Happenings of the Year 1896

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1896 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

1. License ordinance repealed by city council.
6. H. W. King died.
9. Banquet of Modern Woodmen.
10 W. C. Wilson cut his foot severely while chopping brush.
12. Failure of John Collins.
24. Tom Rodgers shot his cousin, Wm. York over a game of cards, near New Hebron.
27. The last saloon closed in Robinson.
29. Joseph Alexander died.
31. J. W. Jones store at Flat Rock burglarized.

1. G. W. Randolph, colored, arrested for practicing the confidence game
5. Library social at Mrs. S. L. Bennett's, Joseph W. Cooper died.
7. Concert by Robinson Band. Fred Apgar hurt in loading ties by having his arm caught between the bumpers of cars.
12. Celebration of Lincoln's birthday at Opera House, by pupils of the school.
14. Eclipse Mills sold to Link and Henderson, of Paris.
18. Judge J. C. Eagleton sustains a frightful fall through the glass light in the floor of the county court room to the room below sustaining serious injuries.
19 W. H. Swern and Dale Walker married. Performance of Shore Acres as K. P. anniversary at night. Mrs. Mahala Kent, an aged lady of Montgomery township, died from heart failure and exposure. License again in Robinson. Alderman Barton c hanging back to the license party.
29. Democratic county convention.

4. Star Social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Jones.
15. Hon. A. J. Reavill suffers a stroke of paralysis.
17. Strawther Hawkins, of Palestine died of heart failure.
21. Isaac Mann seriously hurt by a fall.
22. Leah Grace, daughter of Alfred and Minerva Mitchell died.
23. Republican county convention.
24. William Newman, of Indy contractor for the brick work on the courthouse, fell and sustained serious injuries.

License convention in First Ward. Asa Ames died.
4. Anti-license convention for the city at Opera House.
9. Attempt to burglarize the residence of Dr. Birch.
10. Birthday social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Woodworth.
14. County convention of W. C. T. U. convented at M. E. church, continuing two days. Gold Medal Contest at night.
18. School selection of President and two members of Board of Education.
21. City election, resulting anti-license in second and third wards and license in first.

5. Maude Alexander and H. L. Draper, of Kokomo, Ind., married.
14. A horse belonging to Houston Morrison, killed by lightning. Wm. A. Brubaker died from paralysis.
15. Graduating exercises of the High School.
16. Alumni banquet.
24. Memorial sermon at the M. E. church by Rev. J. W. Jackson, of Sumner.
30. Decoration Day observed, with addresses by Elder H. M. Brooks, of PARIS, and H. C. Olwin.

3. body of F. P. Nichols brought here from Kansas City, Mo., and interred in the Robinson cemetery on the 4th.
4. James Sutfin died at the home of his son. C. B. Berry fell and fractured his left leg.
5. John Woodworth, of Palestine, and Miss Emma Steel, of Robinson, married.
8. Boyd (Shocky) Foreman died.
9. C. H. Grube failed in the drug business.

4. Grand celebration in Robinson.
6. Harry McCombs arrested for forging checks.
9. Thomas W. Walker died at his home in Robinson.
21. C. F. Wilson, of Palestine, and Mabel James, of Robinson, married.
23. Mrs. Nancy Bull died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. Walker.
27. Mrs. Elizabeth Stiles, one of the oldest citizens of the county, died at the home of her son, S. N. Stiles.

4. Wyatt Milis, one of the old settlers of Crawford County, died at his home in Lamotte township.
6. H. O. McCombs tried for insanity, and declared sane.
11. Veteran's reunion at Oblong opened, continuing four days.
14. Geo. Fletcher cut his arm on a saw at Otey's planing mill.
15. Robinson district voted for an additional school building.
24. A little girl of H. Schmalhausen severely burned while burning trash in the yard.

6. Alex, Darnell, southeast of Flat Rock, drowned in the Embarrass river.
7. Frank, son of Al Walker, died, aged about ten years.
17. Barn of Peter Barrack, five miles west of Robinson, burned.
22. County Sunday School Convention at Oblong, holding over the 23d.
30. Edgar E. Burner and Emma B. Hulse married.

11. Dr. Bristow, of Flat Rock, died.
14. Gov. Altgeld and the other Democratic candidates for State officers visited Robinson on a special train, and made speeches.
27. A Lingafelter shot at a Democratic meeting in Licking township by Irvin Chapman. Mrs. A. W. Gullett, of Lamotte township, adjudged insane and sent to the asylum at Anna.
31. Grand Republican Rally in Robinson.

2. John Fray, of New Hebron vicinity, died. Ed. Harlan spoke to the Republicans at the Opera House, and A. L. Maxwell, A. J. Hunter and to hers to the Demarcates on the square.
3. Election day, resulting in victory of the Republicans on the State and National ticket, but for the Democracy in Crawford County. Child of Louis Smith, near New Hebron, died on membranous croup.
6. P. E. Gordon, died of heart failure.
9. Iona Lee, daughter of T. N. and S. A. Browning, died of pulmonary disease. Miss Pearl Rafferty married to Dr. J. N. Ledbetter, of Elizabethtown.
15. Henry Mills accidentally shot himself in the hand. Barn of D. M. Bales burned.
23. I. & I.S. depot burglarized.
24. Mrs. Geo. P. Hopkins died from ovarian cancer.
25. Babe of Mrs. Emma Gordon died.
30. Charles Barlow died at the home of his nephew, Charles Walters, west of town.

5. Runaway of the team, driven by T. T. Tarr, breaking his right leg.
6. Evangelistic conference of the W. C. T. U. lasting over Tuesday. Mrs. Adam Bishop died.
7. Mrs. Wm. Shafer, southwest of Robinson, died of heart failure.
15. A child of Wm. Caughey died.
24. Jack Seaney shot and killed by his daughter, Mrs. A. J. Tohill. Christmas exercises at the various churches in Robinson.
25. Sam U. Burner died from Bright's disease. Wm. Hall gave a dinner to his comrades of the 98th Illinois.

January 6 p8 c3
In Memoriam - Tribute by the Masonic Lodge to Samuel U. Burner. Brother Samuel Elysses Burner died morning of December 25, [1896]. Goes on to say how badly he'll be missed and what a good person he was.

Under this is from the Newton Mento
Mr. and Mrs. Berry Curtis - buried in one grave Last Sunday we, with quite a number of our citizens, attended one of the saddest funerals that we have ever witnessed. It was that of Uncle Berry Curtis and his wife, Phoebe Curtis, of Kibbie, both having died of measles Christmas night - Uncle Berry at 8 o'clock p.m, and his wife at 2 p.m. Mr. Curtis was about 67 years old, and was a prominent farmer, esteemed and loved by all who knew him. He was accommodating, and always ready to help one in need. he was ever ready to help in any good cause. Deceased had been married three times and was the father of twelve children, eight of whom are living. The deceased wife, Phoebe Curtis, aged 40 years, leaves a host of mourning friends, who feel that they have lost a true friend and neighbor.


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