Happenings of the Year 1888

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1888 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

Cares of the past to the wild breese fling
Joyous the song that the New Year bells sing
Courage and patience, the gifts that they bring

4. Marriage of Miss Lydia Myers to Ed Rosenbaum, of Effingham.
7. Death of Mrs. Taylor Richards, and small pox fright.
9. J. T. Paull and Dr. J. S. Thompson shot and wounded by Timothy Cronin at Palestine.
15. A cold wave came in the evening, and a fall of 35 degrees in temperature in twelve hours.
16. Six degrees below zero.
19. The Opera House opened by the Robert Buck Dramatic Co.
21. John T. Cox sold his grocery store to J.T. Bradway and Harvey Wilson.
22. Dr. J. D. Parkinson died at Hardinsville.
25. John B. Meyer sold his stock of merchant tailoring goods and good will of his shop to Chas. A. Fisher. of Danville.
29. Protracted meeting at the M. E. church closed, after three weeks continuation, and fifteen additions to the membership.

Far in the Southland the birds are debating
Speedy returning to cottage and hall
Under the snowdrifts the blossoms are waiting
Waiting, impatient, the Spring maiden's call

1. The city council ordered the streets lighted with gasoline lamps.
4. and 5. Y.M.C.A. District Conference.
8. Grand Masquerade Social t residence of Mrs. A. H. Jones.
9. Mrs. A. J. Surrell died. Robert Buck Comedy Company returned for three nights at Opera House. A. Gray sold his livery stable.
10. W.J. Odell died at Oblong.
18. John Beam, of Palestine, seriously hurt in coupling cars on the I. & I.S., near Linton, Ind., dying next morning.
19. In the evening the city was visited by a thunder storm and high wind, being a branch of the cyclone that did so much damage at Mount Vernon: several relics of the cyclone's work there being found in this vicinity a few days subsequently. Rev. J. A. Bartlett held his first services at the Presbyterian church.
24. Another storm of rain, thunder and lightning.
26. Cold wave.
27. Thermometer stood at zero.
29. Milton Geeseman died. Meeting held at court house to give aid to Mount Vernon sufferers: $170 was contributed by our people for the purpose.

Under the edge of the rock-rift
Daintiest forms are seen
Close by the winter's snowdrift
Hints of the summer's green

5. Circuit court convened. The residence of Wm. Steel, three miles north of the city, was burned with all the household goods.
6. The wife of Samuel Rich died suddenly of heart disease. Thos. H. Nelson lectured last night at the opera house on Chili and Mexico. A. R. Beard cut in his store at Hutsonville by Wade McCrory.
8. Alexander Kincaid died.
9. Another cold wave.
18. A slight snow fall.
17. Circuit court adjourned to August 4. Democratic primary election.
19. J. F. Clark elected Captain, and M. N. Beeman 1st Lieutenant, Co. E., 8th Regiment.
21. The wife of Thomas Highsmith, three miles southeast of the city, died.
A blizzard visited us in the evening and at night, there being a two inch fall of snow.
23. The winter term of public school closed.
25. Rev. Bartlett commenced his pastoral work at the Presbyterian church. Jesse Watkins died at his home near the city.
26. Frank D. Mooney died at his home near Duncanville.

Brooks are laughing down the valleys
Breezes murmur soft and clear
Telltale birds have brought the tidings
Lo! the joyous spring is here

1. The thermometer stood at 80, making it a nice Easter Sunday.
2. E. E. Newlin appointed school treasurer. Mrs. Eliza J. Gogin died. Lecture by Col. Sobieski at the opera house.
3. Township election; the Republicans of this township elect their entire ticket by majorities ranging from 30 to 160.
4. The wife of Herman Schwenke adjudged insane.
9. A good rain visited the vicinity. The Republican county convention held to select delegates to district and State conventions. Garden making commenced. Fruit trees in bloom.
12. A child of Heber Alexander died.
15. Dr. Dobbs began a series of lectures at the M. E. church on the Holy Land.
17. City election, resulting in the triumph of the anti license ticket in each ward.
19. A heavy frost visited this vicinity.
21. Election for school director, and a spirited contest, resulting in the election of A. H. Jones by a majority of 36 over Peter Walker, in a vote of 257.
23. James C. Wilson died.
26. James Dudley, north of the city, aged 86 died. Grand Odd Fellow's celebration.

Oh, the merry month of May
The world is keeping holiday
And the earth and the sky are so royally giving
That life is complete in mere pleasure of living

1. Democratic Senatorial convention held in this city, nominating W. G. Williams of Jasper, an W. G. Delashmut, of Clark, for representatives.
7. A little babe of Pat Lane's died. S. L. Bennett and wife given a surprise on their crystal or fifteenth wedding anniversary.
12. The school board employed teachers for the coming year.
14. Sale of lands for delinquent taxes; sale amounting to about $2,000. Walter & Son commenced opeations at their brickyard. Frost at night. A little child of Wm. Easton died.
16. Republican Senatorial Convention held in the city, and Walter Cole, of Marshall, nominatedfor representative.
17. A good rain fell, which was general throughout the county.
20. Miss Anna Henderson was operated on for supposed ovarian tumor, which proved to be cancer.
21. Miss Hannah Cox, of Hutsonville township, adjudged insane.
23. Anna Henderson died.
26. Democrats of Robinson organized a campaign club.
27. Rev. Field preached a memorial sermon at the M. E. church. Memorial day was observed, the address in the aftenoon being by Hon. Robert Bell, of Mount Carmel.

Beautiful June
Nature's loveliest boon
The earth and the ari are in perfect attune
Singing to welcome thee, beautiful June

1. The Robinson public schools closed for the school year of 87-88, with graduation exercises at the opera house.
2. The B. & L. Association had its annual election of directors and officers.
3. A change of time went in operation on the L. & I. S. trains going east at 7:00 am. and west at 1:00 pm.
7. The editor of The Argus had new potatoes raised in his own garden.
9. Miss Abigail Wilson, a former old citizen of Palestine, died at her home in Olney. At night Democrats ratify Cleveland's nomination; turnout small.
11. Miss --- English opened a Kindergarten school in the public school building.
11. Ripe peaches from the south on sale in the city. Horace Bartow hurt at Kessler's sawmill, dying a few days later. Henry Birchum, of "the Bend" adjudged insane.
16. James Whitcomb Riley at the opera house.
18. Normal school opened.
19. Wife of Benjamin Rector died.
21. Mrs. J. H. Ferrell killed a rattlesnake near their residence in the city.
26. "Shorty" Adams fell from a ladder while painting and broke a leg.
27. Young Men's Republican Club organized.
29. Charley Clark and Abe Clymer, Jr., of Palestine committed to jail on charge of selling liquor and carrying concealed weapons.
30. Big Republican ratification of the nomination of Harrison and Morton.

Banish care and fear
And all things dear
In the golden noontide of the year
Floating along
On the dancing waves with laugh and song

6. Blue Mountain Joe opened up with his first performance.
7. The Democrats raised their poles n Robinson. The Republicans organized a club at Hardinville.
9. The wife of Eli Newlin of this vicinity, died.
13. Chinch bug elimination, addressed by Prof. Forbes in Robinson. wife of John Netherly, south of Palestine, died. Leo King, at Blue Mountain Joe's show, fell from the wire and broke his leg.
18. John Burgess, of Terre haute, died at the residence of his brother, F. A. Burgess, in this city.
20 Republican club organized Hutsonville.
22. Co. E., 8th Regiment, left for Springfield to go into camp.
23. the wife of M.Z. Johnson died at York, where she was visiting.
26. Republican club organized.
30. C. E., returned from Springfield.

O joyous month
Whose cradle song
Is the reaper's chime

1. Z. A. Pearce, of Lamotte prairie had a horse and buggy stolen.
2. Republican club organized at Palestine.
11. Little son of D. A. and Mary S. Lewis died. Dr. Martha Trimble, assisted by Prof. Taite, of Chicago, operated on child of Ellis Brown for harelip. Blue Mountain Joe presented by his troupe with a fine gold headed cane.
14. Barn of Chas. H. Steel burned.
16. Emeline, wife of Samuel Parker, died.
18. Republican rally at Hardinsville.
20. A big rain fell at night.
21. and 22. County Sunday School Convention at Presbyterian church.
23. Big Democratic rally.
24. Woody Brothers concert at Presbyterian church.
25. Big wind storm, blowing down Blue Mountain Joe's show tents.
30. Senator Bacon addressed the Republican club at the opera house.
31. Lodge of the Knights of Pythias organized. Winfield Brashears died.

In livery golden the birches wait
Heralding autumn in regal state
The sumaches, in robings of crimson, flash
By the clustered globes of the mountain ash

3. Chas. Stewart's hardware store burglarized. Hattie Hale died. Circuit court convened.
4. Frank Simons committed to jail for contempt of court.
6. Timothy Cronin committed to jail on a four months sentence.
8. The grand jury adjourned, having found 25 indictments.
9. The residence of Wm. Fife, south of Palestine, known as the old Gov. French place burned.
11. The county fair opened.
15. Blue Mountain Joe's company took their departure after a stay often weeks. Republican pole raising at Orlando Walker's on Lamotte prairie. Senator Bacon addressed the Republicans at Hutsonville at night. Prohibition county convention in Robinson.
17. The Robinson public schools opened for the year of 88-89.
20. The wife of Simpson Cox late of Hutsonville, died at their home in Colorado.
26. The prohibition party had a pole raising at Duncanville.
27. G. W. Ingersoll addressed the Robinson Republican club. Joseph Mikeworth of this vicinity, died. The store of Zach Wirt, at Oblong burglarized. L. N. Marbry had four head of horses killed on the I. & I. S.
20. Pole raising by the Republican ladies of Robinson. Republican pole raising at J. H. Wolfe's near Annapolis.

Heap high the board
With the autumn cheer
The garnered hoard
Of the perfect year
Mellowed and ripened in rarest shape
Are the pulpy sweets of the pear and grape

1. The wife of Asa Walters adjudged insane.
4. Ed Mize fell in a well at Short's saw mill, and received a bad hurt on the head.
6. Republican meeting and pole raising at the Musgrave place north of Hutsonville. Republican speaking at Hutsonville at night. Wheat $1.00 per bushel in Robinson.
8. Everingham & Walters purchased T. R. Enoch's meat market.
11. Republican rally and pole raising at Oblong. Fifty-six persons went to Indianapolis from Robinson, via the I. & I. S. to see and hear Harrison and Blains.
13. Republican rally at Dogwood.
15. pole raising at Mount Ephraim by the Republicans and speaking at Trimble at night. Republican convention at Robinson, and count ticket nominated. Frank Shaw, county superintendent of schools, married at Merom, to Rev. Sarah E. Garwood.
18. Sheriff Jones took Mrs. Asa Walters to the insane asylum at Anna.
20. Republican rally at Porterville. A heavy frost visited Robinson at night.
24. Republican pole raising at Gordon.
26. John M. L. Hill committed suicide at Palestine.
27. Grand Republican rally at Robinson.
31. Wm. Kirk, an old citizen of this vicinity, died.

White surf breaking
Along the strand
Wild winds sweeping
O'ver sea and land

1. Republican ally at Hutsonville.
2. The county visited by a big rain.
3. Big Democratic rally in Robinosn. Republican rallies at Palestine and Oblong.
5. Republican speaking at the court hosue and opera house by E. Callahanand Ed harlan.
6. Election of Harrison and Morton. Fire at John A. Wiseman's residence, doing slight damage.
9. Republicans had a ratification at Palestine.
10. Big Republican raly at Robinson.
12. Republicans ratified at Hutsonville.
15. Republicans ratified at Flat Rock.
16. First snow of the season.
17. Republicans ratified at Porteville,and a bursting anvil wounded three persons.
18. A child Ofelijah Kellogg died. A. child of G. E. McQueen died.
20. A fire at the residence of C. L. McCarty did slight damage.
26. Mrs. Rebecca Henderson of this vicinity died. Tenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Jones celebrated by their friends making a surprise cll with a big lot of tinware. Funeral of Mrs. Henderson at the Chritian church.
29. Reception given by Mr. and Mrs. Ira King, in honor of their son Horace and wife. The house occupied by George Fletcher burned.
30. A slight snow fall. Rev. U. G. Johnston, the M. E. minister appointed to this charge, vice Rev. Field, removed, arrived.

Tired and aged, quite
The year is at rest
A robe of white
Soft folded across its breast
Gayly the Christmas bells are ringing
Anthems of joy the world is singing

9. The wife of John Voorhies, of Hutsonville township died.
10. Twenty fifth anniversary of The Argus celebrated by a banquet at Frank Deitz'a restaurant.
12. Robinson visited by snow again.
18. Another snow in Robinson and vicinity.
21. Robinson public schools closed for a two week's vacation. Geographical supper at the opera house. Wreck of north bound local freight on the C. V. & C. at Hutsonville.
25. A warm and rainy Christmas.
26. A cold wave in the evening. W. C. T. U. entertainment at the opera house.


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