Happenings of the Year 1930

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1930 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

January 2. In this issue an announcement was made that Ruth Hanna McCormick, candidate for U.S. Senator would speak at the court house on the fourteenth. Ed. Ryan of Lawrenceville announced his candidacy for legislature. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Bradbury of this city observed their golden wedding anniversary last Tuesday after fifty years of married life. Word was received here of the death of Mrs. Roger Stephens of Oklahoma City. Pearl Stern of this city became the bride of Forbes Littlejohn of Cincinnati, Ohio. Lucy Blake was married New Year's eve to Fred L. Willis of Terre Haute. Gail Baird, Chairman of the Boy Scouts Troop organization committee announced this week that two new scout troops had been organized within the city, sponsored by the Presbyterian and the Baptist churches. Ira Baker and "Dick" Shoulders of this city were arrested Tuesday evening on charges of rape. An interesting account of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Price of Oblong appeared in this issue.

January 9. A sheriff from Kentucky was in this city searching for Richard McNeese, former resident here. Announcement was made that Robinson was awarded the preliminary Wabash Valley basketball tournament again. Keith Mooney wrecked his Hudson coach on a bridge abutment east of this city Tuesday night. Sunday afternoon a terrible automobile wreck that occurred at Firebaugh hill west of this city, took the lives of Ralph Beabout and Randal Goodwin.

January 16. The chief article of interest appearing in this issue is the report on the Ruth Hanna McCormick meeting held at the courthouse last Tuesday night. Two Joliet youths, arrested for leaving filling station without paying were captured by deputy O. S. Parker and were later found to have stolen the car they were driving. Allen's sanitarium received the contract to give hospital service to the county paupers for the year 1930. Candidates announced for the offices of sheriff, county clerk and county treasurer. The Robinson Maroons beat Effingham in a basketball game played last Saturday night.

January 23. The Crawford County Federation of Women's Clubs will conduct another historical essay contest among the students of the 7th and 8th grades of this county. Carl H. Zwermann general manager of the W. A. Case & Son pottery of this city, gave the annual banquet to the executives and foremen, at the Woodworth Hotel, Monday night. Sam Ducommon of New Hebron died Monday morning. The Wabash river is on the rampage and the unusually cold weather is causing an ice gorge to be formed which is backing up the water and causing property damage that will run into the thousands of dollars. Mrs. Charles Ross died last Thursday. R. T. H. S. won the preliminary Wabash Valley tournament held in this city last week and is eligible to compete in the valley tournament. Frank A. Stephens of this city was reelected to the presidency of the Illinois Jersey Cattle Club. John R. Thompson of Bridgeport announced his candidacy for reelection to the General Assembly. The Lincoln Oil Refining Co. of this city completed negotiations for the purchase of the LaPort Independent Oil Co., at La Porte, Ind.

January 30. This issue carried an account of the fire that destroyed the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Trimble at the Homewood farm at Trimble. Wiley High School won the Wabash Valley Tournament held at Terre Haute. The Retail Merchants' Division of the Chamber of Commerce held their meeting at the city hall last evening. A special assembly was held at the R.T.H.S. Friday to honor the forty-nine students who had their names placed on the honor roll. Robinson was named as the District center for the basketball tournament. The American Legion post of this city, will again sponsor the "School Award", it was announced this week. The dates for the E. I. League basketball tournament has been set for Feb. 7, 8, at Casey.

February 6. This first issue of the month of February carried a news story interesting to football fans, in which it was stated that the Robinson-Clinton contract to play football was broken, because Robinson did not have equipment for night football. C. R. Plummer, pumper of near Stoy, died Monday night from injuries which he received at a power house on a lease near his home. The Robinson grade schools own the YMCA invitational tournament held at Vincennes last week. Boy Scouts of this city will begin tomorrow the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of that organization. Funeral services were held Friday for T. S. Apgar. Drawings for Petit jurymen were announced this week. Mrs. Sam Hoy, wife of a civil war veteran, living near Heathsville died Sunday morning. Police Magistrate Sullivan returned to his office at the City Hall, following a long illness. Clarence R Buck has announced as candidate for State Treasurer.

February 13. The monthly report of the county schools appeared in this issue. The R. T. H. S. Maroons were beaten in the final game of the E. I. League tournament by Westfield. Russell Cramer, Palestine farmer was arrested by County officers of a liquor violation charge. Leah Postlewaite and Wayne Manhart, both of this city were married Friday at Marshall. Scoutmasters training course began Friday night. Grant Jessup's home was badly burned Tuesday. Class officers were elected at the high school.

February 20. Free clinic for crippled children was held at the Elks home in this city yesterday. A county meeting of the Legionnaires was held Tuesday night at the K. of P. Hall, with Jack Poorman present as main speaker. County Supervisors issued anticipation tax warrants at their meeting last week, for three county funds. New official highway maps for Illinois are off the press and ready for distribution. The Hi-Y Club of the R. T. H. S. has begun a 4 C's campaign.

February 27. The Argus carried a special article this week refuting the charge of the Oblong Oracle that this county is bankrupt. W. S. Gerahart of this city was elected second vice president of the state division of the Izaak Walton League. A Robinson Community Club was organized Tuesay. County Clerk Buren O. Mills has completed his tax books for the 1929 taxes. Five Pinkstaff boys were rushed to the Robinson Hospital Friday after they had bene injured when a Big Four passenger enjine struck the car in which tey were riding. Mrie Weaver of Hutsonville and Myron Raynolds of this city were married Tuesday. Two classes of the high school viisted the Argus Printing House last week for the purpose of securing information for essays.

March 6. Candidates for Committeemen have filed petitions, subject tot he April election. Senator Deneen addressed voters at the courthouse Monday. the district basketball tournament starts here today. Circuit court began Monday. the Gas tax allottments for the state are made.

March 13. Roy Graham, 54, committed suicide at the home of his father-in-law at Belair last Saturday morning by shooting himself with a shotgun. The Baird Hardware Store has announced that it will close its business activities in the city. Oliver Shearer of Trimble, old civil war veteran, died Friday night. St. Francisville won the district tournament held here last week. The Sumner bank bandits who were captured were given life sentences in prison. The L. B. Gibson store closed business in this city Saturday night. Appointments of the clerks and judges for the coming election have been made.

March 20. Republicans of Robinson held a caucus at the courthouse Saturday for the purpose of naming candidates for the coming township election. The American legion will sponsor a drum corps in Boy Scout Troop No. 28. Dave Deacon, secretary for the local Moose lodge, died Wednesday night. Eighty-four boys were present at the Boys' Conference held in the Baptist church of this city.

March 27. The Robinson Community Cub held its first membership meeting at the Baptist church Tuesday evening. Funeral services were held Sunday for Mrs. Myrtel Walters of Oblong. The annual banquet of the Izaak Walton League was held at the Baptist church Monday night. Martha Cannole of East St. Louis spoke at the Public Relations dinner of the Robinson Business and Professional Women's club.

April 3. Marshal Weger and Knowlton Hawkins, both of Flat Rock captured nine wolf whelps Monday while fishing in the Wabash river bottoms. Announcement was made in this issue that North Cross street is soon to be paved. The County board of supervisors organized last week with the Republicans still in control with a 6-5 majority the W. C. T. U. essay and poster contest awards were made Friday night.

April 10. An article in this issue is devoted to the activities and accomplishments of the 4-H club work. Chief news interest is centered in the article announcing the nomination of Mrs. Ruth Hanna McCormick in her race for the Republican candidacy for U. S. Senator. Fred Man, pumper of near Robinson, was seriously injured on State Route 1 in an auto accident. A display room and garage is to be erected n North Franklin street by J. B. Dunlap for the Prehn-Coleman Chevrolet Co. The Count Federation of Wmen's Club assembled here last Friday.

April 17. R. M. Dalrymple was elected chairman of the Republican central committee in this county. Vern Littlejohn was elected chairman of the Democratic committee. A. L. Darnell, 88 a civil war veteran, died at his home on North Jackson street Tuesday afternoon from a complication of diseases.

April 24. The Crawford County Athletic meet held last Saturday was won by Robinson. The local Church of Christ is joining in with a world wife observance of the nineteen hundredth anniversary to be held on June 8. A daring robbery of the Hub Clothing Store at Oblong Tuesday night caused the owners a loss of approximately $1,000 Russell Schernekau, 20, of this city died Sunday morning at the Putnam County Hospital of Greencastle from injuries received in an automobile accident that occurred the previous Wednesday. The Crawford County Intellectual contest was held Tuesday night at the high school. Mrs. Amelia Boring peacefully died Easter morning.

May 1. Will G. Harper, Vice President of the Argus Printing House died at his home in this city last Tuesday morning. Charles and Everett Werno were arrested by county officers who raided the Werno houseboat which was moored near Sugar Creek, Tuesday morning. Martinsville won the Case track and field meet last Saturday. A. C. McCoy was elected President of the Robinson Chamber of Commerce at the annual banquet last Tuesday night. Bosworth Mills of the Cline & Mills, Undertakers firm, sold out his interest to Wayne Blume. Russell Knight, boy scout of Troop 28, is the lucky boy who submitted the name Lake Walton for the Hutsonville gravel pit which the local Izaak Waltons have taken over and have been seeking a name for it.

May 8. Wiley of Terre Haute won first place in the Wabash Valley Athletic Meet held at the R. T. H. S last Saturday. Mrs. D. J. Thornton died last Tuesday evening. Sunday night the Lincoln theatre safe was blown open, doing considerable damage to the theatre. Another robbery Sunday night was that of the C. T. Etherton store at Palestine which was looted of near 100 suits of clothes. The Robinson Municipal Band and the R. T. H. S. band will play jointly a concert on the courthouse lawn Thursday night.

May 15. Spring open house was held at the R. T. H. S. last Friday night and hundreds of parents were in attendance. Grade school studnets will graduate May 19. R. T. H. S. Commenecment will be held June 3 accoridng to an announcement from the high school. August P. Butler of this city dies Saturday afternoon after a long illness. Ab White, notorious character of Riverton was shot and killed Tuesday. The R. T. H. S. turtle derby was had at the high school Thursday morning. The Robinson Maroons won fourth place in the District athletic meet.

May 22. Census figures for this county show a big loss. El Comancho, famous westerner will come soon to Robinson as the guest of the Izaak Walton League. The state of Illinois will refund this county the money spent on building the Palestine pavement which will be used to build the spur to West York from State Route 1. Miss Irma Hill became the wife of Ray Manhart at Indianapolis, Thursday afternoon. A. E. Dorsey of Findlay, Ohio, died at his home Monday night following an extended illness. Arthur York and Wilfred Gay Pethtel both of this city were arrested Sunday by county officers on charges of larceny. The silver trophy won by the Robinson grade schools in the county tournament, must be returned, it was announced this week, because one of the players on the team was ineligible.

May 29. Several women of this county, members of Business and Professional Women clubs returned to this city Sunday from Rock Island where they had been in attendance of the ninth state convention of the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of the state. Graduates of the eighth grade of every school in the vicinity of Robinson were guests of the R. T. H. S. Tuesday afternoon. El Comancho, last of the old westerners was in Robinson yesterday. Warren P. Cortelyou, formerly of Oblong married Miss Ethaline Hartge of Parpassus, Pa. April 18. There was held at the Baptist church in this city a meeting of the shareholders of the Meisenhelders Milling Co. Monday night.

June 5. Three youthful bandits who robbed the Sherrod filling station north of this city Friday night were arrested the following morning by officers at Marshall. Announcement was made in this issue that the R.T.H.S. would conduct summer school for its students. The grade schools will also conduct summer school. Captain A. F. W. Seibel of Chicago, made the Decoration Day address at the old cemetery Friday. Ora Elrod, notorious woman, was arrested on Route 1 by State patrolman Brady for intoxication. the depot at the Big Four was robbed Saturday night. Pearl Hamman and Wilbur Wilson were married Friday afternoon. Geo. D. Wham, Dean of the Teachers' College at Carbondale made the address at the Commencement exercises held at the R. T. H. S. Tuesday night. Glen Baker pled guilty Wednesday morning to Justice of Peace D. M. Rundle to assault and battery and was fined $25 and costs.

June 12. Election judges were appointed by the Board of Supervisors at their annual meeting held Monday of this week. Scouts of this area will begin their encampment at Lake Walton, Monday. A spectacular fire at the Lincoln Oil Refinery Tuesday morning caused some excitement among townspeople. Ten county students at the University of Illinois will receive degrees this spring. Leslie Harrison of Hutsonville wounded the Hutsonville ferryman Saturday night, in a fight. Joe Mefford and Sarah Gant, both of this city were married today at Oakland.

June 19. Kathryn Higgins, 16, of this city was fatally injured Saturday in an auto accident that occurred two miles north of Lawrenceville. Officers and committees for the ensuing year for the Robinson Rotary club were named last week.

June 26. The supreme court handed down its decision in the Weger case, last week. One bandit was killed and three were captured after the robbing of the Noble bank Tuesday. The University of Illinois has started a survey in this county of Indian mounds, along the Wabash river. Funeral serves for Mrs. Savilla Shipman, aged resident of Hardinville were held at the home Sunday afternoon.

July 3. Miss Lena Madison Phillips, National Honorary President, was banqueted by the Robinson Business and Professional Women's Club, Friday evening. The entire county was aroused Saturday night and Sunday over the shooting of Sheriff Wallace and State patrolmen Schroeder by Eugene Firestone, California youth, wanted for stealing automobiles. Miss Agnes Manning of this city, was elected National Vice President of the Delta Theta Tau sorority at the convention held at Oakland City, Calif. The Board of Review met yesterday and organized.

July 10. Kent V. Lewis, editor of the Daily News was accidentally shot through the heel at his summer camp along the Wabash last Thursday. Margaret McCallister, Grace McCallister, Charlie Rhompas and Mrs. Pearl Manhart, were arrested Thursday night after a drunken brawl. Carl Sebastin of Hutsonville paid a fine of $100 and costs after having pled guilty to a charge of possession.

July 17. Judges chosen for the stock show at the Grange Fair are nationally known animal experts. Sam Abels has announced that he will soon begin the erection of a super-station on East Main street. Sheriff Wallace has so well recovered from his wound which he received when arresting Eugene Firestone that he was able to be at his office this week. Farmers of this vicinity were guests of the Robinson Community Club Friday evening. Dr. A. W. Allen is now having erected a magnificent country home at his estate north of this city. Ernest Highland of Mattoon, C.I.P.S. worker was killed at West Union Monday when his body came into contact with a live wire. Charles Walters, 68, died suddenly Sunday at the home of his son, Frank, near New Hebron. The Noble bank robbers, escaped Saturday night form the jail at Olney.

July 31. Four H clubs from ten counties participated in the contests held at Olney last Tuesday. Crawford county people are interested in the experiment conducted by Horace Walker of near Palestine who is irrigating his corn land during the drowth. Robinson Girl Scouts are camping at Lake Walton. E. E. Lindsay, banker of this city, succumbed to injuries received in Chicago, when he stepped in the path of a moving train at the LaSalle street station. The Old Settlers' reunion begins today at York.

August 7. The article of chief interest in this issue was the $50,000 fire in the business district of Willow Hill Saturday night. Leslie Harrison of Hutsonville, again jailed Sunday night. Alex Boyd died Monday. Robert Shirkliff will soon leave for Aruba, Dutch West Indies. Audrey Jordan weds Frank Pierpont Jones of Cleveland, Ohio. Ruth Hood and Loyd L. Barrett were married Friday. P. G. Bradbury, pioneer resident and lawyer of Crawford County, died at his home last Thursday. A thunder shower of an hours duration Tuesday morning over this township achieved little toward giving any relief from the oppressive heat. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stifle are the parents of a baby girl whom they have named Jackie Jean.

August 14. The Crawford County Grange Fair, one of the highest ranking in the country, opened its thirty-fifth season Tuesday, with full exhibits. North Cross Contract for paving was awarded Monday to Casey Construction Company. The heat wave which has continued for the past several weeks ended with a heavy rainfall over part of Crawford county last Saturday evening during which time considerable damage was done to tents at the fair grounds. Burl Eagleton was kidnapped from his bed and taken to cemetery where he was knocked unconscious. Oil Producers held meeting Monday night and agreed to curtail production C. S. Jones is new manager of the Robinson State Bank. Frank Snyder, pumper living five miles northwest of this city pled guilty to a charge of possession of liquor Friday and was fined $100.

August 21. headlines in this issue announce the Grange Fair a success in all but attendance. Jimmie Anderson was arrested Saturday on a charge of drunk and also on resisting an officer. Girls and Boys in 4-H Club Work made good showing at Grange Fair. Girl Parachute jumper, brought here by Robinson Community club for Robinson's day at the fair, thrilled visitors. The Boy Scouts Drum Corps of Robinson made their first public appearance on last Thursday at the Grange Fair. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Core left last night for Tacoma, Washington, where Mr. Core will be in attendance at the Triennial Convocation of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dickerson are parents of a baby daughter, Joan Lee.

August 28. 110 cases are on the docket for the September Term of Circuit court, 17 of which are for divorces. Mississippi Valley Consistory and Ainad Temple, both of East St. Louis, in their good will tour of the city by nearly a hundred members of the Shrine and thousands of county people Friday evening when they paraded here. Mrs. Charles Revill of Flat Rock, Gold Star Mother, who made a trip to France, was guest of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit here Monday evening. Record Freshman class enrolls at R. T. H. S. George R. Allison and Mrs. Edith Heber were married last Wednesday. The Funk Store at Duncanville was burglarized Monday night. Garvin Shoulders was arrested Monday after a cutting affray Sunday with Harry Dollahan, who received two serious knife wounds.

September 4. A crowd in excess of five thousand people were in attendance of the Lincoln Oil Refining Co. and the Ohio Oil Co. picnic held at the fairgrounds Thursday. Miss Evelyn Whiston of this city was married Sunday to Paul D. Reuter of Toledo. The Old Timers picnic of the Illinois Central railroad was held Monday at Leaverton park. Wednesday evening closed the Crawford County Institute. Whippy Cochran and "Red" Lackey were injured Sunday night when the Whippet coach which Cochran was driving crashed into a ditch on Route 33. Four hundred and sixty students began the school year at the R. T. H. S. this morning. Clyde Ikemire of this city died Monday night at the Allen's Sanitarium of lockjaw. John Dennis, 50, farmer of near Oblong was seriously injured Saturday morning when the buggy in which he was driving was struck from behind by an automobile. The new Legion officers were installed Tuesday night. Mrs. Charles L. Reavill of Flat Rock, wrote an interesting article for the Argus of her trip to France as a Gold Star Mother to visit the grave of her son who was killed in the war.

September 11. Eugene Firestone, the youth who shot and wounded Sheriff Wallace and State Patrolman Schroeder was sentenced to serve one year in jail, after having been found "guilty" by the Jury of "Assault with a deadly weapon". The County Board of Supervisors at their meeting Tuesday again discussed the problem of disposal of the poor farm. Rev. D. J. Thornton of this city was elected State Chaplain of the American Legion at the annual convention held last week at Aurora. Forty students of the R. T. H. S. reported for practice of football on the first call of the season. The annual reception for teachers of the high school was held Friday. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Vivian William's and Donald Price which took place July 29th. Miss Kathryn Musgrave of Oblong became the wife of Eldric Sechrest of this city last Thursday.

September 18. Local G. O. P. candidates for county office will launch their campaign Tuesday. Local Boy Scouts will go to Urbana next Saturday to attend the football game as guests of the University of Illinois. Eugene Firestone who last week received a sentence in Circuit court here, was taken to the Federal court at Danville where he was sentenced to three years at Leavenworth for violation of the Dyer act.

September 25. Ruth Hanna McCormick who spoke here Tuesday claimed that she is a dry. Jimmie Anderson broke out of the City Hall Monday night. The 14,000,000 bond issue for the conservation of natural resources which will be voted upon in the election in November was discussed in a special article. Dr. George Athey of Oak Park was married to Alice Eleanor Swanson of Berwyn Saturday. Parents were guests of Boy Scout Troop No. 28 Monday night. An article taken from a Washington paper praises the late P. G. Bradbury.

October 2. Emery Franklin pled guilty to possession of intoxicating liquor before Judge W. A. McCarty Tuesday and was sentenced to sixty days on the penal farm. Rev. P. R. Glotfelty, new Methodist minister for the local church will arrive in this city Friday. R. T. H. S. won the first football game of the season last Saturday by defeating Newton 6-0. Many Indian mounds have been found by the University of Illinois geological survey party, who have been prospecting in this county along with Wabash river. The Argus carried a special article concerning the candidacy of O. S. Parker, who aspires to be sheriff.

October 9. Casey High school defeated Robinson 7-6 in the football game played last Saturday. An article urging re-election of Buren O. Mills, appeared in this issue. The regular law term of County Court will begin Monday. Geo. I. Martin of this city was elected president of the Crawford County Sunday School Association at the annual election last week. The stewards and financial committee of the Methodist church held a meeting Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Talbot have moved to this city.

October 16. The qualifications of Lowe C. Duncan, candidate for County Treasurer, were set forth in this week's issue. Lottie Holman O'Neil, candidate for the U. S. Senatorship, spoke to voters here Saturday night. Crawford County led in attendance at the two day meeting of the Southeastern Division of the State Teachers Association.

October 23. The campaigns fo the Republicans and the democrats grow hotter as the da of the election nears, and both organizations are holding rallys over the county. The R. T. H. S. Maroons upset the dope last Saturday when they defeated the Lawrenceville team. The Baptist church revival closed Sunday evening. Five people were injured when a Pontiac driven by Garvin Shoulders of this city, went into a ditch on the National highway east of Marshall, Saturday.

October. 30. The front page of the Argus this issue was devoted to information about the election. The pictures of the Republicans running for county offices were printed at the top of the page. The Lincoln Oil Refining Co. held a big meeting here Monday and Tuesday. All other news is politics.

November 6. Practically the whole front page of this issue is devoted to the outcome of the election. Democrats took Crawford County in a landslide. Nuttall running against Gerhard, was high Democrat - Keller won over Parker for sheriff. Mail over Duncan for county treasurer, McCarty over Musgrave for judge, King over Mills for county clerk. J. Ham Lewis led Mrs. McCormick, with 1 precinct missing, 4828 to 3001. There were approximately 8683 votes cast in this county. Congressman W. W. Arnold is leading with the highest majority he has ever received. Wood Lewis was given nice majority by both parties in this county. Ruby Montgomery and Ralph Winteringer announced marriage of October 18th in LeRoy, Illinois. Five Terre Haute boys were jailed Saturday for slipping into football grounds. Robinson lost to Garfield by score of 20 to 13. Saturday Mrs. Angeline Wilson Alexander, oldest living woman in Palestine died Monday. She was 92 years old.

November 13. Mrs. Janet Graham, formerly of West York was arrested by Sheriff Wallace Wednesday afternoon and will probably be charged with kidnapping 15 year old Myrtle Young of Mississippi. Deputies are named by new county officers as follows: Ed Stifle, deputy county treasurer, Wayne Welsh of Annapolis, deputy county clerk and Hayden Price deputy county sheriff. Marshall defeats Maroons in Armistice Day football game. Buren O. Mills, W. B. Gatton and Virgil Gatton establish mausoleum factory here. Ernie Hackett, formerly of this city, was killed in an automobile accident in East St. Louis Saturday. Miss Rose Korte and DeVerne Chamblin announce marriage of September 24th.

November 20. Balcony at the Brown Stove and Furniture Store fell during the sale Tuesday afternoon and injured several including Rev. J. C. Fowler, Mrs. Mary Darnold, Mrs. Fern Whitmer, Mrs. Frank Kidwell and Mrs. J. J. Ferguson. Fire shortly afternoon yesterday damaged the home of George Russell on West Ash street and destroyed practically all of the clothing of the entire family. Bird dogs stolen by Glen Baker and taken to Kentucky were recovered Sunday by Edwin Byrns and Frank Highsmith. John Lindsay injured in auto wreck on way to Kentucky to search for bird dogs. Glen Baker agrees to pay all damages. Morgan Plunkett died Saturday of typhoid fever. Russell Kramer taken to Vandalia to begin serving ninety day sentence for possession and manufacture of intoxicating liquor. Brown Stove and Furniture Store is quitting business. Walker, county superintendent of Highways, was upheld by county board Thursday in face of charges made by Ches Steel. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lorance are parents of a baby boy, born Saturday night.

November 27. Two hundred and twenty-five graduates and their wives and husbands were present at the ninth annual homecoming held at the R. T. H. S. last night. R. T. H. S. sophomores won Junior Stunt Show Friday evening. Crawford county officers and their families gathered at the U. B. church Friday evening for a banquet and social evening with Miss Anna Keeley in charge. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Victor Chapel. T. J. Newlin opens law office in this city. Barbara Bovell left Sunday for Dwight, Ill., where she has accepted a position as an officer in the new state reformatory for women. Fifty-nine high school students make honor roll at the high school.

December 4. Santa Claus with a team of Reindeer will make a speical trip to Robinson. December 12th. Five new Democrats take their offices in the court house Monday. Charity Football game brings $70.40 to the Aid and Benevolent Sociey. Elks to honor fifty-nine departed members in annual ceremony Sunay. Robinson defats palestine 18-0 Saturday in football game. Baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Curt Meitner Sunday. W. B. Hurst home in Hutsonville burned Friday night. Ice on pavement near Flat Rock spur caused five accidents Friday and Saturday.

December 11. The 22nd annual Christmas edition - full of Christmas advertisements and stories. Robinson Boy Scouts will remain in the Ambraw-Wabash Area Council. T. B. Steele is new district chairman in charge of boy scout work here. Maroons defeat Flat Rock 16-11 in the opening basketball game held here Tuesday night. "The Nativity", a musical miracle play, given by the Robinson Women's club Sunday afternoon, will be repeated Sunday night by special request. Madge Brigham and Harry Fagin married Saturday. Orville Nelson and Floyd Waldrop and Charles Watts are arrested after "Free For All" row. Dispute of eligibility of Marshall player causes postponement of announcement of Valley football champs.

December 18. Streamer across front page is "Two Men Murdered Near Kibbie". They were Annis Miller and son John, both killed instantly by Dick Hargis when he went on a rampage following a quarrel over small amount of fee. Slayer is held in county jail on First degree Murder to await action of the grand jury at the March term of court. W. Gearhart was elected new president the Ambraw-Wabash Scout area at a banquet held in Olney Wednesday night. Pottery returns forty-five men to work. Mary Alice Shimer wins Crawford Count spelling contest Saturday. Maroons win basketball game with Palestine Tuesday by one point. Mrs. Ellen M. Firebaugh makes address at the Medic Society Christmas party in Danville. Napoleon Blaco of Oblong arrested Saturday for driving car with fictitious license

December 25. Elks distribute Christmas baskets to needy yesterday. James A. Espy, prominent farmer and cattleman of near Flat Rock, died Monday night at his home. Elks to butcher steers presented by Stephens Bros. to distribute to needy Robinson people. Legion has sent out checks to refund donors of the county war memorial fund. Teachers to attend the 77th annual meeting of the Illinois State Teachers' Assoc. in Springfield first of next week. George Shire of Oblong found dead in bank chair Friday night. County board met Thursday and disposed of considerable business. H. C. Carpenter is now president of the Lincoln Oil Refining Co. succeeding J. K. Kerr of Marshall, who recently resigned. Waltons will have another trap shoot Sunday. The report of County Treasurer Joseph H. Price appears in this issue.


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