Bits and Pieces

Written by Sue Jones.

The following is various information Sue found about the Robinson area and some of the businesses, and inhabitants living and dying in the mid 1950s. She has no further information about these people.

Youth Recreation Club - Robinson, like all progressive communities, tries to provide, recreation for it youth who will soon be our future citizens. There is at this time being constructed a quonset hut on South Jefferson Street which will be the new recreation club or more generally known as “The Deck” at the cost of approximately $12,000 of which $9,500 has already been raised. This “Deck” will be under the supervision of a lady who has had experience and knows how to manage and treat the youth of our community. The building will be available about Jan. 1st.

Joseph H. Ferrell, born in Ohio in 1854 but moved to Crawford County when quite a small boy; he stayed on the farm until he was 22 years of age helping his father, Charles W. Ferrell, when he went to Annapolis and started a drug store but soon after that he sold the store and came to Robinson and engaged in the grocery business. He was married in 1886 to Miss Clara Bline. They had one son, Edward who was born in 1877. He had two clerks, Don Newlin and Phil Petry. He was leader of the M.E. church choir for 15 years.

Milton L. Dorsey was actively engaged in the production of oil and the reclaiming of oil well pipe in this part of the state for 43 years and was well known in the oil industry. He was survived by his second wife, Lucille, one son, Harold of Robinson, two daughters, Alice of Robinson and Margaret Hampshire of Ashtabula, Ohio and one grandchild, Dorsey. He passed away at Robinson, after being confined in a hospital for 27 months of suffering on February 4, 1953.

H. E. Whitaker, son of James R. Whitaker was born in this county but was reared and educated in Terre Haute, Ind. and Greenville, Ill. When he was 22 years old he came to Robinson to clerk for E. E. Murphy & Co. where he remained for several years, then for 2 years he traveled for the wholesale shoe company. In 1889 he purchased T. P. Swearingens interest in the E. E. Murphy & Co. business, continuing as a member of the firm for 9 years. H was married in 1889 to Miss Cora Young of this county and they had 3 children.

In 1898 he sold his interests in the Murphy Co. and embarked in the dry goods business for himself. He operated the business under the name of “The Palace of Trade”. When he first opened his store for business he only had two clerks, James W. Whitaker and Sadie Tilroe.

Sol Moers was a native of Germany born in 1851 and came with his father to America and in 1859 they located in Cincinnati, Ohio where he stayed until 1873 when he came to Robinson and established a jewelry store. In 1878 he married Miss Sattie Heddan of this city, his wife dying in 1889 leaving him with 3 children. After his wifes death he went back to Cincinnati but after having been gone for 10 years he returned and started again in the jewelry business.

A. D. Foreman, born in Bullitt co., Ky., Sept. 9, 1852. At the age of 16 he began to learn the shoe making and watch repairing trade, afterwards moved to Centerville, Ind., and from there to Palestine, Ill. in 1882, he located permanently in Robinson 1894. In 1871 he married Miss Rhoda Nelson, who later died leaving him with four children. In 1885 he again married Mrs. Belle Malone. He done business for several years here as A. D. Foreman & Son, the son being James, who had early learned his fathers trade.

W. A. Boring, was born at Russellville, Ill in 1851, learning the blacksmithing trade at an early age in his fathers shop where he worked for several years, moving later to Flat Rock, then to Robinson. He married in 1869 to Miss Amelia Kinney of Russellville, and to them were born six children, 4 boys and 2 girls. They operated their shop for several years under the name of Boring & Son, the son, William A., born in 1873 in Russellville and was educated in Russesllville and the Robinson High School, and he was married in 1897 to Hattie Handy. They were both expert horse shoers.

George E. Kessler was born in Stark County, Ohio in 1848 and his parents moved to Crawford County in 1854 and settled on a farm south of Robinson. Working on the farm for about two years when he decided to go to Westfield, Ill., where he served an apprenticeship of 2 years as a wagon and carriage builder. In 1871 he returned to Robinson and opened a wagon and carriage shop for himself which he continued for 11 years, selling this business, he started in the lumber business.

In 1878 he was united in marriage with Miss Rachel Clark, who died in 1883, leaving him with two children. In 1887 he remarried on Nov. 14, 1887 to Sarah E. Stevens and to them were born three children. He was one of Robinsons most active business men, his interests having been many, having carried on many lines of business at the same time, particularly the lumber, and grocery having as partners in the grocery store Joseph Ferrell for 5 years, 2 years with E. G. Rutherford and 4 years with C. E. Lewis and again entering the hardware business with Mr. Eaton and later he bought the Kessler Brothers wagon and carriage business, selling in addition to that business buggies, wagons, and harnesses of other manufacturers.

The Parkway - an entirely different type of building project for Robinson, the first story being somewhat like the City Drive-in Markets, constructed in a semi-circle shape; it houses five separate businesses, including a help-yourself laundry, filling station, grocery store, confectionery and a wholesale biscuit distributor. The second floor has five nice 4-room apartments.

The owner of this building, Clarence L. Murphy, was born and reared in Crawford County, moved to Detroit, Michigan a few years ago, where he got the idea of a business building of this type, coming back to Robinson about three years ago, when he erected this building, and adds another improvement toward the growth of our city and for this Clarence is to be congratulated for his part in helping to make Robinson what it is today. In quoting him, “I believe that small business and small business enterprises are the hope of the future American Way of Life.” He expects in the coming year to improve the Parkway Building by laying more concrete driveways, hardwood floors in all apartments and asphalt tile floors in all business rooms and apartment bathrooms.

H. L. Musgrave International Harvester Implement Store -- This new store is located at Gordon Station, 3 miles E. of Robinson, at intersection of Rt. 1 and 33, and it is one of the most modern and finest structures of its kind in this section, which means better, more efficient and faster service to owners of International products. Their sales and service means much to the farmers of this community.

Irvin Keith Filling Station - Mr. Keith has during the past year expanded his business, handling Shell Oil & Gasoline products by building an addition to his present building giving him about 800 square feet more space for use in his service department.

Arthur Hill, a son of Dr. Hill, born near Annapolis, Ill., in 1859 and the family soon moved to Robinson, where he attended school, his first occupation being a clerk in a grocery store for 6 years, then he worked in Al Malones dry goods store for 4 years, then he went to Clements & McNarys hardware store, then to the J. H. Wood Dry goods store. Later he formed a partnership in the grocery business with J. R. Boofter for 3 years, then he and his brother, Grant Hill, purchased Mr. Boofters interest and the business run as the Hill brothers for 2 years, when Arthur purchased his brothers interest and ran the business alone for several years.

He married Miss Ora Coulter in 1889 and to them were born two children. In the meantime Arthur purchased a farm which he planted as an apple orchard near New Hebron. His business was located on the north side of the public square in the Charlotte Mills, with Ivan Cole and Otto Burner as his clerks.

Jewell Poultry & Feed Store - Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Jewell have a nice new modern building on S. Cross Street, changing their location from the Lynn Root Building on S. Howard Street. In this new location they will be able to expand and increase their volume of business.

Army & Navy War Surplus Store - A new store owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. John N. Snyder, War II Veteran, located on E. Main Street, adjoining the Everingham Dairy Bar. This store carries a nice line of surplus war goods.

They have not only brought a good store to Robinson but they have in 1948 remodeled and made a lovely home.

Dr. Leroy Newlin graduated in medicine in Louisville, Ky, in 1891. Located in Hardinsville. Moved to Robinson in 1907.


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