Happenings of the Year 1898

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1898 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus
Jan. 4, 1899

Golden wedding of Samuel MIdkiff and wife on Jan. 1st.
M. M. Huston opened Grace Hotel on Jan. 1st.
Death of Dr. P. P. Connett on Jan. 4.
H. E. Otey buys his father's interest in the planning mill. Elijah W. Ford and Harlan Fisher held up and robbed near Vincennes. Big Four depot burglarized Jan. 7th.
Crawford Lodge No. 124. I. O. O. F., met in the new lodge room fitted up for them on Jan. 7th.
L. E. Chambers, the Hutsonville stock dealer, fails and suddenly, leaves the country. Robinson Camp of Modern Woodmen banquet their wives and sweethearts and publicity install officers on Jan. 13th.
Henry Purrien of Oblong dies on the 11th in his 80th year and Mrs. Katherine Perkins dies on the 13th.
S. H. McClure's little son burns to death near Flat Rock.

A Masonic School of Instruction was held in Robinson on Feb. 1-3.
Mrs. Charlotte Ruddell dies at Oblong on Feb. 4th in her 66th year.
T. E. Moorhead sells his interest in the When Clothing Store to his partners and prepares to return of Ohio. E. V. David's restaurant at Oblong burned. James W. Good of Oblong township killed by his horse on Feb. 7th.
Robinson public schools gave an entertainment on Lincoln Day. Dr. H. F. Harper died at his home at Merom on Feb. 10th.
Fire destroyed Miss Vina Ford's building at Flat Rock on Feb. 10th, and C. A. Maxwell's residence Feb. 13th.
Jeremiah Apple sells his hotel to Mrs. Rose E. Biggs. The Dickens Club, Reviewers and Twentieth Century Club entertain their husbands at the home of A. P. Woodworth on Feb. 14th.
Samuel Seaney and wife celebrate their golden wedding on the 14th.
Marriage of C. W. Wilson of Palestine and Miss Katherine Barthelemy of St. Francisville on Feb. 15.
Robert Bruce Lodge, No. 191, K. of P., celebrates its 34th anniversary on Feb. 19 with a banquet.
Newlin Bros. At Hutsonville purchase the M. Raines & Co. and W. L. Bishop stocks of merchandise. John Brown accidently killed while hauling logs near Palestine. Democratic primary on Feb.2 6th, the following candidates being nominated: A. L. Lowe, county judge; Jas. Lindley, county clerk; J. M. Highsmith, sheriff; E. L. Douglas superintendent; G. W. Lewis, county treasurer. T. G. Athey carried the county for representative and Hon. J. B. Crowley for congress. LeRoy Thompson accidently fell from the top of an I. & I. S. car near Merom and killed.
Baptist church at Hutsovnille dedicated on the 20th.

Death of John W. Cawood on the 3rd.
Wilson Boyd's store burglarized at Trimble the 4th.
T. T. Halstead killed by an engine at Franklin, Ind., on the 5th.
Miss Ella Young married at Cripple Creek, Colo., to W. A. Armstrong on the 5th.
Death of Ex-Senator A. J. Reavill on the 12th, after being afflicted for two years of paralysis. He was 63 years, 2 months and 16 days of age.
Death of Wm. Hoke on the 21st.
Death of Miss Sarah Batey on the 22nd.
Death of Mrs. Stella Beam on the 28th. Death of Curtis Bradbury in his 81st years.

Marriage of D. W. Odell and Miss Hattie L. Carroll on the 3rd.
C. L. Heustis sells his interest in the Owl Drug Store to R. L. Bovell.
Republican primary on the 8th, resulting in the nomination of the following candidates: C. O. Harper, county clerk; J. C. Eagleton, county judge; A. B. Houston, sheriff; M. N. Beeman, county superintendent; Harry C. Brown county treasurer. J. H. Wood carried the county for representative.
Death of I. T. G. Parker on the 16th.
Robinson goes wet in the election on the 19th.
Crawford County W. C. T. U. Convention held in Robinson on the 26th and 27th. The Populists nominated D. T. Harbison for congress on the 26th.
Death of Mrs. J. D. Ruddell on the 27th. Hon. J. B. Crowley nominated for congress on the first ballot in the convention held at Marshall.

Crawford county offers a company of valiant young men to fight for Uncle Sam in the Spanish-American War. The populists nominated a county ticket composed of the following candidates: T. S. Apgar for county judge; R. J. White, county clerk; Geo. F. Ruddell, sheriff; W. A. Wilson treasurer. A. H. Waldrop, L. D. Mefford and Elmer Collins start for the Klondike.
Death of Jerome Banning on the 21st, aged 60 years, 7 months and 15 days.
Death of Mrs. Catherine Holmes Whitaker in this city on the 22nd, aged 75 years, 8 months and 13 days.
Graduating exercises of the Robinson public schools, the following persons composing the graduating class; Manford E. Cox, Bertha E. Hamilton, Ausby Lyman Low, Charles Apple, Harry Ivan Cole, Robert Burns Parker, Maude Meserve, Nicholas Mitchell, Harry Talbot Cooper, Mamie F. Walters, Beulah Olwin, William W. Arnold, Oscar B. Ormiston, and Clara May Mann. F. M. Fowler hangs himself with suicidal intent, but is rescued before life is extinct.
Death of Mrs. Nancy Eston Surrells on the 28th.
Memorial Day, with addresses by Hon. J. B. Crowley and Eld. W. W. Jacobs.

Democratic senatorial convention convenes at Newton and nominates C. A. Davidson for senator and Carl Busse and Thos. Tippit for representatives. Death of Dr. S. A. Burner at his home at Normal on the 6th, aged 60 years, 3 months and 21 days.
P. G. Bradbury's barn destroyed by fire on the 5th.
Death of Mrs. Rev. Wm. McCaughey at Greenville, Ohio, on the 12th.
Marriage of Miss Mattie M. Kinney and Geo. W. Wilson on the 22d.
Death of Uncle John Seaney on the 25th, in his 86th year. Twenty five Crawford County boys go to Mt. Carmel and join Co. G. of the 9th Ill. Republican senatorial convention met in Robinson and nominated Judge J. P. Jack for senator, and J. H. Wood and Otto H. Barns for representative.
Marriage of Henry O. Smith and Miss June Steel at Palestine on the 30th. Eld. W. W. Jacobs nominated by the Republicans for congress.

Uncle Sam's birthday celebrated at Robinson under the auspices of the Modern Woodmen. Judge Robt. Bell of Mt. Carmel was the orator of the day. Arthur Colliflower drowned in the Wabash near Hutsonville on the 19th.
Death of Benjamin F. Culver on the 10th, in his 75th year. Emanuel Watts of Martin township shoots himself with suicidal intent, but recovers.
L. H. Barlow purchased Brigham's restaurant on the 19th.
Death of Mrs. Nancy Logan of Palestine on the 23rd in her 84th year.
Death of Mrs. Sarah Ann Johnson on the 24th, in her 84th year.
Death of Jesse Lewis on the 25th, in his 72nd year.

County Sunday school convention convenes in Robinson on the 2nd.
Death of Dr. Jas. O. Steel at Appleton City, Mo., on the 4th, in his 57th year. Abe Pleasant succeeds M. M. Huston as landlord of the Grace Hotel. T. H. Griggs sells his livery barn to Mills & Albert.
Jacob Price kicked by his horse on the 12th and died in a few hours, in his 77th year.
Death of Daniel Stoner on the 20th, in his 89th year.
Annual reunion of the Crawford County Veteran Association at Palestine on Aug. 24th and 25th.
Lightning strikes Robt. Edgington's house on 29th, kills his daughter, Ethel, and seriously shocks other members of the family. Annual Teachers' Institute convenes on the 29th. Court house committee makes final settlement with T. J. Morse & Co.

Eighteenth annual reunion of the Crawford County Pioneer Association. H. W. Vandermark opens the Silver Moon restaurant. Marriage of Miss Elizabeth Maxedon and Wm. F. Farrell on the 6th and the marriage of Miss Grave Waters and McHenry Mayhue on the 7th. C. L. Heustis buys a drug store at Terre Haute and removes to that city. S. B. Allen trades for a mill at Berville, Mich., and afterwards goes there and takes charge of it. W. J. Sitler quits merchandising. L. D. Mefford and A. H. Waldrop returns from the Klondike, disgusted with the whole outfit up there.
Third annual Grange fair on Sept. 27-29. Eld. J. T. McCreery succeeds Eld. E. M. Pierson as pastor of the Robinson U. B. church.
The first load of coal from the Miller shaft in Oblong township brought to Robinson on the 23rd. John Groff of Ohio drills 248 feet for coal in Oblong Township, and finally announces that coal does not exist in sufficient quantities to justify being profitably worked. Rev. F. W. Willman, of Monteplier, Ind., called to the pastorate of the Presbyterian Church.

Death of Richard W. Canaday at Hutsonville on the 1st. Rev. C. A. Beckett appointed pastor of the Robinson M. E. church for the third year. Ed. Vanallman of Martin township drowned in the Embarras.
Jonathan W. Cooper dies at his home in this city on the 8th, aged 71 years, 11 months and 21 days.
Death of Mrs. Rev. W. G. Hale on the 16th while on a visit to Robinson. George Bays gets his arm torn off at Wm. Sutton's mill. John T. Griffith takes charge of the Republican.
Marriage of Rollin H. Jenkins and Miss Maud Vaughn at Terre Haute on the 20th.
Marriage of Miss Rose Petry and Edson T. Price at Oblong on the 27th.
Death of Jas. H. McRoberts on the 27th, in his 59th year. Voorheis Coombs and D. A. Lewis purchase the stock of groceries in the Allen building.

Election on the 8th. The Democrats elect Douglas superintendent, plurality, 36; Lowe, county judge, plurality, 61, Republicans elect Harper county clerk, plurality 54; Brown county treasurer, by 316; Houston sheriff, by 301. Democrats elect Crowley for congress, Davidson for senator, and Tippit and Busse for representative. T. C. Whitaker sells his interest in Brick Livery Barn to F. W. Lewis and moves to Berville, Mich. T. H. Griggs and W. N. Barkley lease the Grace Hotel and change the name to The Griggs House.
Orlan Holmes and Miss Lena Tnszarski married in Chicago on the 9th. C. L. Heustis sells his drug store at Terre Haute for interest in telephone exchange at Metropolis and Robinson.
Death of Archibald G. Maxwell in Jasper county on the 22nd, age 82 years. Lightning rod men victimize several farmers. J. R. Boofter sells his interest in Grocery store to Grant Hill.

Death of Mrs. Annabel Boomer on the 6th in her 35th year. H. D. Fox gets his hand between the bumpers of two cars and loses a finger and part of the thumb. W. F. Pifer sells his stock of hardware to J. R. Boofter. F. W. Lewis thrown from a buggy and shoulder blade fractured.
Double wedding of Dr. Geo. McClain Harper and Miss Grace Van Eaton, and Foster H. Link and Miss Carrie Grace Kessler on the 14th.
Marriage of Miss Annie Smith and John P. Eagleton on the 18th.
Death of F. W. Newbold on Dec. 18th, in his 74th year.
Death of Supervisor Wm. Green's wife on the 16th.
Marriage of Harry O. Brown and Miss Ora M. Franklin on the 21st. Geo. Albert sells his interest in the West End Livery barn to Geo. Pepple of Landes.
Death of Aunt Betsy Higgins of Martin township on the 29th. Eld. W. L. Ennefer of Blue Mound, Ill., arrives to assume the pastorate of the Christian church.
Fire at Hutsonville on the 29th destroys the stores of J. M. Crocker and Furry & Trafton.
Marriage of Clinton Newlin and Miss Emily Rains on the 28th. Goodbye to the old year.


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