Happenings of the Year 1897

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1897 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

L. H. Brigham purchased the east side restaurant of J. R. Gilman.
9. The Democrats of Crawford County instruct, for E. E. Newlin for circuit judge.
14. Institution of Palestine Lodge U. D. by R. W. Brather, G. H. B. Tolle.
14. Public installation and banquet by Robinson Camp, No. 463 M. W. of A.
17. Elder N. H. Mannary preaches his farewell sermon as pastor of the Robison Baptist church.
25. Thermometer registered 8 below zero.
28. Death of Robt. H. Kennedy, He had been a Mason for 73 years, and was doubtless the oldst Mason in the United States.

2. The ground-hog saw his shadow.
4. Close of the sensational revival at Hardinsville.
5. G. W. Harper falls and fractures his hip.
7. Rev. C. A. Beckett closes a successful revival at the M. E. church, there having been 21 additions.
10. Death of Rev. T. J. Massey at Spokane, Wash.
13. The Populists of Crawford county appoint A. L. Maxwell and T. S. Apgar as delegates to the judicial convention at Olney.
19. The old home place of Mrs. Nancy Hurst at Hutsonville destroyed by fire.
25. Death of Tandy Morris. Death of Joseph Steele, at Siegel, Ill. S. T. Lindsay purchases half interest in J. H. Ferrel's grocery.
28. Big Four depot burglarized. Etd. W. M. Adams closes his year's work as pastor of the Christian church. Marriage of T. C. Whittaker and Miss Maude Eaton.

March term of circuit court convenes in the new court house. C. W. Lewis purchases E. G. Rutherford's interest in the grocery firm of Kessler & Rutherford.
4. 6 inches of rain fall in 19 hours, doing an incalculable amount of damage.
5. Death of Dr. Chas. Price at Greenup. Completion of the telephone system.
16. Chas. E. Brown purchases the Cheap Store.
26. Palestine Rebekah Lodge, No. 486, instituted.

5. The earth goes Democratic, including little Southwest township.
7. Judge W. C. Jones named by Gov. Tanner as the Democratic member of the Illinois Commission of Claims.
14. "Hindoo Head Hunters" presented at the opera house by local talent. Dr. J. W. Carlisle locates at Robinson.
29. Newlin, Youngblood and Pierce nominated for circuit judges at Mt. Carmel.

1. Crawford county's temple of justice dedicated with imposing ceremonies. Hon. H. C. Bell locates at Indianapolis.
5. Anti-license ordinance adopted by the city council.
9. Death of Mrs. Diana Boofter.
12. Annual commencement of Robinson High School, the following being the graduates: Frank Augustus Cooper, Jno Wm. Swaren, Lydia Biggs, Ira Robert Johnson, Marie Louise Young, Wm. Henry Powell, Vertie Oren Bishop, Arthur C. Everingham, Ethel marie Barkley, Claude Mayfield, Carrie Grace Kessler.
20. Institution of Mary B. Stevens lodge, No. 495, Daughters of Rebekah.
25. Olney district M. E. conference held at Palestine.
30. Memorial Day

7. Paul Beam killed by the cars at Latrobe, Penn. Newlin Youngblood and Pearce elected circuit judges by majorities averaging 3,200. A. N. Link moves his family to Robinson.
22. Marriage of Miss Mattie M. Kinney and Geo W. Wilson.
30. Marriage of Dr. J. W. Carlisle and Dr. Besse M. Ross, and of Henry O. Smith and Miss June H. Steele. Wm. Billman moves to Sullivan. Dee Everingham sells half interest in his meat shop to Dennis Organ.
30. Robt. Brink killed by Chas. Acres at Westport. S. G. Richards appointed postmaster at Palestine.

3. Death of Mrs. Ira King and Mrs. Jane Shipman.
The 4th celebrated at Oblong and Palestine.
7. Death of John Myer at Springfield.
8. 100 in the shade.
9. Mysterious death of John Hilbert. He was either murdered or dragged to death by his horse.
18. Marriage of F. E. Lathrop and Miss Fannie English.
23. Mrs. Aberilla Thomas killed.

Abram Morris and wife and Grant Hammond and wife drown while bathing in the Wabash.
3. and 4. Meeting of the Crawford County Sunday school Association.
9. Marriage of Miss Jennie Mooney and J. H. Smith at Indianapolis.
26. Old Settlers' reunion.
28. Death of Geo. C. Walker at West York.
31. Death of Mrs. Mary Athey.

1. Marriage of Ed. Baker and Miss Ida Everingham. Death of Aldridge Walters.
2. McKee & Hoskinson's store at Trimble destroyed by fire. M. W. Curry, of Lawrenceville, gets the contract for the new school house.
3. Death of Mrs. W. H. Lagow.
8. Marriage of Miss Dora Reavill and Prof. Melville T. Cook.
9. Death of Mrs. John T. Lindsay.
16. The will of Diana Boofter sustained by a jury in circuit court.
18. S. L. Bennett appointed postmaster at Robinson.
20. Immanuel Baptist church dedicated.
22. Marriage of Miss Mary Callahan and Lawrence G. Mercer, of Guelph, Ontario.
23. Annapolis visited by a destructive fire.
26. Rev. Wm. McCaughey tenders his resignation as pastor of the Presbyterian church.
27. Rev. C. A. Beckett appointed pastor of Robinson M. E. church another year.
28. and 29. Second annual Grange Fair.

1. Death of Rev. Geo. W. Cullom at Beecher City.
4. Death of Martin Fuller.
6. Marriage of O. G. Olwin and Miss Daisy Endsley.
9. J. M. Cramer's store and J. H. Bushy's residence burglarized at Annapolis.
14. Marriage of Miss Estella Wilson and B. F. Everson. Death of Theopolis Wright at Hudsonville.
17. Death of Alva J. Wilson.
19. Death of Mrs. Rachel Huller.
21. "Citizen's Band" organized.
25. J. & J. Malcom's store at New Hebron destroyed by fire.
27. Marriage of Arthur Mann and Miss Daisy Parker.
28. Palestine Lodge, # 849 A. F. & Am. M. constituted by Right Worshipful Chas. II Martin.
31. Close of the longest drought in the memory of the oldest inhabitants.

4. John L. Hill's residence destroyed by fire.
8. Hon H. C. Bell moves to Springfield. Death of Mrs. Kate Freelove.
19. First number of Crawford County Republican issued.
21. Big Four takes off morning and evening and Sunday trains.
27. Thanksgiving. Marriage of Samuel Mann and Mrs. Ellen McPeck. Death of Mrs. Frances J. Hill.

1. Mrs. Helen Knight takes charge of the Cottage Hotel and changes the name to Tremont House. Death of Wm. Caughey.
2. M. M. Huston of Mt. Carmel leases the Robinson House.
3. Store of Wilson boyd at Trimble burglarized.
5. Death of Wm. McKamy.
8. Marriage of Clel Foreman and Miss Jessie Lynch. Robinson selected as a place for Masonic School of Instruction.
11. W. H. Lagow drops dead.
13. Death of Lora Brown. J. H. Wood sells out to Odell Bros. of Oblong.
15. marriage of E. N. Otey and Miss Susie Hamilton.
23. Archibald G. Maxwell of Hunt City, aged 81, falls and breaks his leg.
24. John R. Young sells his stock of goods at Flat Rock to Watson & Watson of Clinton, IL. Xmas exercises by the various Sunday schools.
26. Will Richards and Will Warren carve each other with knives at Flat Rock.
27. Marriage of Carl Sheddan and Miss Lucy Cawood.
28. Death of Mrs. Noble Grimes.
28. and 29. Second annual Crawford County Farmers' Institute.
31. Good bye to the old year.


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