Happenings of the Year 1899

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1899 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

2. Prof. Warren commenced his course of lectures on phrenology. Mrs. Wood sold her millinery stock to Mrs. Burner. Chas. Stewart sold his hardware stock to C. M. Eaton and R. F. Sutfin.
6. Gratz, the Shinx, opened up at Walker's boarding house.
7. Mayme Griggs and young friends entertained by her grandmother, Mrs. C. M. Hill.
8. Revival services commenced by Rev. Beckett at M. E. church.
9. A snow following rain.
10 Roy, son of Arthur Hale, hurt at school. Pearl, daughter of A. L. Martin, died at Flat Rock.
13. Hart and Magann, evangelists, came to assist in the meetings at the M. E. church.
15. House of Chas. Montgomery in Montgomery township burned.
16. Collector Dougherty commenced gathering in taxes. Mrs. Z. Ruddell surprised on her birthday night. Wife of P. S. Reavill, at Flat Rock died.
17. S. A. D. Conover at Flat Rock died.
19. Mrs. Arnold was visited by meat thieves.
22. Reunion of Hill family at the residence of John C. Hill.
23. Another snow.
24. F. M. Padgett died.
25. Residence of George Ford in Honey Creek township burned.
27. A light snow.
28. John J. Jackson died. Cold wave struck Robinson.
29. Four degrees below zero. W. S. Kurtz and Maude A. Grow married.
30. D. Z. Condrey died at Oblong. Widow of David Barron died.
31. Farmer's Institute opened up. Five degrees below zero.

1. Chas. Barron of Trimble vicinity, the third of the family within ten days, died. Edgar Correll and Emily Morgan died.
2. Officers of Illinois Central over the I and I. S. investigating.
3. Joseph Pleasant, of Trimble died.
4. James R. Smith, postmaster at Taylorville, married to Mrs. Snell, of Moweaquea, at residence of G. W. Harper. Heaviest snow of the season.
5. Revival meetings at M. E. church closed with 42 additions on probation and 13 by letter. John Murphy died at Gordon
6. D. W. Odell sold his goods to Dr. Cullop. Mrs. Lucy Gwin 92 years old. Noah Gilbert died. Mrs. D. W. Brown at Seed Chapel died.
9. 20 degrees below zero. Leona daughter of Charles Brush died. Son of Sylvester Simpson, north of town, died. School dismissed on account of inability to heat up.
10. Widow of Noah Gilbert died. Snow and 16 below zero.
12. A. J. Hendersons house southwest of the city burned. 19 degrees below zero.
13. Mr. Poe, of Hutsonville, dropped dead.
14. Gus Jones got his leg broken. Valentine party by Dorothy Jones. John Steers, of Eaton vicinity, died.
17. Henry Hondrich died on Lamotte prairie. Stewart Hope purchased horses here. Benj. Slade, of Martin township, died. John Denny shot Meed Russell in Oblong township. Sarah Ann Prior, of Oblong adjudged insane.
19. Wife of John Mitchell died.
20. Jacob Mace died. John Mohler and Polly Reinoehl, of New Hebron, died.
21. Babe of Ira Jordan died. S. E. Moore died.
22. The big snow of the season.
23. Thirteen adoptions in Woodmen. A blizzard.
24 John M. Donnell died. Edward Miller and Lydia Cochran married at A. R. Short's R. E. Haskin died suddenly.
25. John Mitchell died
26. John C. Kent of Montgomery township died.
27. Fiddler's contest.

1. Paul Harper had birthday party.
2. 14 adoptions in Modern Woodmen. Wife of L. F. Apple died at Willow Hill. Entertainment by Robinson schools. Mrs. Minerva Knight Raynes died.
4. Snow storm. Mrs. Maria L. Watts died.
5. Lizzie Dunlap Trimble died.
6. More snow.
7. One degree below zero.
8. $30,000 fire on West side.
10. Memorial service at hall by WRC.
11. Republican township primary.
13. Second court week. First entertainment at Christian church by A. I. Roberts and wife.
15. Charles Chamblin and Ethel Barkley married. A little fire at grocery of Lewis and Coombes. South of Palestine Edward Beeson and Abbie Richey married.
16. Thirteen adoptions in Woodmen.
19. Meetings at Presbyterian church closed with eight additions.
23. Sue F. Wilson died.
25. Millinery openings at Mrs. Browns and Mrs Burners. Anti license ticket nominated.
27. A blizzard, with rain, sleet and snow.
28. Independent ticket nominated.
29. J. Palmer Goodwin and Carrie Mabel Fox of Mont. township, married
30. P. C. Barrick shot a fox in his barnyard. J. B. Fisher nominated by license party of first ward for alderman.
31. Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. O G Olwin.

2. A good snow.
4. Township elections.
5. Spelling bee at Odd fellows hall.
8. W. H. McKee was reelected school trustee. Carpet ball supper by the WRC
13. Nannie Osborn died at Annapolis
15. Edward Steel died. Elder Harlow commenced meetings at the Christian church. Election for school board. Thomas Rodgers wanted for shooting his father and committed to jail next day.
17. S. A. Fristo died in Fayette county. Barton Pearson died.
18. Remains of Gertrude Walters brought here for burial. City election. James Leander Shoulders died. Lester Collins kicked by a horse at Louis Stephens barn.
20. New board of supervisors met and organized. City vote canvassed.
22. James D. Ruddell died.
24. Mrs. E. E. Murphy died.
27. Willie Gordon died at Effingham, Woodmen adopt nine new members. Wm. C. Bedwell and Ethel Cleo Goodwin married in this city.
28 and 29. County treasurer received $11,000 for taxes.
29. Teachers employed for Robinson schools. Earthquake.

James P. Matheny died at Bellair.
2. Fishing and picnic party to the Big Pond.
3. John H. Smiths cooper shop and tools burned.
4. Seniors picnic on Merom Bluff.
5. C. S. Goff and Wm. McClure home from the war.
7. Meetings at Christian church closed with 17 additions.
9. J. M. Jean shipped fourth car of eggs to New York within four weeks.
10 High school teachers entertained by seniors at S. T. Lindsays. High school teaches entertain seniors at F. J. Coopers
14. Baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Beckett.
15. Reception by Juniors at T. S. Prices.
18. High school commencement.
20. Alumni banquet at school building.
22 Robinson boys of the 9th regiment return home.
24. E. H. Steel and Pat Newlin married in Terre Haute
25. Ethel Everingham had her hand severally burned.
28. Memorial sermon by Rev. Beckett
30. Memorial and decorations services. Banquet to returned soldiers of the Spanish American war.
31 . Mrs. Callie Johnson attempted suicide. Daughter born to Dr. and Mrs. Ledbetter.

1. Gordon and Heustis bought the Ruddell stock of drugs.
3. George W. Highfield drowned at Bright light
8. The DTCs celebrated their anniversary at Mrs. Watlers.
12. Board of Supervisors meet. Sale of delinquent tax lands. Cantata of the National Flower.
14. Examination for cadetship appointment.
15. Mrs. Parker bitten by a dog.
18. Phythian Memorial.
19. Work commenced on the reconstruction of the Murphy store room.
21. Ball game between Robinson and Sullivan, score 4 to 0 in favor of Robinson. Baby show at court house.
22. Five adoptions in Woodmen. Death of Prof. Stone at Merom.
28. Wm. Updike's delivery team run away and he and Mr. Hackett hurt.

2. Zeny Siler and Nannie Hasket married. 18 persons baptized at ME church
3. Nine person baptized at Jean pond by Rev. Beckett.
4. Robinson rested on its oars. Quite a heavy rain.
6. A. R. Carman had his hand badly cut with glass.
8. Evelen probationers received into ME church.
11. Thomas Stiles died at Danville from paralysis.
12. Mrs. Bradbury gave a tea in honor of Mrs. Robb. Special meeting of Board of Supervisors.
13. Mrs. Hand died. Percy Boyd poisoned by a vine.
14. Ball game between Alpines and "fatties" with victory 15 to 14 for fatties.
15. Barn of John Hill, in licking township. burned.
16. Barns of Newton Thompson and G. B. Lorance in Honey Creek struck by lightning and burned.
18. Frank Hale had an arm broken.
19. James McGuire had a leg broken.
20. Charles Emmons and Myrtle Sheddan went over to Palestine, and were married. Chas. E. Jackson and Elsie Fox, of Mont. Township married in Robinson.
24. T. S. Apgar and Tobe Robertson started west on a wheel. Fred Baird fell with a step ladder, and broke a window at Kessler and Lewis grocery cutting his hand. Cliff Otey cut his wrist in removing broken glass.
25. Mrs. G. B. Lorance hurt at courthouse by falling down steps. Oreestes H. Guyer and Clara E. Newlin married on Quaker Lane.
26. Party from Kirks Corner went fishing.
27. Edna one of the twin daughters of George Apgar died.
29. Highway commissioners of Robinson and Lamotte met at Jacob Walters to arrange for bridge. Severe storm. Robinson at Flat Rock in a ball game.
30. Robinson parties picniced on Merom Bluff.

1. A good rain. Son born to Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Whitaker.
2. Reception by Mrs. Link. Six o clock tea by Mrs. Dr. Carlisle in honor of Miss Mangum.
3. Ball game between Robinson and Newton, Robinson 2, Newton, 1.
5. Ball game between Rob and Sullivan, the latter "whitewashed" with Robinson ten. Old settlers of Mont. township have reunion at Morea. Fred Bishop made balloon ascension.
6. Excursion on big four to Danville. Red Jacobs "boy preacher" at Christian church.
9. Board of Review gave decision on B. and L assessment.
10. Iva Beeman celebrated birthday with a party. Harlan Haskett, Jr. married in Chicago. Arthur Davis thrown from horse and hurt.
11. Mrs. Mary Ella Steel died suddenly. Al Parker traded for Abe Pleasants farm.
12. Robinson and Lawrenceville teams play ball the latter being defeated. The Wagner horse beat Wm. Morris mare in a race for $40. The Odd Fellows surprised the Rebekahs with a spread.
15. Prisoners in jail escaped.
16. Veterans reunion opened up. Robinson beat Newton in a game of ball.
17. Second and closing day of reunion. Another game of ball and Newton again beaten. Richard Lackey died.
18. The five weeks Normal closed. The Knights of Honor at Palestine had its wind up with a banquet. The I and I S Railroad sold.
20. John S. Mohler died from result of broken leg and blood poison, at his home in Honey Creek.
21. Annual Institute opened in high school room.
22. Cooper and Mefford bought Owl drug store.
23. Gordon people went fishing. Noah Tohill married at Lawrenceville.
24. Birthday of wife of Rev. Wilkin celebrated at Flat Rock. State Super Baylis lectured. Ed Brown, freight conductor on central, hurt at depot. Mabel, child of John Boyd, died near Trimble. Fruit growers met at court house.
27. John Reed, old gentleman in south part of county buried.
29. Stella Everson, daughter of G. S. Wilson, died at Palestine.
30. Catherine Biggs died. Class of 98 took an outing to Rock Bar. M. B. Marbry and Maude Houston married. Odd Fellow lecture by Grand Secretary Miller.
31. Maudie Simons died.

1. Dr. Rafferty and others performed surgical operation on Mrs. Thompson, at Riverton. Class of 99 entertained by Lela English.
2. Corner stone for new M E church laid. Harry Condit had finger broken in ball game.
4. Heat 99 degres. Circuit court convened.
5. Willard Tipton had leg broken in playing show. 98 degrees heat. John W. Jones died at Flat Rock.
6. 103 degrees in the shade. Town auditors meet.
7. Another hot day of 103. 8. thermometer 102. Wm. Patton attempted suicide.
10. Circuit Clerk Prices child got leg broken. Fire at Flat Rock burned Bristows wareroom and the Monitor plant.
12. special meeting of city council. Regular meetings of Supers. Harye (right) Cochran killed on the Central at Merom.
15. Fruit growers met to discuss sale of apples.
16. Meeting of pioneer Assoc. Terre Haute ball players beat Robinson 10 to 4. Huse Watts cut by a Murray boy from the country. Garvin Shoulders makes a balloon ascension.
17. Sarah Ruddell married at Sullivan. Daughter born to County Teres. Brown and wife. John Buck surprised on his 50th birthday.
18. Babe of Warren and Anna Baker, aged nine days, died.
20. Pawnee Bills show..
21. Robert Winters accidently shot and killed at Palestine.
22. Joe Stewart had an arm broken playing foot ball at school.
23. Rebekahs gave an anniversary entertainment at Odd Fellows hall. County Sunday school convention at Hutsonville closed a two days session.
25. John Marbry appointed janitor at the courthouse.
26. Regular meeting board of supervisors.
27. Grange fair opened. Nelse Barkley retires from the Big four agency.
29. Frose out at school building.
30. Big frost and freeze.

IL central assumed full control of the I and I S.
2. Mrs. Fields at Duncanville died. Meadow of W. L. Heuste burned by sparks from Central engine.
4. Allen Manns meadow burned by railroad.
5. Mrs. Charles Culver near Eaton died her husband having died on the 3rd.
6. Sun born to John C. Alexander and wife.
9. H. E. Whitakers house burglarized.
11. An all day rain broke a protracted drouth.
12. Sheriff Houston brought his blood hounds to town.
13. Warm weather, continuing three days. Ross, son of Frank and Ora Vanetta died.
15. Roscoe Everingham found dead in buggy, having been shot. Change of time on IL central.
17. A. H. Jones appointed Pure Food Commissioner. The Modern Pricillas visited Mrs. Mabel Wilson at Palestine.
18. Reunion of 98th at Oblong, and visit of Governor. Club anniversary at Dr. Raffertys.
23. J. B. Boofter sold his hardware stock to McNary and McNary. The John B. Meyer property sold to C L Lewis.
25. Wm. Boyd and Mrs. Bashears married.
27. RR party by Royal Neighbors at G. L. Walters. A rain began continuing three days.
29. Aunt Polly McDowells 90th birthday celebrated at Al Bokers. Meeting commenced at UB church.
30. Stewart and Barkley bought the Meyer building lots.
31. Oyster supper by Rebekahs.

1.Granville S. Edmond and Carrie Hean married. City council voted to enforce the curfew ordinance.
2. Abbott and Harper visited the gun club at their camp in Licking.
3. First snow of the season.
9. The 55 anniversary of Mrs. Zach Adams celebrated by a surprise dinner.
10 the Reviewers banquette at Mrs. Dewesy. W N Barkley returned to the Big Four agency after a two months leave.
11. A son born to P. G. Bradbury and wife. "Buckie" assissinated. J. W. Dennis, in Martin township, had his foot amputated.
15. The Waverlys have a slumber party with the misses Bradway.
16. Mrs. Lettie E. Beattie died. Birthday surprise for Mrs Catherine Arnold.
23. John Wesley, Sr. died near Flat Rock. John M. Phelps and Wm. Stephens of Marshall fell with scaffold at Big Four depot, breaking their arms. Field trials near Lawrenceville.
24. Wife of Rm. M. Longenecker died.
25. J. B. Crowley and family left for Washington. M. B. Marbry, deputy sheriff took Tom Otey to asylum at Anna.
27. Mattie Grow married to Lieut. Walker at Mount Carmel. Mrs. Loos surprised in Southwest township.
28. A birthday dinner for Mayme Griggs and friends. Son born to Dr. Harper and wife. Ste Marie.

2. Gas and oil meeting at courthouse. The Italian laborers on the Central stoned.
3. Griggs butcher team ran away crippling Ed Beattie.
6. Regular meeting of city council.
7. "A woodman Soldier" presented by Flat Rock.
8. J. R. Boofter bought J. H. Ferrels grocery W. S. Hand entertained his school at his fathers in the city.
9. The Jenny Wrens went to Gordon to spend the day with Joy Mail, missed the train and walked home.
12. Concert and farce by Ladies Band. Two weddings at courthouse. Louis Atwood fell at Big Four depot while painting and broke his arm.
13. Daniel Bond southwest of city died of injuries received in a runaway.
14. A ten inch snow which began the day before.
15. The church fair by the ladies of the M E opened up.
16. Wm. Cannon, on Monday died.
18. Rainy and disagreeable day.
19. Ladies band concert.
29. J. W. Arehart hurt by falling down stairs at Billiard Hall.
23. Christmas entertainments at the Christian United Brethern, Baptist and Presbyterian churchs.
24. Christmas entertainment by M. E. Sunday school. Train on Central delayed by wreck at Willow Hill.
25. 15 degrees above zero family reunion at Benj Yorks.
26. 12 degrees above zero.
27. Snow. Georgia Olwin and Elder Swartz married.
29. Two degrees above zero.
30. Two degrees below zero. Meeting of Dem. Central Comm.
31. Four below zero.


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