menominee, Wis., is farming, left here 6 years ago

Fuson, Rev. A. J., retired minister, Nebo, MO

Fuson, Alvin, member of legislature, Nebo, MO

Fuson, Rev. Stephen, Rockville, IN, Baptist minister

Gaines, Duane, read law with Parker and Crowley, is now member of law firm Gaines and Kasserman, he is master in chancery and resides at Newton, IL

Gaines, George, is farming near Orchardville, IL

Garrett, Martha, nee Boyd, Vineyard, TX

Garrett, Thomas, farmer, Tecumseh, OK

Garrett, Wm., farming, McKinney, TX

Gilbert, Amanda, nee Haskins, Greenville, OH

Goff, Charley S., at Franklin, IN

Golden, Dr. J. J., formerly supervisor of Hutsonville township, is a physician at Mt. Vernon, IL

Gooch, Green L., merchant, Waco, TX

Gooch, Wm., merchandising, Newton, IL

Good, Cassie, nee Huls, South Bend, IN

Goodwin, Wm., Danville, IL, Charles is at Mt. Carmel, both are railroading

Gordon, Dr. E. and wife, Banner Springs, Kans

Gordon, Gill and family, Lawrenceville, traveling solicitor for IL Printing Co

Gordon, George P., and mother live near Loup City, Neb - he's farming

Gordon, O. L, resides with his wife in Chicago

Grace, J. U., Danville, IL

Grafton, Mrs. Josephine, dau. of E. Furry of Hutsonville, resides Portsmouth, NH. Her husband is in the jewelry business

Granger, J. C., Milwaukee, Wis, general agent of the McCormick Harvesting Co.

Gray, A., livery business, Marshall, IL

Griffith, Mrs. J. T., Danville, IL

Griffith, John T., in newspaper business in Georgetown, KY

Griggs, Herman, acrobat in a show in Kansas City, MO

Griggs, James, left here seven years ago, now farming in Rushville, OH

Griswald, Mrs. Mary J., Greensburg, IN

Groves, Grant, Grafton, IL

Gullet, Harry, Willow Hill, IL

Hadden, Alva J., Sullivan, IN

Hales, Rev. W. G., Evanston, IL

Haley, Mrs. H. and family live at Terre Haute, IN

Hamilton, Albert, Worthington, IN

Hamilton, Mrs. F. B., Pleasant Hill, OH

Hamilton, J. Harvey, is at Reno, Indian Territory

Hand, J. M., tinner, Sullivan, IN

Hand, Will and Homer Brigham, are in grocery and meat business in Terre Haute, IN

Harbison, D. T and family, Vincennes, IN. He's publishing the National Era

Hargrave, W. H., New Harmony, IN

Harker, A. C., and family, Vincennes, In. He is in milling business

Harness, Lee, operating a ranch at Beulah, CO

Harper, J. Ed., Sumner, IL

Hart, N. H., in lumber business in Monticello, IL

Hartwell, G. W., farmer, Frankfort, Kan

Haskett, J. C., postmaster at Baxter Springs, Kan

Haskett, Ira W., Chester, Ark

Haskett, J. Ed., is publishing the Index at Childress, TX

Haskin, T.H., is butcher in St. Louis, MO

Haskins, Philander, retired contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Hastings, Mrs. Mollie, Delmar, Del

Hayhurst, Dr. W. C., is physician at West Port, IL

Headley, S. I., attorney at Paris, IL

Heath, L. S. and wife, reside at Effingham, IL, where he is attending Austin, College

Heaville, George, farming, McKinney, TX

Henderson, Will, moved to Bald Knob, Ark., in 1885 and is railroading

Hendrich, Adam, farming, Marshall, IL

Henry, John O., Colorado Springs, CO, is street car conductor

Henry, Lon., is street car donductor, Colorado Springs, CO

Heustis, Arvess, Wester Star, OK

Heustis, E. L., son of W. L. Heustis, is a physician at Metamora, IL

Hicks, Eihanan, Chicago, IL., contractor and builder

Higgins, Ira., farming near Orchardville, IL

Higgins Iris, Xania, IL

Hill, D. D. and family and new baby are at Decatur, IL. He practices law.

Hill, Henry B. and wife, lately of Annapolis, IL, live in Chicago

Hill, Jesse B., Chicago, IL

Hill, Milo and Grant, Santa Fe, NM former in grocery business

Hill, Richard, is blacksmithing at Sailor Springs

Hill, W. H., (senator) is a Chicago lawyer and reports success

Hiser, Rev. H. O., pastor of Methodist church at Jeffersonville, IL

Holler, John and family, farming, Saline Co., Harrisburg, IL

Holmes, W. S. and family, Ruskin, Neb. He's a telegraph operator.

Hondrich, Adam, Marshall, IL, farming

Horning, E. E., grew up on Lamotte Prairie, married daughter of David Goodwin. Is in real estate at Montpelier, Ind

Howard, A. W., Chicago, IL

Howard, G. H., boot and shoe business, Marshall, IL

Hubbard, Mark, Maxwell, CA

Hubbard, Martin, Terre Haute, IN

Huls, Carey, Gillespi, IL

Huls, Lou, Chicago, IL

Hulse, Morton, Harrisburg, IL

Husong, A. R., of Hutosnville, in charge of furniture dept. Of Havens, Geddes & Co. of Terre Haute, IN

Huston, Bruce and Benton Bowman, the former a member of the Oregon senate. Are lawyers at Hillsboro, OR

Hutchinson, Clem, is working in hotel in Willmington, DE

Jackson, W. E., Festus, MO

James, Rev. A. W., ex county clerk is at Browns, IL

Jarboe, Julia A., Pittsburgh, Kan

Jean, C. F., at Evansville, IN

Jean, E. T., Mt. Vernon, IL

Jean, Frank A., Nashville, IL

Jean, J. B., Springfield, MO

Jenner, Dr. E. J., druggist, Birds, IL

Jones, Dr. A. W., is practicing medicine at Westerville, OH

Johnson, Carrol, is a street car conductor at Kansas City, MO

Johnson, D. F., is in the tile business at Pinkstaff, IL

Johnson, John, farming near Moonshine in Clark Co., IL

Johnson, John H. Son of J. F. Johnson of Annapolis works on street car in Chicago, IL

Johnson, M. Z., livery and harness business, York, IL

Jones, Mrs. Bertha, nee Newlin, wife of Edgar Jones, Metcalf, IL

Kaley, Chas. P., cable car conductor, Chicago, IL

Kaley, Geo. P., clerking at Olney, IL

Kaley, Henry, is a painter at Indianapolis, IN

Kaley, M. M., is farming near Buckley, IL

Keifer, Wm. and family live at Springfield, OH

Kellog, John and wife, Glasco, Kan

Kellogg, K., and wife, Glasco, Kan

Kent, Joseph, lives at Terre Haute, IN and travels for the Turnbull Wagon Co.

Kessler, W. H., Bloomingdale, IN

Keys, Dr. C. W., his son, Henry, Arthur Newlin and Oscar Chambers all of Hutsonville are mining for gold in Dolores, NM

Kibbie, Carl, stenographer at Chicago, has record of fastest stenographer in world

Kibbie, K. Y., has a chair in the Texas University at Ft. Worth

Kibler, Kittie, Kirkville, MO

Kikins, Mrs. Mary, is in Indiana

Kildow, A. H., formerly drug business in Robinson now in Terre Haute, IN

King, Horace F. in grocery business in Crawfordsville, IN

King, Richard, Mt. Carmel, IL

King, Sylvestor and wife, reside Goleta, CA for benefit of her health.

Kinney, Fred L., farmer, Bement, IL

Kinney, Mrs. Mattie E., dau. of Curtis Bradbury of Hutsonville now resides at Bald Knob, Ark

Kinney, Wm. L. married Martha A. Bradberry Christmas day 1876 and moved to Bald Knob, Ark in 1885 and is now farming.

Kirk, Wm. H., Sailor Springs, IL

Kirtz, W. S. is night operator at Orland, near Chicago

Kramer, Martin, Cincinnati, OH

Krise, Sarah E., Gordonville, VA

Lacy, Mrs. Clarence, South Mound, Kan

Lamb, S.A.D. and family, farming, Saline Co. Harrisburg, IL

Lamerson, Newton, Moonshine, IL

Lane, Mrs. B. S., daughter of late W. L. Draper of Hutsonville resides in Danville, IL. Mr. Lane is railroading on the Wabash and son Frank clerks in grocery store

Lane, R. S., and wife are at Danville, IL, where the former is railroading

Laughead, Dr. G. G., Coldwater, Kan

Leighty, Mrs. Mary A., at Hoopeston, IL her husband manufactures cigars

Lemons, Jack, Toledo, Wash. Farming, left here 20 years ago.

Lewis, A. J., raised in Hutsonville township, lives Rheas Mills, TX

Lewis, Daniel, in Russelville, Oregon

Lewis, Dr. John V., physician at Momence, IL

Lewis, Maggie H., Russellville, Oregon

Lewis, Perry A., Sullivan, IN

Lemons, Everett, taught school in Oregon and Calif. after he left here. He and wife now live near Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands.

Lickliter, H. M. and wife, are in drug business at Neoga, IL

Lickliter, R. S., Terre Haute, IN

Lincoln, Elijah, farmer, Gibson Co., IN

Lindley, Charles, undertaker at Ross, CA

Lindley, J. W. and Will Beard, both of Hutosnville reside at Sullivan, IN. The former being a lawyer

Lindley, S. H., of Hutsonville, farms at McKinney, TX

Lindley, T. of Hutsonville, learned telegraphy, is railroad and express agent at Lytle, TX

Lindley, Tommy, married Miss Alice Bennett in 1880 is telegraph operator at Galveston, TX

Lindley, Wm., rising young attorney, Sullivan, IN

Little, A. N. and family live at Lawrenceville, IL

Longenecker, B. B., Chicago, IL

Longenecker, J. M., who was prosecutor in the Cronin trial, still practices law in Chicago

Lynch, W. R., Wellington, Kan

McCarty, C. W., former clerk for M. P. Rackerly at Hutsonville now works for wholesale house Havens, Geddes & Co., at Terre Haute, IN

McCarty, C. W., who formerly clerked for M.P. Rackerby at Hutsonville, is connected with the wholesale house of Havens, Geddis & Co. At Terre Haute.

McCarty, O. P., East Dallas, TX

McColpin, Abe, Menominee, Wis, is farming

McColpin, G. R., farming near Harrisburg, IL

McComb, A. L., division superintendent of postal service, Chicago, IL

McComb, Mrs. Lizzie, Chicago, IL

McCord, B. F. And wife, nee Fitch, live at Garden City, Kan

McCorkef, Mrs. Ollie, nee Collins, is living with her husband in Denver, Col

McCoy, Mary A., Paxton, IL

McClure, Ira., Moberly, MO

McGahey, Fred, is in New Mexico

McGovin, John, Portland, Oregon

McGrew, George L., street car service, Chicago, IL

McKibbon, Dr. J. J., is temporarily sojourning in TX for his health

McKnight, James G., in wholesale grocery business at Kansas City

McNeal, Jas., is postmaster at Lamborn, Kan. and railroad agent

McLain, Dr. James, and wife, the latter a daughter of T. P. Barlow, are located at Bureau, IL

Maguire, Sam, is a miller at Terre Haute

Mail, J. F., lawyer, Rock Springs, Wyoming

Mail, John, Freemont, Neb

Malone, Mrs. A. L., Indianapolis, IN

Maloy, Gabriel, farmer, Popular Bluff, MO

Maloy, Perry, railroad brakeman, Effingham, IL

Mann, K. L., Estus Park, CO

Mann, Sherman, Terre Haute, IN, clerking in a store and tinware house

Martin, A. L. and wife, both were teachers here, now live in Chicago where Mr. Martin works for Wacsmith & Co. a wholesale clothing house

Marshall, H. K., is merchandizing at Leeds, IL

Martin, Eck, is railroading at Dallas, TX

Martin, J. H., is janitor of city schools at Greenleaf, Kan

Martin, W. F., Park Springs, TX

Maritn, Wm. ex. co. treasurer- in grocery business at Lawrenceville

Mason, Wm. H., livery business, Newton, IL

Maxwell, Mrs. F. A., nee Mattie Holt, of Bozeman, Mont. Recently visited here

Meeker, Mrs. Amanda, formerly had millinery store at Hutsonville resides at Oakland, IL, with her husband. He conducts a clothing store.

Mefford, Dr. W. T., and wife, he's physician in Chicago, IL

Meiley, Mrs. L., Eureka Springs, Ark

Meserve, Judge Frank, ex. Co. Judge now lawyer at Lawrenceville

Meskimmen, Need, is in Colorado

Meskimmen, Orlando, Canon City, Col

Midgett, Geo and Marion, are farmers in Jasper Co., IL

Midkiff, Ben, Porter & Wm., are at Rockville, MO., Ben is farming. Porter and Wm. run a restaurant. Their brother Dr. A. I. Midkiff is a dentist at Newton, IL. Their sister Mrs. M. J. Noe is at Olney, IL

Miller, Mrs. Ella, nee Johnson, who was raised in Montgomery township, is living near Tuscola, IL. Her husband, J. H. Miller is a large farmer.

Mills, Mitchell, locomotive engineer, Alamosa, CO

Miner, Mrs. and family, Ottumwa, Iowa

Minnick, John A. and wife, Hunt City, IL

Minnick, Palmer, Terre Haute, IN

Mitchell, Margaret L., Littleton, CO, wife of druggist

Montgomery, Andrew, Westport, IL

Montgomery, Chas. A., Dudley, MO

Mores, Sol, is a jeweler at Ashland, KY

Morris, A. J., Calusa, IL

Morrison, Ben., New York City

Morrison, J. Ira, New York City

Mouser, T. B., Greenup, IL

Murphy, J. F. and family in Terre Haute, IN merchandising

Musgrave, Andy, a son of J. L. Musgrave of Hutsonville, is clerking in a drug store at Mt. Carmel

Musgrave, Mrs. J. C., daughter of Noah Evans at Hutsonville, resides at new Whatcom, Wash

Musgrave, Charles H. and S. G. Murray, he being former principal of Robinson High, are now lawyers in Missoula, Mont

Musgrave, W. H., Rob. Trimble, and Levi Osborn, formerly of Hutsonville, are living in Franklin county, IL, where they are propserous farmers

Myers, Rev. Joel and wife, Ogle Co., Leaf River, IL

Neff, Dr. J. H., three years practiced medicine at Hutsonville, his wife nee, Ola Lindley reside Fairbanks, IN. Have new daughter and are moving into their six room home.

Nelson, Sam, clerked in Hurst Bros. Store for two years in Hutsonville, is clerking in Lebanon, IN

Newland, W. S., Orchardville, IL

Newlin, C. H., Coyotta, Cal

Newlin, E. E., dentist at Richland Center, Wisc

Newlin, Enoch, married Frances Hill Guyer in 1859, both born here, moved to Winfield, Kan, in 1872 and are farming.

Newlin, Eric, farming, Melrose, IL

Newlin, John A., Harry Newberry and Clyde Newlin, in CA

Newlin, John & Ira Vance, both of Licking township are in San Francisco, CA

Newlin, N. F., of Hutsonville, lives at Coronado, CA is desk clerk in a large hotel

Newlin, T. J., who farmed in Hutsonville township is now farming near Bradford, AK

Newlin, S. J., married Miss E. C., Rhodes, in Licking township in 18_0, is in dry goods and grocery business at Mt. Pulaski, IL. He and family moved there in 1881

Newlin, Thomas. Farmer, Bradford, Ark

Newman, George, carried mail from Annapolis to Robinson for four years, lives at Martinsville, IL and dealing in stock.

Newton, Miss Anna, is stenographer for Dr. Owens at Chicago

Newton, Mrs. Emma and family at McCracken, Kan

Newton, Frank, publishing the Enterprise at McCracken, Kan

Nichols, F. P., and family, Kansas City, MO. He runs elevator in hotel

Nichols, W. J., is milling at Mt. Sterling, OH

Noe, Matt, is farming near Olney, IL. His brother Dave is in real estate at Danville, IL

Odell, W. E., salesman for McCormick Harvester Co. Is living with his family at Lawrenceville, IL

Onstott, D., is farming near Harrisburg,IL

Orman, Mrs. Emma, is at Terre Haute, IN, with husband R. C. Orman

Ormiston, Jas. F., who still owns a fine farm in Hutsonville township, is engaged in clearing land for anther farm in Frankin county, this state

Osman, W. A., lawyer, Chicago

Otey, L. F., farmer, Sweetwater, TX

Overholser, Maude, Dodson, OH

Overstreet, Fred, is in the jewelry business at Farmer City, IL

Page, John C., was married to Miss Mary Smith, of Wheatland, IN, in 1877, and was for many years county superintendent of this county, moved to Independence, Kansas, in 1883, and is farming

Page, O. J., is pastor of the Christian church at Metropolis, IL

Parker, J. A., owner of the Riverside stock farm at hutsonville, lives in Terre Haute, being proprietor of the Hagis foundry, one of the foremost industries in that city

Parker, John, Searey, Ark

Parker, Wm., ex-postmaster of Robinson, is at Wichita, Kansas. His son, Charles, is in the book and stationery business at Kansas City, MO; his son Harry, is in the drug business at Salt Lake City, Utah; and his son, Fred, in the grocery business at Enid, OK

Patton, C. M., and family reside at Kansas City, MO

Patton, Dr. W. R., Charleston, IL prominent physician

Paul, J. T., Kansas City, MO

Pearce, W. C., and wife (Dr. Martha Trimble Pearce) are residing in Chicago. This is Mr. Pearce's fifth year's work for the Illinois Sunday School Assoc., and he is a valuable factor in the association. Mrs. Pearce is not engaged in the practice of medicine, but is caring for their fine boy seven months old Christmas.

Pepple, Geo, is farming near Chauncy, IL

Poindexter, J. A., Dexter, MO, in the livery business

Preston, George R., New Orleans, cashier in bank

Price, C. L., and E. W. Price and Sylvestor Price have employment in a stone quary at Morrison, MO

Price, E. S., and J. H. Johnson are in Chicago

Price, Edson, is with his uncle, Sergeant Newlin, at Mt. Pulaski, IL; both were formerly of Licking township

Price, Sterling, an Annapolis boy, is clerking in the Boston Store, chicago

Prior, Alvin, is farming near Heber, Ark

Randolph, Payton, is hotel keepr and postmaster at Yale, IL

Reavill, D. A., and family are at Logan, Utah, where the former is practicing law

Rector, Lavant, lives at Overton, Col

Reibold, Mrs. Mollie, nee Longenecker, resides at Terre Haute, IN

Reinoehl, Cuba, and family are at Rolla, MO, but Mr. R., has sold his commission business there and will move to St. Louis and go into a similar business there

Reinoehl, F. P., is interested in a gold mining camp at Pony, Montana

Reinoehl, Wm. E., is in the state of Washington, clerking

Reynolds, Jos. Is farming near Birds

Rhodes, W. A., and wife, Salt Lake City, Utah, in real estate business

Richards, R. M., Columbus, Ohio, is member of the regular army

Riker, G. B., is railroading and resides with his wife at Fort Smith, Ark

Rodgers, N. B., Severy, Kan

Rogers, C. S., formerly railroad agent at Hutsonville, is in business at Ft. Scott, Kan

Saunders, Mrs. Julie, Magnolia, Col

Scholl, Rosa, Dana, IL

Seaney, J. A., West Point, Ark

Sears, Dan, Neelysville, Ark

Seymore, Dr. Joseph, is at Sealeyville, LA, and is enjoying a good prectice

Shaks, R., Taylorville, IL

Shaw, Jacob, born and raised in Hutsonville township, resides at Albany, Oregon

Shaw, S. B., is practicing law at Goffs, Kan

Shaw, Skill, is practicing law at Los Angeles, Cal

Shepherd, Eli, Catlin, IL, miner

Shipman, Jefferson, Jesse, David and Daniel, Newton Saterfield, Aladdin Thomas, Geo. Heavill and Wm. Garrett are all farming in Texas near McKiney, their PO address

Shipman, Steven, clerk at Farmersville, TX

Shire, Jacob, farmer Redmon, IL

Short, Gus and Wilbur reside at Pembina, ND

Siler, Asa, aged 76, brother of Alvah Siler, lives in Hancock county, IL

Siler, Rev. Edward, minister, Tecumach, OK

Siler, Walter, who left this county in 1856 is living in California. Two of his sons live in Kansas City and one in California

Simons, Frank, Edgemont, SD

Sims, Chas. Ray, is in the dispatcher's office of the Southern Pacific Railroad Co., Oakland Pier, Cal

Slusser, Chas., is working in a factory at Terre Haute

Smith, A. N., practicing law at Birds

Smith, Rev. Benj. S., is pastor of the Methodist church at Anna

Smith, Jake, Menominee, Wis., is farming. Left here 21 years ago

Smith, L. H., Spanish Port, TX, left Crawford county seven years ago and owns 200 acres of Red river valley land.he is well satisfied and doing well and says he never saw a better place for a poor man with a large family

Smith, R. B., is a mechanic at Spokane, Wash

Smith, R. P., is at Lamar, MO, where he is engaged in the banking business

Smith, Thomas, attorney and collector, Henderson, MO

Stanford, Miss Lizzie, a former teacher in this county, is making her home with W. C., and Mrs. Pearce at Chicago and is attending the Physic Medical College class of '97.

Steel, Davidson and family are at Enid, OK. Mr. Steel is practicing law

Steel, J. O., is practicing law and dealing in real estate at Eldorado, Kan

Steele, J. E., and family are at Bloomington, IN where Mr. Steele is practicing law

Stephens, Dr. A. B., is a leading dentist at Lawrenceville,IL

Stewart, Herbert, and wife are at Terre Haute, IN

Stifle, Allie, Greenfield, Iowa

Swain, Edgar, is station agent at Wheeler, IL

Sudds, Fred, is working in car shops at Pullman, IL

Talbot, Miss. Ida, is a stenographer at Terre Haute

Talbot, Mrs. Margaret is in Washington where she has a government clerkship

Talbot, Percy J., who in connection with his brother, Richard, owned and published the Constitution after the death of their father, John Talbot, who established the paper in 1863, now holds a position in the government printing office in Washington, D.C.

Talbot, Richard, who had charge of the Constitution for several years before his father's (John Talbot) death and for 10 years afterwards editor and proprietor of the Constitution, is living in Omaha, Neb.

Tedford, Rev. Ira C., who last month married Supervisor Everingham's daughter Ellen, resides at Bennett's Creek, Ind

Tedford, Scot, farmer, West Liberty

Templeton, Prof. B. F., Le Roy, IL

Thomas, Mrs. Dan Will, Norman, OK

Thomas, Henry, freighting, Dallas, TX

Thomas, Henry, Tolosa, TX, is merchandising. Left here 19 years ago

Thompson, Jos., and family reside at Arkansas City, Kan

Thornburg, Sam, is in the hardware business at Scandia, Kan

Tohill, A. J., is farming near West Point, Ark

Tohill, N. M., is practicing law at Lawrenceville

Tohill, N. W., is a farmer near Gasner, IL

Truitt, Mrs. Maggie, is at Fairbanks, IN

Tuel, Chas. D., Andy Wehrwein, R. Rodgers, John Hawkins and Scott Jeffers are all farming near Tilton, Ark

Turner, Mrs. Cora (McComb), is the wife of Dr. T. J. Turner, Magnolia, IL

Turner, Mrs. Permelia, Perry, Ark

Updike, Mrs. Rose, is at Fort Scott, Kan., and her sister, Caroline Stifle, is making her home with her

Vane, C. A., Springfield, MO

VanMeter, W. S., Wilsonville, Neb

Vaught, Frank, Orange, IL is farming

Walker, Dr. J. B., and wife, Effingham, IL

Wall, George, Maros, IL

Waller, Dr. F. K., Carmi, IL

Walters, J. J., Westport, IL

Wantland, Jesse, milling, Rosedale, IN

Watts, Fremont, Vincennes, IN

Watts, Tiffin, Yates Center, Kan

Weger, Francis M., Ukiah, Cal

Weger, Frank, resides at Boulder City, Col

Weger, Henry, Highlands, Colo

Weger, J. Wm., Russellville, IL

Weirich, Alfred, Garrett, Ind., is a B. & O. Locomotive engineer

Wesner, Chas., is a dentist at Chicago

Wesner, I. Otis, is practicing law at Chciago

Westman, Oscar, is a commercialtourist for a Danville grocery house

Wheeler, W. P., Ottawa, Kan

Whitlock, Mrs. P. W., Clinton, IN

Wickline, J. B., farmer, Milton Vale, Kan

Wilkin, Arthur, son of M. Wilkin, is at Fort Collins, Colo., having left hre in 1882. Was married in 1888 and has one daughter. Has a position at the State Agricultural College located at Fort Collins.

Willard, Timothy, Lebanon, MO, is county surveyer

Williams, Chas. E., moved to Lawrence county seven years ago and is farming two miles above Vincennes that city being his PO address

Williams, Marion, and wife are at West Liberty, IL, selling general merchandise and are prospering. They own a farm of 118 acres near Porterville.

Wilson, Hon. E. S., ex-state treasurer, banker, lawyer and prominent politician of Olney

Wilson, R. C., Beulah, Col

Wilson, S. C., is at Eddison, Wash

Wilson, Sam, farmer, Lasalle, IL

Wilson, T. N., and family reside at Fulton, Oregon,where the former is an engineer

Winn, Joe S., at one time in the hardware business in Robinson, is at Clarkville, Tenn

Winters, Mrs. Pauline, moved from Hutsonville three years ago to Hammond, Ind., where she still resides with her family

Wiseman, John and family live in Chicago

Wood, Lester B., has a lucrative position with a wholesale Chicago shoe house, and he and his family reside on the south side of the World's fair city.

Woods, Marshall, and wife, the former a printer, are at Indianapolis

Wright, Willis, formerly of Lamotte Prairie, has a large retail furniture store at Terre Haute

Yates, Mary Jane, Decatur, IL

Yeriam, Mrs. Anna, Gold Hill, Col

Young, J. J., contractor, Rivers, TN

Zimmerman, Mrs. Nate, nee Kaley, is in Lebanon, PA. Her husband being in the newspaper business


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