Happenings of the Year 1929

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1929 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

The arrest and release on bail, of Leslie Harrison, the Hutsonville fisherman, following a drunken rampage was a feature story of the January 3, issue of the Argus. Other items of the same issue follow. County Clerk Buren O. Mills issued the quarterly pension checks for Mother's Relief and Relief of the Blind, Melvin Kirkwood accidentally shot himself through the hand. E. O. May returned from the State Teachers meet which was held in Springfield. The American Legion formed relief units to serve this county in time of any disaster. George Ford of Flat Rock pled guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and resisting an officer and paid fines for each. Charles Anderson, 61, of Hutsonville died the previous Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Emiline Kirk died at the home of Palmer Kirk the previous Thursday. Miss Naomi Shoulders married Harry Goetz.

The January 10th issue carried an account of the death of Joe Hanson, pumper for the Ohio Oil Company, who died suddenly of heart troubles while he was driving his car. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers and Producers bank of this city was held Monday and Dr. A. G. Meserve elected president. Mildred Treadway of Palestine died from an accidental gunshot wound. Sanford's garage and the Perry Wholesale house were burglarized. The school report for the month of December showed that the flu situation in Robinson was well controlled. Prin. E. O. May attended a meeting of the Wabash Valley Board of Control. The Jerry Apple funeral was held on the previous Wednesday afternoon. The Gas Utilities Co. held their annual banquet at the Woodworth hotel.

January 17th issue. The Strand theatre burned Wednesday morning with practically everything lost in the flames. Emmerson was inaugurated Governor of Illinois Monday, Robinson defeated Palestine in their basketball game. Announcement of an engagement of Margaret Cox to H. W. Craig was made. Claud Faught, operator of the motion picture machine accidentally shot himself in the foot. Allendale was the scene of a bank robbery, the Thursday previous to this issue of the Argus.

January 24th. Charles Kerner was shot by his wife Blackie Kerner Sunday morning, following a quarrel. The Flat Rock team wrested honors from other teams to win the preliminary basketball tourney held here last weekend. Funeral services were held Saturday for Herbert Kinney. Frank Stephens was elected president of the Illinois Jersey Breeders' Association. The County Board selected the March Grand Jurors at their meeting last week.

January 31. Robert Flynn died Wednesday morning of injuries received in an automobile accident the previous Sunday. Carl H. Zwermann gave his annual dinner to the foreman of the W. A. Case & Son Mfg. Co., Mrs. Hattie Mills died Saturday evening, Alfred Parker, aged Civil War veteran died from injuries received when he was struck by an automobile. The Gardening School conducted by C. H. Moor of the R.T.H.S. is gaining in interest. The Kamp Motor Car Company held their annual meeting last Friday evening. R. T. H. S. will enter the Eastern Illinois League tournament to be held in Effingham next week. Sixty-six students of the high school made the honor roll.

County Clerk Buren O. Mills, with his corps of assistants is busy preparing the county tax books. Petit jurors for the March term of court have been drawn. R.T.H.S. broke even on the week-end basketball games having won one from Bridgeport and lost one to Lawrenceville. Legionnaires had as their guests at a dinner and dance, their mother, wives, sisters and sweethearts. Jasper Burch died suddenly last Friday night.

February 14th. A corn culling school was held a the R.T.H.S. Friday. Westfield is winner of the E.I.L. tournament. The Linco basketball team entered a tournament at Redmon today. The Perry Wholesale company has made announcement that it will close its doors the first of May. The Fair Furniture bought the store formerly owned by J. W. Wood. Funeral services were held for Walter Barnes of Flat Rock Tuesday afternoon. The Moose have launched a drive for a new home. Sunday afternoon and Tuesday evening pupils of Miss Ruby Heath gave a music recital.

In the February 21 issue of the Argus, an article told of the City Grade schools winning the county basketball tournament. The Linco basketball team won the independent sectional tourney. Several boys from Robinson attended the Older Boys' Conference at Lawrenceville. Oden Brown, a former R.T.H.S. student was awarded a Butler college scholarship. Alan Hanson and Carence Ivey, two grade school boys confessed to the county officers that they were the cause of the burning of the hay barn on the farm of Joe Green.

February 28, In this issue of the Argus the feature articles concerns the death of Vern Parker of Flat Rock, who died of alcoholic poisoning. The County Board voted in their meeting to continue T.B. testing. A poultry truck from Mt. Carmel turned over at the Gordon turn Wednesday morning and spilled poultry all over an acre of real estate. Eleven high schools of the Wabash Valley will bring uniformed bands with them, it has been announced, to the annual track and field meet to be held here May 4. A car driven by J. L. Allen turned over on the grade east of Lawrenceville Friday night.

The R.T.H.S. Ag. club will be host to the County Ag. clubs February 28, R.T.H.S. won their game from Clinton Friday.

March 7 issue of the Argus. The March term of Circuit Court convened here Monday. Republican candidates for nomination to offices of Supervisors, Justice of the Peace and Constable have been made. Directors of the Chamber of Commerce hold special meeting here Monday evening. Robinson Grade schools won the Bridgeport tourney last week end. Miss Gertrude Stine, former teacher here married in Columbus, Ohio. Dick Clark and Louis Wasson were put to work on the streets to work out fines assessed them on liquor charges. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Fannie Simmons. The Senior class of the R.T.H.S. elected the staff of the New "N" Everything for their special edition. Circuit Court was adjourned until March 13. Townspeople enjoyed the show put on by Bob Limbert, brought here by the Robinson chapter of the Izaak Walter League. Milton Walters, who is recovering from a broken leg was in town Tuesday. George B. Robinson has been hired as Scout Executive for area. Mildred Green, attending the Eastern Illinois Teachers' College at Charleston, won the state essay contest on "Why I Should Vote." Clark S. Thomas of Mooseheart spoke to a class of initiates of the Moose Lodge here Sunday. Miss Alma Terry of this city and Ira McCrory of Annapolis were married Saturday afternoon. The R.T.H.S. Ag. club visited the J. W. Davis company of Terre Haute Saturday.

March 21. Nearly a hundred members of the Business and Professional Women's club and their bosses were present at the annual "Bosses Night" Friday evening at the Woodworth Hotel. The Index Notion Store is under going remodeling. Funeral services for Mrs. Minnie S. Long were held Monday afternoon at the Mt. Zion church in Lawrence county. The Republicans named their local township candidates at the primary election Saturday. The American Legion post held an open house meeting Tuesday night. Joe Creed pled guilty to manslaughter in the case of the death of Vern Parker. Three Jasper county bootlegger were arrested by Federal authorities and taken to Danville. Leon Walker, county superintendent of highways, addressed the Oblong Rotary club on the gasoline tax. Carl Meyers was taken to Pontiac Saturday morning by Deputy Parker. The Robinson chapter of the National Honor Society was installed by the Palestine chapter last Tuesday at the high school.

March 28. An article appeared this week concerning the origin of Easter. A Chevrolet coach, driven by Gale Baird was struck by a Ford roadster driven by Russell Anderson. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon for William A. Walters of Oak Grove vicinity. Petitions have been circulated having on it the names of men who will be candidates for the offices vacant on the school board.

In the April 4 issue of the Argus an article described the suicide of Lafayette Montgomery, after he had killed his wife and burned her body. Both Charles Y. Nellis and Mayor L. S. Heath have announced themselves as candidates for the office of mayor. Dr. H.. E. Marshall of Oblong was selected the new cow tester for this county by the County Board Thursday. Definite organization of Robinson Boy Scouts under the Abraw-Wabash Council was undertaken at a meeting held Tuesday night at the Elks home.

April 11. County Judge McCarty discharged the jury sitting on the trial of grant Bloss, charged with liquor violation, after they were unable to come to a verdict. The Moose Lodge have announced they will build a new home, to be erected on the site of the old one. The Rotary club elected officers for the year at their meeting Wednesday. The second annual spring meeting of the County Federation of Women's clubs was held Friday night at the Presbyterian church.

April 18. L. S. Heath was elected Mayor in the city election Tuesday. Plans for a new factory for Robinson are being discussed. Luther Johnson of Palestine was taken for a ride last Monday night. Fred Reavill was chosen chairman of the county board at the reorganization meeting last Thursday. The Music Jubilee will be held at the R.T.H.S. tonight. An intellectual meet for the county was held at the R.T.H.S. Friday. Pauline Carey of Porterville, won first prize in the historical essay contest conducted by the County Federation of Women's clubs.

April 25. W. Hurely Swern died suddenly Saturday. A victory banquet was held Wednesday evening at the Baptist church for the Crawford County Farm Bureau. R.T.H.S. won the county track meet held her last Saturday. Word was received here the first of the week by Will Harper of the death of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frank C. Harper. Guy A. Walters was buried here Sunday, having died at his home in Lincoln, Nebraska. E. J. Mowry, proprietor of the Mowry Variety Store, died suddenly Thursday evening. Dr. J. W. Carlisle will head the high school board for the ensuing year. R.T.H.S. won the Greenup athletic meet. Elizabeth Baird Kuhn spoke to the Elks in their regular meeting last Thursday.

R.T.H.S. won the E. I. League Athletic meet held at Paris last Saturday afternoon, states the May 2 issue of the Argus. Four frightened boys who had admitted stealing cars from Murphy Bros.' garage for joy riding, were paroled and placed on their good behavior. William Kirkwood of Oblong, manager of the C. I. P. S. office there suffered a fractured leg when an electric light pole fell on him. The Dairy Promotion Committee of Oblong are holding a series of meetings this week. The cast for the R.T.H.S senior play has been chosen. A county meeting of the W. C. T. U. was held Monday at Palestine. Announcement has been made of honors to two former R.T.H.S. students; Mildred Green has been named editor of the Teachers College News and Joe Kirk has been named business manager.

May 9. The Advertising clubs have discontinued their Golden Rule sales. R.T.H.S. Open House was to be held Friday night. Mary J. Lloyd, living four miles north of Robinson committed suicide by taking carbolic acid Tuesday night. The Fair Furniture Store held their formal opening Monday night. I.O.O.F. held a big booster meeting Saturday. Walter Milam of West Union was arrested Friday night by State Patrolman Byrl Duncan on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

May 16. Auto bandits, operating in this county taking Victor Hanson of Oblong and his girl for a ride and attempting to hold up other motorists created excitement over the week-end. Frank Culbertson of Vincennes spoke to the Rotary Club on the George Rogers Clark memorial. The Boy Scout School of Instruction for business men opened Monday night. The Chamber of Commerce launched a drive for members last Thursday. R.T.H.S. athletes received their letters at the annual banquet held Saturday evening. Mary Beth O'Mara, was elected editor of the New ‘N' Everything for the year 1989-30. Local club women will attend meeting of B. & P.W. at Mt. Vernon Friday and Saturday.

May 23. John H. Olwin was signally honored by being named manager of the Interscholastic, held at the University of Illinois. The Colliflower Ford which was stolen by auto bandits was abandoned in Clinton, Ind. Through an agreement, the Bus line will be permitted to use the City Hall as a depot. At a meeting in Mt. Vernon last weekend, Mrs. Audrey Apgar was named president of the twenty-third district of B. & P. W. clubs. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon for Frank Harris of this city.

May 30. The two bandits who stuck up the Bellair bank have not yet been apprehended. Twelve hundred poppies were sold last Saturday. Nipper York was arrested on a charge of possession Saturday. Seniors of the R.T.H.S. were graduated Tuesday evening. The marriage of Thelma Mace and Lloyd Mercer was announced this week. An interesting article on Children by Rev. D. J. Thornton was published this week. Wm. E. Isely, prominent Newton attorney died Thursday night. The Junior-Senior banquet was held Friday night.

June 6. Capt. Weimer, made the address at the memorial exercises held Thursday at the Old cemetery. Prof. Wallace Bruce Amsbary, spoke on "Dreams of Power" at the commercement exercises held Tuesday night. Announcement was made of the marriage of Faye Price of Paletine to Vernice Mulins of Robinson. A musical of Old Time Melodies will be given at the United Brethern church tonight. A $10,000,000 appropriation to aid state schools passed both state houses, cheering school districts over the state. Daily Bible school began in this city at the Presbyterian church Monday.

June 13. A Franklin, Ind. Deputy Shierff halted the career of two Bellair bank robbers Monday morning when he shot one and killed another. The County Board appointed election judges. Max Connett and Miss Lucile Rogers of Blue Island were married June 3, in Chicago. Henry Schousten of Chicago was accidentally drowned Tuesday in the Wabash river near Sutfin's camp. Miss Louisa E. Vance, a former resident of Crawford county died in Selma, Calif. Nine county college students will receive degrees from the University of Illinois.

June 20. Razzing of the Grand Opera house has been started to make way for the new building that is to be erected on that site. Two of the Sumner bank robbers were captured in Terre Haute. J. D. Toomey was cut and bruised in an automobile accident near Lawrenceville. Judge McCarty named the Board of Review Saturday. The Lincoln Highway Association will meet Friday night at Hutsonville.

June 27. The contract for the new Moose home was let to L. & W. Schernekau. Property in Honey Creek vicinity suffered considerably from wind and rain damage Monday. Eugene Hawkins of West York died from injuries received when he dived into shallow water at the Hutsonville gravel pit. Louis McConnell was arrested in connection with the robbery of a filling station in Vincennes. The American Legion will make a pilgrimage to the Roy Tyhurst home Sunday.

County farmers have been much interested in the new McCormick-Deering Combine which has been in use on the William Fitzpatrick farm north of Palestine, according to an article appearing in the July 4 issue of the Argus. Lloyd Johnson and Belva Highsmith were wed Saturday. Louis T. McConnell and Miles "Monk" Walters were each sentenced from ten to twenty-one years following their confession to having held up a Vincennes filling station. Fifteen county boys enter the C.M.T.C. The members of the Earnest M. Coulter post and their families enjoyed a basket dinner at the home of Roy Tyhurst last Sunday.

July 11. Rotary delegates of the 35th district assembly met here Monday and Tuesday. The Robinson chapter of the Izaak Waltons leased the Hutsonville gravel pit which they will stock with game fish. The Fair Board met Saturday to discuss plans for the fair. Miss Vera Carlisle has been appointed new City Librarian. The Robinson Municipal band will play their first concert tonight. The County Board of Review met in heir first business session last Monday. Miss Aline White was married this morning at 10 o'clock in Bruno, Czechoslovakia to Curt Richard Meitner. The seasons worst storm struck Robinson last Friday afternoon.

July 18. Miss Helen Westerman and Philip Haynes, both of this city were married Sunday afternoon. The Legion post of this city will police the grounds during the Grange Fair. City sewage was turned into the new disposal plant last Friday. The Jersey Breeders met Tuesday evening to discuss plans for their exhibit at the Fair. A three car smashup occurred on Route 1 Monday evening, one of the cars belonging to George Prime of this city. Elsworth Bishop, escaped prisoner of the penal farm was arrested last Saturday in Oblong. Funeral services were held Monday for John F. Allison of Martin township.

July 25. An all day program of contests for county 4 H clubs was held at the R.T.H.S. Friday. L. & W. Schernekau received the contract for the erection of the new theatre, Louis Dudley was jailed by county officers following his leaving the scene of an accident for which he was directly responsible. Two youthful hijackers, Johnny Green and Morgan Steward, both of Kentucky were arrested Tuesday at the Big Four stop light by local officers. The grand Jury was named by the county board in their session last Thursday. Practically all rural school teachers have been employed. A county road survey was made by Superintendent of Highways, Leon Walker. The Jewell family held their annual reunion at Highland Park Sunday.

August 1. Robinson Boy Scouts are taking their annual outing at Camp Buttercrust near Mt. Carmel. Eddie J. and Lew Foreman, two brothers from New York, were taken by County officers after they had attempted to obtain money through false pretenses at Murphy Bros. Garage. Mrs. Clifford Storm, formerly Miss Floy Newlin died Friday morning. The new gasoline tax became effective today. Funeral services were held Monday for Harry C. Brown. Survey of county shows wheat crop will make 75 per cent of normal crop. A park committee have been at work beautifying the city park. Four boys from this county will be taken to the Boys School, to be held in connection with the state fair at Springfield, August 17-20. Harold L. Richey of Flat Rock has entered West Point. Knights of Pythias have been busy with welfare work.

August 8. Robinson Scouts returned to Robinson Monday after having spent a week's outing at the area camp on the Wabash river. George Brubaker and Melvin Kirkwood were injured when the Nash coach they were driving crashed into a ditch near Paris. Twenty-nine girl scouts are camping this week at Rock Barr. Clyde Blake and Virginia Stout of Harrisburg were married Tuesday night at Effingham. A Hudson coach driven by Lenore Wylde overturned in a ditch west of Oblong Friday evening, bruising and cutting the three occupants of the car. Miss Anna Keeley and Mrs. Ola Green were selected delegates to the state conference of United Brethern churches to be held in Decatur. Burl Elliott was arrested Tuesday night at Hutsonville by Sheriff Wallace on a charge of having stripped a car owned by Ben Smith of Hutsonville.

August 15. The Crawford County Grange Fair got off to a good start Tuesday with a fine exhibit of live stock and the largest industrial exhibit in its history. The County Board of Supervisors met last Thursday in their regular meeting. The Lincoln Refinery has announced their new Ethyl gasoline would be on the market September 15. Sarah Rafferty and Cyril Cadieu were married this morning. A Ford truck, driven by drunks was taken into custody by State Patrolman Schroeder near Oblong Sunday afternoon. Word comes back to Robinson that Floyd Skaggs formerly of Robinson was arrested recently in Kansas, charged with robbing a bank, has now been sentenced to prison for a term of ten to twenty years.

August 22. The grange Fair closed a successful season last Friday. Mrs. Fritz Berry Friday evening shot herself through the head, dying soon afterward. A narrow escape was had by Rm. C. W. Coulter last Friday night when a Ford sedan was backed into by a train on the I. C. tracks. Dan McGuigan died last Wednesday night. The Palestine Chamber of Commerce in connection with the Crawford-Jasper County Farm Bureau have planned a big picnic for farmers at Leaverton Park next Tuesday. 110 freshmen have registered at the R.T.H.S. for the new year. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Norton of Flat Rock vicinity celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary August 14. The Merom Chautauqua opens next Sunday.

August 29. A county corporation formed for the purpose of operating a coal mine near Morea has been formed. September term of Circuit Court will convene here next Monday. Estel Kinter was seriously injured Tuesday night in an auto accident which occurred one and one half miles west of Robinson. County Clerk Buren O. Mills and Cora K. Fritz were married last Wednesday in Urbana. Miss Edna Boyd and Eddie Mulvane were married last Sunday afternoon. Miss Helen McCaman and Harold Ritchie were married Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia, Penn, Jimmie Wright, proprietor of the Mission Tea Room and Miss Maude Johnson announce their marriage which occurred August 21, at Edwardsville. Odgen Whitfield, of Danville, who was arrested here by County officers last week in connection with having fired upon a train crew of the Big Four, is also wanted in Danville for the murder of his wife.

September 5. Robert Beeman, 12 year old son of Pearl beeman of Stoy, was kileld Monday while hunting when his gun was accidentally discharged. Judge J. C. Kern is presiding judge at September term of Circuit Court. R. L. Collins retires from grocery business. Kent Lewis and Miss Anne Simmons were married Friday. Seventh News ‘N' Everything Press Association banquet held Tuesday evening at hotel. Leta Mae Custis and Irwin Keith were married Saturday. The marriage of Margaret Ross to Alric DeWeese of Boonville, Ind., was announced this week.

September 12. Audrey Seall died Sunday of blood poisoning, Roy Chastane and David Kittle of Lawrenceville, wanted on assault charge, were caught in this city Monday after shots had been fired at them. County Board met Tuesday. Oblong Township High school is installing lighting apparatus at cost $1000 for night football.

September 19. J. Z. Frazier, who has served as farm advisor of the Crawford-Jasper Farm Bureau for the past three years, has resigned. Rev. H. E. Longbrake has been appointed new minister of the U. B. church. Old Timer's Picnic Saturday was a big event. Brunswick Music Shop burned Sunday afternoon about five o'clock causing a loss of $9000. W. W. Thatcher lost right arm Wednesday when he fell into a saw mill on the Ed Baker farm near Hardinville. W. S. Garhart was elected president of the local chapter of Izaak Walton League at the meeting Tuesday night. Mrs. H. E. Wood died Monday. Vernon Heath is on the news staff of the Decatur Herald.

September 26. First R.T.H.S. grid game was lost to Newton Saturday. With an attendance of about 3500 the first annual picnic for the employees of the Ohio Oil Company and Lincoln Oil Refining Co., was held Sunday at the park here. There were 136 members and guests present at the fourth anniversary party of the Business & Professional Women's club held Friday evening at the hotel. Annual reception for the teachers and patrons was held Friday at the Elks home. Byron Leach of this city and Miss Rose Kemper of Bridgeport were married Wednesday. Helen Kinney, who was fatally burned at her home in Hutsonville last Tuesday, died Thursday.

October 2. Geo. W. Jones, prominent attorney died Thursday morning. R.T.H.S. swamped Oblong in the dedication game of the football field Saturday afternoon. Walter Davis and Gregory Barker, both of Elizabethtown were arrested Sunday afternoon by Deputy Parker following the burglarizing of the Harry Crocker home located northwest of Hutsonville. Roy Chastain and David Kittle who were arrested here several days ago and were taken to Lawrenceville, escaped from the Lawrenceville jail Friday morning. Tony Eaton is out on $300 bond to appear before the October term of court, charged with driving while intoxicated.

October 10. The Robinson Boy Scouts were guests last Saturday at the University of Illinois at their football game. Carrol Gates, living north of this city was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident for which he was responsible. Burl Duncan captured Roy Chastain at Marshall Tuesday. Western Electric sound equipment has been purchased for the new theatre. Geraldine Dewey and Brigham Young, both of this city were married Thursday. Mrs. Amel Cliff of Lawrenceville, victim of an auto accident is showing improvement at the Robinson hospital. Russell Price, formerly of this city was married to Miss Wanda Johnson of Lawrenceville, it was announced this week. Two youths held up the McColpin gasoline station at the junction of the Flat Rock spur and Route 1.

October 17. Marjorie Coyne, living near Stoy was killed by an automobile which struck her Saturday evneing. Vern Littlejohn was named commander of the Leigon post for the ensuing year. The Southeastern Illinois Teachers' meeting held here last week was a success. Clarence Jack suffered a broken leg while fishing at the Kirkwright cut-off. R.T.H.S. was defeated by Lawrenceville Friday afternoon. Week of october 21-26 has been designated as "How to study week" by Prin. E. O. May.

October 24. John Bell of St. Louis was arrested for drunken driving Monday. Oscar L. Green, former county boy has been named vice-president of a large bank in Detroit, Mich. Bobby Wilson, 2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Wilson of west of this city died suddenly Tuesday night. A birthday dinner was given at the home of Mrs. G. H. Kelley of this city in honor of the 94th birthday of Mrs. Annie Kelle of Oblong, Sunday.

October 31. Clinton beat R.T.H.S. 13-7 last Saturday. Miss Erma Shakely and Frank Slick both of this city were married Thursday. A small crime wave has enveloped Robinson with several houses being broken into. The Brunswick Music Shop which was burned several weeks ago will reopen in its old site today. Ruby Gard was nearly asphyxiated by fumes from an automobile last Saturday. Officers believe Rupert Z. Dalton of Dayton, Ohio, burned his own car Tuesday to collect insurance.

November 7. Vern Littlejohn was installed as commander of the Ernest M. Coulter post of the American Legion Tuesday evening. A deal was completed Tuesday whereby the Economy Motors Inc., local Chevrolet dealers transferred their agency to the Prehn-Coleman Chevrolet Company. Ralph H. Wilkin, formerly of this city, died at Springfield Tuesday. Mrs. Eulia Eagleton died Tuesday at her home on North Howard street. There was a small fire at the Chocolate Shop Tuesday evening. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Charles E. Jones, formerly of this city, to Miss Sadie Card in St. Petersburg, Fla. Victor L. Smith has been secured as new scoutmaster. R.T.H.S. football boys tied Garfield in Terre Haute Saturday.

November 14.The beautiful new Moose home which was recently completed was dedicated Sunday with an all day ceremony and the admittance of 200 new members. Maroons lost 20-6 at football game at Marshall Monday. Home of O. V. Redding burned Saturday while family was in Champaign. Lincoln has been chosen as name for the theatre. Bids were received Wednesday for the construction of the building to be erected by Dee Everingham for the Woolworth Co., on the site formerly occupied by the Wide Awake Grocery and Sanitary Meat Market. Clarence Kaley has been appointed Parole Officer by Governor Emmerson.

November 21. County Board met Thursday during which time traffic problems were discussed. Crawford County Young People's Republican club was formed Tuesday evening with Victor L. Smith as chairman. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Crowley, Jr., Wednesday. Roscoe Rich received the contract for the new Woolworth building. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Coulter became the parents of a daughter Sunday.

November 28. John Newlin was elected president of the high school alumni association at the annual banquet and homecoming Wednesday evening. Robert Wilson, 79 year old man of this community found dead Wednesday morning. George Mace, who has been with the L. H. Brigham Meat Market for thirty-two years, resigned last Saturday. J. A. Balding and wife given appointments as house officers at the St. Charles school for boys.

December 5. Memorial services for deceased members of the B. P. O. E. were held Sunday. Harry E. Hart, music director of the high school was wed to Miss L. Ferris of Decatur. Riley Knisely of Bellair was arrested Tuesday night on charges of possession and transportation of intoxicating liquor. R. T. H. S. won from Genstmeyer Tech in their annual homecoming battle Thursday. The Brown school burned Tuesday. Ben Seaney, 83, of Palestine died last Thursday. "Kempy" a three act comedy will be presented at the high school tonight.

December 12. Dorothy Tuttle of McCarty school won the county spelling bee. Mrs. Celista Boyd, formerly of Hutsonville township, died Friday in Indianapolis. Dads met with Scouts in their regular Friday night meeting. John Olwin returned from Europe to the Untied States Thursday.

December 19. Jasper and Crawford county citizens have been stirred by mysterious death of George B. Doval of Jasper county. Roy Wilson, prominent oil man died Tuesday morning following injuries received when a boiler exploded at a well on which he was working. Sol's Bargain store was broken into Friday night. R.T.H.S. have started their 1929 basketball season. Alfred Ayers and Emery Franklin were arrested on charges of disturbance of the peace at Hutsonville last Wednesday.

December 26. Jimmie Anderson, who broke jail here several months ago is again in jail. Kenneth Shoemaker of Flat Rock was accidentally shot and killed. Funeral services were held Friday for S. T. Lindsay. Charles Dunnigan, three year old boy of this city died Saturday, the result of burns. The new Lincoln theatre opened Monday. The annual report of Jos. H. Price was printed in this issue.


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