Miscellaneous Articles from the Robinson Argus, August 31, 1881

Transcribed by Elayne.

Mrs Mary Updike, mother of Wm Updike of Robinson, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Quick, some four miles southwest of town, on Friday evening last, being in the 83d year of her age. She was buried at the Robinson cemetery on Saturday.

No Fair This Year
      At the meeting of the Agricultural Board Monday afternoon it was voted unanimously to postpone the fair for the year 1881. This action of the Board will undoubtedly meet the approval of the farmers throughout the county.

We opine that if the grand jury at the coming term of our circuit court gives the attention that it should do to the subject of carrying concealed weapons that there will be a large number of indictments found for this offense against the laws of the State.

Major (can't read name or next few words) a harness maker who has been at work for B. M. Alexander came down from Hutsonville Tuesday evening of last week. He attempted to get off the train while it was in motion and fell. He was caught by George Fields just as he struck the platform and saved from rolling off under the wheels.

The public schools of Robinson open one week from Monday. The following is the (can't read word) of teachers.

Principal S. G. Murray
Grammer Department W.G. Male
Intermediate (can't read name)
1st Primary Ms Mary (possibly Garman)
2nd Primary (possibly Griffith)

James Alexander, a farmer living near Pilot Grove, Vermillion county was shot last week by a tramp whom he had invited to ride in his wagon. The tramp first demanded Mr. A.'s money............ (rest of article cut off)

Sampson Watson, aged fifty-two years died at his residence near Porterville on Wednesday of last week. He was buried on Thursday by the Grange of that vicinity of which he was Master. He had also been Master of the County Grange and was superintendent of the Sunday School. His funeral was attended by a large concourse of people testifying the esteem in which he was held by his neighbors as a good citizen and an honest and upright man.

A family by the name of Bacon living four miles east of Robinson on the Palestine (can't read word) is quite a destitute condition. The husband is nearly blind and one boy, thirteen years of age, is entirely so, and has been for ten years. They are anxious to have the boy at school and he is desirous to go, but they have not the means to provide him with clothing to send him to the institution. It is obligitory upon the board of supervisors to appropriate the means in such cases and the matter should be brought before them at their next meeting.


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