Happenings of the Year 1889

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1889 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

1. Rev. J. A. Bartlett kept "open house." Miss Lissa Garwood married to Walter Kleinhen of Missouri.
2. Store of T. M. Calvert, at Birds burglarized.
7. At night an effort was made to blow open the safe at the C. V. & C. depot.
8. Rain, snow and blizzard at night.
13. Mere rain. Birthday party given at night at the residence of Mrs. S. L. Clarke in honor of anniversaries of her daughter Jennie and Dr. Martha Trimble.
21. In the morning the thermometer marked 12 degrees above zero, the coldest of the winter up to date.
23. Fox caught by the Newton party , who carried off the prize.
26. Elder Hammon commenced a protracted meeting at the Christian church.
28. Birthday dinner given Mrs. Chas. Mann at the residence of her husband's parents.

3. Residence of Samson Taylor, near Flat Rock, burglarized.
4. A little child of George W. Smith's died. Thermometer six degrees above zero in the morning. Four persons baptized by Elder Hammon. Cannon saw and corn mill in Montgomery township burned at night.
6. DeVol's Military Band at the opera House.
10. Protracted meeting at the Christian church closed; nine additions during the meeting. A slight fall of snow.
11. Protracted meeting commenced at the M.E. church. Girofle-Girofla at Opera House.
12. Mikado at the Opera House. Elizabeth E. Newlin died at Hutsonville, aged 88 years.
15. A heavy rain visited the city and vicinity at night.
16. Sixty degrees above zero at noon. Jerry Watts, of Oblong had a cancer removed from his lip by Drs. A. G. Meserve and T. N. Rafferty.
19. Five degrees above zero at 10 a.m. Grocery store of J. T. Bradway closed.
20. Levi Gowens sentenced in US District Court to penitentiary for one year for obtaining pension by fraud.
22. Cold wave. Washington birthday party at residence of Mrs. S. L. Bennett.
23. Thermometer marked zero at daylight the coldest of the winter.
25. Snow storm in the evening.
26. Alex Anderson shot a large bald eagle three miles south of the city. John Riker died 7 miles southwest of the city. Wife of Thomas Pifer, on Lamotte Prairie died. Mrs. Elizabeth Dyar, of Martin township died.

1. Mrs. Peter Kaley, aged 75 years, died at New Hebron.
3. John Overholser fell dead in the street in Palestine.
4. Circuit court convened.
8. A light snow fell. R.M. Longenecker sold his meat market to Wilson McClure. Grand jury adjourned.
9. Republican primary for the nominations of township officers.
15. Boiler of the Springer & Lackey mill, near Eureka school house blown up.
16. house of George Gross, in Oblong township burned. Circuit court adjourned.
17. Thermometer registered 68 in the shade.
18. Sheriff Jones took Martin Higgins to the penitentiary.
19. Confederate Spy at the Opera House.
20. Board of Supervisors convened for March term.
22. The house of Heber Alexander took fire, doing slight damage. Child of Mrs. Boerbor died.
26. Frost and light freeze. Store of Z. Wirt, at Oblong burglarized.
28. Winter term of Robinson public school closed.
29. cold wave and thin ice formed on outstanding water.
31. A good rain visited the city and vicinity.

2. Township election. Republicans electing all officers in this township by from 100 to 175 majority.
5. A slight freeze.
7. Ten additions to the Christian church by letter.
9. Ground broken for the building on the West Side adjoining Chas. Stewart.
12. heavy rain and hail in the afternoon.
13. John Olwin elected school trustee.
15. M. P. Rackerby appointed postmaster at Hutsonville. G. E. Kessler seriously hurt at his saw mill at McLane Station.
16. City election, resulting in the success of the anti license ticket, except alderman in first ward.
17. Chas. O. Harper, Oblong, Chas. S. Buckner, York, and Wallace Albin, Hardinsville, appointed postmasters of their towns.
18. H. C. Olwin received his appointment as railway postal clerk.
19. J. S. Manning married to Miss Hattie White at the Robinson House.
20. H. O. Hiser elected school director.
22. Drs. T. N. Rafferty, A. G. Meserve and I. L. Firebaugh appointed pension examiners.
23. O. M. Pierson taken to the insane asylum at Anna. Mrs. R. M. Alexander severely hurt by a fall on the sidewalk.
26. Odd Fellows celebration at Hutsonville.
27. John A. Coon, from Hutsonville, adjudged insane.
30. Centennial celebration in Robinson of Washington's first inauguration as President. Mrs. Rose Lutes died.

1. John Coon taken to the Anna insane asylum. The new pension examining board did its first work. F.J. Cooper appointed city marshal. Heavy frost at night.
2. George McDaniel sold his residence to Mrs. Sarah E. Martin. Funeral of Mrs. Rose Lutes. The old jewelry fake worked at night, and the actor fined $10 next morning for carrying weapons.
10. Teachers employed for the school year of 1880--90 in Robinson public schools.
13. Elder Wm. H. Smith, of Oblong, died suddenly in his buggy three mile from home.
17. Damon and Pythias at the Opera House. George McDaniel bought property on Graveyard street. N.M. Tohill, Flat Rock, and George h. Kendrick, Handy, appointed postmasters.
18. Lola May Olwin died.
20. Allen W. Beach appointed postmaster at Eaton.
23. M. M. Kaley, New Hebron, W.M. Boyd, Trimble, and T. W. Cooper, Eaton, appointed postmaster.
26. Memorial sermon at Opera House by Elder Hammon.
27. James Lamb thrown from a horse and badly hurt.
31. Closing exercises of Robinson public school at the Opera house.

3. Wife of Joseph Nichols, of the vicinity, died.
5. Rev. Bartlett lectured to secret societies at the Opera House.
5. John Hill died.
8. Heavy storm f rain wind and thunder at night.
11. Melvin Swope accidentally shot while hunting near Annapolis.
13. Maxwell & Hill received their large safe. Old man Liston of Honey Creek, died from supposed injuries received in a fight in April.
20. Third appointment of a postmaster at Eaton - Miss Lucinda E. Kirts.
22. Two boys from Hutsonville - Carpenter and Plough - committed to jail for larceny.
24. Hayes, son of C.M. Patton, fell from a cherry tree and broke his arm.
25. G. W. Harper appointed by the President postmaster at Robinson.
26. Residence of Mr. Kirby burned near Porterville.
28. James Shaw shot at Birds by his stepson, Ralph Feltz.
29. T.N. Browning traded for the stock of the Cottage hotel.
30. Thermometer 92 in the shade. Summer kitchen of Z. Ruddell took fire, doing considerable damage to the roof. Concert and entertainment by the Sunday school of the Christian church.

3. T. N. Browning took charge of the Cottage Hotel.
8. Thomas J. Harris appointed postmaster at Bellair.
4. The biggest and best arranged celebration at Robinson ever held in the county.
13. Levi Zellers drowned in the Wabash at the "Eagle's Nest".
14. J. A. Watts had four horses killed by lightning on Judge Jones' farm, northwest of the city. Residence of John Best near Oblong - struck by lightning and badly damaged.
16. Work commenced on the building for the postoffice and The Argus on the West Side.
22. G. W. Harper installed as postmaster.
26. James S. Johnson died.

August 3. Frank Dietz bought a steam peanut roaster.
6. County Sunday School Convention opened. Wife of J. M. Harlan died.
9. A big rain visited the city and vicinity. George Jackson died at Palestine.
10. Big Sunday, Sunday School celebration in this city and balloon ascension with parachute drop by Wm. H. Hanner, a fourteen year old boy from Springfield.
12. Co. E. 8th Regiment, I N G, went to Springfield to go into camp.
15. Annual Reunion of the Crawford County Pioneer Association.
16. Lecture of Hon. Geo. H. Wendling at the Opera House on "Saul of Taraus".
19. The GAR boys give Comrade Petry (Quartermaster) a surprise in commemoration of his 46th birthday.
21. Surprise dinner to Mrs. C. M. Hill on her 48th birthday.
23. The Robinson Base Ball Club went to Marshall to play a match game with the club of that city. "They went after wool and came back shorn".
27. Ringling Bros and Van Amburg Circus and Menagerie.

September 1. Houston Morrison kicked in the face by a horse.
2. Circuit court convened.
3. Dr. Martha Trimble married to Will C. Pearce.
4. George W. Jones appointed city marshal, vice F. J. Cooper, resigned. The wife of Dr. Price, at Oblong, died. A good rain visited us.
10. Miss Mattie Newlin left for Dennison, Texas to visit her sister.
14. Circuit court adjourned.
15. Henry Tobey, of Eaton, Ohio, visiting his daughters, Mrs. Amelia Olwin, in our city, and Mrs. W. W. Horning, on Lamotte prairie, died at Mrs. Hornings. Good rain day and night.
16. Gunn's Ideals opened a three nights engagement at the Opera House.
23. Hardware store of Aten Bros. burglarized.
24. County fair opened.
26. First frost of the season.
30. Work commenced on the Baptist church.

October 1. Postoffice moved to its new quarters.
2. The Argus moved to the West Side.
5. Mrs. Sol Moers died.
6. Funeral of Mrs. Moers. Change of time on the C. V & C. A "Y" put in by the C. V. C. The Schroeder girl died at Taylor Otey's. "Mission Ship" entertainment by the Sunday school of the Christian church.
9. H. T. Beam died at Palestine.
10. Uncle Peter Kaley died at New Hebron. Wm. T. Stephens died at Hansford, Tenn. E. Callahan hurt by being thrown from his buggy at his farm south of New Hebron.
15. Reunion opened up on the fair ground.
18. Joseph Johnson died at Jones-borough, Arkansas.
22. An all day rain.
28. Frank Dietz sold his bakery and confectionery to Gus and Fred Lyon, of Terre Haute.
29. Aunt Polly McDowell given a surprise dinner at Al Boker's. It being her 78th birthday.

November. 5. Big fire in Robinson.
7. A big rain visited the city and vicinity. Edward Stiles adjudged insane.
9. S. L. Bennet elected Captain of Co. E., 8th Regiment, I N G.
13. Dick Henderson severely hurt at Kessler's sawmill. A little house belonging to Parker & Crawley, on Graveyard street, burned at night.
17. First snow of the season.
24. A child of John Minnick's south of the city, died with diphtheria.
27. Martin Hayden Co at Opera House in "Held in Slavery".
28. Thanksgiving services at M E church, Snow, and a cold blustery day.
29 Grand Business Men's Carnival at the Opera House.

1. Marriage of Judge J. B. Crowley and Miss Alice Newlin, at the Presbyterian church.
4. "Esmeralda" presented at the Opera House by home talent, under the auspices of the Knights of Phythias.
5. Boofter & Son sold their stock of groceries, boots and shoes, etc., to J. H. Ferrel and G.H. Steel.
14. Mrs. Southard brought out of jail on a writ of habees corpus and discharged.
16. Tin wedding of Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Price.
18. Observation social at Mrs. A.H. Jones'.
21. Marque's Musical Wonders at Opera House. Sixtieth birthday anniversary of Mrs. Tandy Morris, and a surprise party.
23. Anniversary meeting of Women's Temperance Crusade at Presbyterian church.


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