Happenings of the Year 1931

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1931 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

January 5, 1932 Argus pertaining to 1931 happenings

January 1. Final population figures for Illinois have been issued. Board of Supervisors met in regular meeting. Samp Garrard, director and clerk of Brown school was charged with having raised a school order from eight to twenty-eight dollars. Clarence Kaley, parole officer had change of territory. Six marriage licenses issued in one week. F. W. Lathrop & Son, rated the January issue of the Monument news. Oblong is worried about their water supply. Carl Sebastin of Hutsonville was arrested in Terre Haute on vagrancy charge. Two sheep and one goat on the Brigham farm south of this city were killed by a dog. Week of prayer opens Sunday afternoon at the M. E Church. The state of Illinois is distributing nearly a quarter of a million dollars to various counties to be used as prizes at fairs. Promise given of more roads to be built by motor fuel tax. Woodford Collins married Esther Hilgemeier of Indianapolis. R. T. H. S. playing in invitational tourney in Chicago.

Jan. 9. Mary Kopta became the bride of Robert Bolton of California. Mrs. William Goodlink of Duncanville died Sunday afternoon. Geo. Hardin was arrested by officers Tuesday. Postmaster Fred Meskimen and wife left for California. Bill T. Price takes position with Chicago Tribune. Crawford county well represented at three day meeting of State Teachers' Association held in Springfield.

January 15. R. T. H. S. given preliminary Wabash Valley tourney. Mattoon concern absorbed Oblong telephone exchange. Rees Benefield fined for fictitious license plates. Fred Mann drunk and arrested. Red Cross made appeal for funds for stricken areas. pottery foremen given dinner. Officers and directors of the Farmers and Producers bank named. Nuding bought the Southern Illinois Paint Store.

January 22. County board held regular meeting. Mail, County Treasurer, filed strong bond. Royal Neighbors elected officers. County Christian Churches held meeting together. O. F. Edwards of Oblong beaten by brutal assailant. Many from this county will go to the state fair. at Lawrenceville beat the R. T. H. S quintet 20-15. Officials and directors of the Robinson State Bank were named. The number of auto licenses issued have increased greatly since the first of the year.

January 29. The Hurst store at Hutsonville was robbed Saturday morning. A change is to be made in the agents at the Big Four depot. Parents met with their Boy Scout sons. Clarence Medlin and Eddie Watts are out on $1000 bonds. The silver wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. G. F. Schmidt was celebrated Wednesday. Four women were drawn for jury service. About half the quota of $800 to be raised by the Red Cross here has been received. Jack Marshall given sentence to prison. R. T. H. S. will enter the E. I. L. tournament at Casey. Funeral services held for Mrs. Rose Otey. Breeden Brothers of Springfield were given the contract to build the spur into West York. Dates for the Epworth League Institute at the M. E. Church have been fixed. Milt Skaggs was arrested on liquor charge. Father of E. O. May died. Con McCarty died in West Salem. Beth Olwin has been cast in a play at the University of Illinois.

February 5. A special assembly was held at the high school for honor students. The Izaak Walton League held a stag party at the Elks home Tuesday night. The Robinson City Grade school basketball team won the tournament at Lawrenceville. Lucy Beauchamp was jailed last week on failure to pay her fine. Mrs. Clara Alberty, proprietor of the hotel in Hutsonville was taken by death Monday night. Rees Benefield pled guilty to a charge of drunkenness. Vic Wright pled guilty to disturbance of the peace. Crawford County has purchased a new road grader. William Ketchum of Old York is in the Robinson Hospital as a result of a drunken brawl at Hyatt's ferry.

February 12. The police of Terre Haute succeeded in breaking up the gang that has been operating out of that city burglarizing small town stores, among which was the Hurst store in Hutsonville. The Robinson Maroons lost to Marshall in the final game of the Eastern Illinois League tourney held at Casey Saturday night. Crawford county people have subscribed approximately two-thirds of the total of the Red Cross quota to be raised here. Blanks are now available for farmers to make application for government loan. Birch Bayh of Terre Haute spoke to parents and scouts at a dinner held in the Elks home Tuesday evening. Hutsonville defeated Oblong in a fast game Tuesday night. Geo. and Andy Skidmore pled guilty to liquor violations. A suit has been filed by Almeda Miller, wife of John A. Miller against Richard Hargis for $10,000.00.

February 19. This week there was sensational news in the paper. Five of six bandits who held up and slugged A. F. Calvin of Newton and robbed him of $10,000 worth of valuables, were caught by local officers. Dick Hargis, murderer of two, hanged himself in the county jail. Ross Swinger and Freedie Clampitt were taken to the Federal court in Danville where they will face charges of violation of the Dyer act. John D. Trimble celebrated his 81st birthday. D. J. Thornton of this city was given appointment in the State treasurer's office. The Older Boys Conference was held in Bridgeport with thirty-seven attending from this county. Miss Mary Newlin, dean of girls at the R. T. H. S. spoke before the Women's Club of Oblong. Red Lackey, local bantamweight is entered in the Tribune golden gloves tourney.

February 26. The March term of Circuit court will convene next Monday. Dr. Allen received the contract for hospital care for the county paupers. Dr. W. E. Shirey of the Presbyterian church has accepted the pastorate in Brazil, Ind. Two run away girls returned to this city from Chicago. Floyd Knotts, Vaughn Knoblett, Russell Knapp and Louise Meskimen were all arrested for impersonating officers. Tax statements were mailed out this week. Burglars entered the I. C. Depot Sunday night and carried away the safe. Leon F. Walker will attend a short course in engineering at the University of Illinois. The erection of the largest neon beacon in the world is soon to be erected in Indianapolis by the Lincoln Oil Refining Company.

March 5. Wm. Kirkwood, C. I. P. S. employee fell from a pole and was seriously injured. The county Red Cross quota is now filled. New C. I. P. S. rates go into effect in April. Candidates for township offices were named in conventions last week. Mrs. Dan Eckles of Marshall died Saturday. Edna Edwards was returned to jail. Dees Brothers were given the contracts on Motor Fuel Tax roads in Crawford county at the bidding Monday.

March 12. The Maroons lost a hotly contested game to Westfield in the final game of the district tourney held at Casey. The grand Jury returned eleven indictments. Circuit Court is in progress. Dr. Paul Jones formerly of this city was killed in East St. Louis Sunday night. Measles is the chief cause of absence in the county schools. A new agent has been appointed here for the I. C. depot.

March 19. The first annual show of the Southern Illinois Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Otey block. The tentative cast for the Senior class Play "The Swan" has been selected. The new Legion home will be dedicated April 21. Ross Swinger, Freedie Clampitt and Norma Bell were all sentenced in federal court in Danville Monday. Fire razed the Ray Dedrick bungalo, south of the park last Monday morning. Televox, the mechanical man, performed for students and townspeople at the R. T. H. S. today. Dick Clark was drunk and consequently was jailed last Saturday. Richard Mitchell was married to Haline Murphy Wednesday, March 11. Edmund Mullins was married to Miss Mabel Quick last Tuesday evening. Three prisoners escaped from the Mt. Carmel jail Monday night. The Robinson band has been reorganized with Richard Mullins, manager. Joe Hewitt's birthday party delighted grade school students.

March 26. Robinson has a new industry, the Egyptian Individual Mausoleum Co. The Christian Science church has purchased James E. Lantz' home at the corner of Webster and Pine streets and remodeled it to serve as a church house. Last night at the court house an organization of Illinois and Indiana Oil Producers was formed. The Rabbit Breeders show was considered a success by the sponsors. A meeting of 4-H Club Leaders was called by Farm Advisor Harold Allison. R. T. H. S. began first track with practice with thirty-five boys reporting. The Big Four freight office safe was opened by prowlers Friday night, but nothing was taken. The R. T. H. S. athletic banquet will be held April 11. Red Lackey will box in Vincennes tonight.

April 2. Announcement was made from the County Treasurer's office that farm assessment valuations would be 26 per cent lower and a cut on oil tax would be in effect this year. John T. Smith was reelected president of the Country Club at their annual meeting. W. S. Gearhart was elected to the Board of Governors, at the State Izaak Walton League convention. Four townships elect supervisors next Tuesday. The city of Robinson will vote on six road propositions. The Indiana-Illinois Petroleum Association was formed at a call meeting held in the court house Wednesday night of last week. Hon. W. W. Arnold and Vern Littlejohn, of this city, were speakers at an open meeting of Lawrence County Legionnaires, Tuesday evening. Funeral services will be held this afternoon for Newton Shipman of Hardinville. The First National Bank, had in its show window a beautiful display of colored pottery products.

April 9. Tuesday's election throws the county board in a tie with six republicans and six democrats. Road propositions voted on in Robinson were all defeated. The D. A. R. held a meeting in observance of Americans' Creed Day. Arthur Rich and Kenneth Shelton were charged with rape by Alice Steffy of Flat Rock. The Bellair bank merged with the Oblong Oil Belt. Funeral services for Sylvester White, Civil War veteran, were held Monday at Zion church. Circuit Court is in session this week. The U. B. Choir presented a beautiful Easter cantata Sunday. Shorty Wasson and Charley Watts were jailed Tuesday night, apparently caught in the act of stealing gasoline. Ora C. Wilson, pumper on the John Shire farm died suddenly at home Monday night after taking an overdose of medicine. L. A. Johnson injured in automobile wreck Tuesday night on Route 33. Annual town meeting was held last Monday evening.

April 16. An article was reprinted from the Argus of 66 years ago, telling of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The Robinson Chamber of Commerce and the Robinson Community Club are to be merged. Nine Robinson ladies attended the Business & Professional Women's conference held in Effingham Sunday. The R. T. H. S. Senior Class presents "The Swan" tomorrow night. The Crawford County track meet will be held Saturday. New officers of the Rotary Club were announced last week. Next Tuesday the people of Robinson will elect a new Mayor for Robinson. The second annual sectional Future Farmers of America public speaking contest was held at the R. T. H. S. Thursday night. Few cases are set for trial to come up in County court which convened Monday. Fifty-eight students made the honor roll at the high school for the last quarter. Mrs. Frank Barnes underwent an operation in an Indianapolis hospital the fist of the week. Local merchants are attending an advertising sales school being conducted by Paul F. Campbell.

April 23. Willis Dispennett is dead following a drinking party which culminated in an automobile accident near Hutsonville in which Dispennett was killed. R. T. H. S. won the County track meet. The Wabash Valley band carnival will be held in conjunction with the track meet on May 2. Imo Hawkins of Flat Rock, is near death after attempting suicide. Punk Creed, of Roosevelt Ave., paid a fine for possession of intoxicants. The County intellectual meet was held Tuesday of last week. Mrs. Effie Highsmith of this city died Tuesday morning. Memorial services will be held at the Moose home Sunday. Chloe Reinoehl became the bride of an Oklahoma man April 18.

April 30. The Izaak Walton League of America took a pledge to conservation at their annual meting held at the Sherman Hotel, Chicago. Ed Shipman, Democrat, was elected chairman of the Board of Supervisors in their organization meeting. The Wabash Valley track meet is to be held here May 2. The Robinson Wholesale Market was looted of approximately $250 worth of merchandise Saturday night. Ima Hawkins, of Flat Rock, who attempted suicide died Tuesday. With the merger of the Robinson Community Club and the Chamber of Commerce, Frank Kopta was elected president. H. A. Newberry will remain in Robinson due to the death of Gus A. Schraeder of Carmi who was to have taken the position here. David J. Chamblin died last Saturday.

May 7. Wiley high school of Terre Haute won the Valley track meet held here last Saturday. The 14th annual convention of the churches of Christ of the East Central district will be held Thursday and Friday, May 14-15, at the Christian church in Oblong. Leon F. Walker was honored by the local American Legion post for the services given. A Chicago war veteran came here to have Wm. E. Bradbury change beneficiary of his insurance. The Robinson and R. T. H. S. bands will play a concert together, tonight in observance of National Music Week. The R. T. H. S. debate team went to Charleston Friday to compete in the state meet and as a result is eligible for the finals. Swern's jewelry store have a new repair man. Norris Bros. are making a wrought iron crane. A small fire at the refinery caused excitement. John D. Forcum, of Oklahoma died several days ago according to word received here. Teachers for the city grade schools have been hired. The supreme court has decided that the law permitting women to serve on juries is invalid.

May 14. The dates of the grange fair have been set for Sept. 14 to 18. Five burglaries were reported to officers Monday morning. Wilma Nuttall has been named editor of News ‘N' Everything. R. T. H. S. won second in the district meet at Bridgeport. Fifty-four boys and girls will soon graduate from the high school. The county board of supervisors held their regular meeting last week. The American Legion have announced that Decoration Day they will dedicate the cannon base, which was designed by Leon F. Walker and constructed by Gatton Bros. Aunt Mary Ducommon was honored Monday in celebration of her ninety-sixth birthday. Burglars hammered off the combination of the safe in the Big Four freighthouse last Saturday night and escaped with $15. Several local officers attended a law enforcement meeting held in Effingham Tuesday night. In the sectional contest of commercial students, held at the R. T. H. S. May 9, R. T. H. S. won third place. Seil & Boyd have remodeled their business rooms on East Main street.

May 21. Because of his high scholastic standing, Ethan Stifle of this city, had his name inscribed on a tablet at the University of Illinois during the Honors Day program. Mrs. B. L. Root died early Friday morning. The Lincoln Oil Refining Company held a sales meeting here Tuesday and Wednesday. Lewis Mushrush, civil war veteran who formerly lived in Southwest township but who now lives in Olney was in town last week. Boy Scouts of this area will present area show at Olney next Friday evening. Lincoln school graduates will have their commencement exercises Friday night, May 29, in the R. T. H. S. auditorium. The County Superintendent of Highways with the Lincoln Oil Refining Company are testing a new type of asphalt road. Today is the fiftieth anniversary of Red Cross. The May Fete was postponed until Friday afternoon because of the rain. Robinson now has its first airplane, purchased by Murphy Bros. and Howard Core.

May 28. Rumors of foul play were unfounded it was decided by the jury in the reopening of the Willis Dispennett case. Dr. Livingston C. Lord, president of the Illinois State Teachers College at Charleston will deliver the 1931 commencement address at the high school June 2. An article written by Leon F. Walker extols the services of Cavalry in wartime. The second turtle derby was run at the high school Thursday noon. R. T. H. S. open house will be held next Tuesday evening. W. W. Arnold will address the graduates of the high school in Landes. The Juniors of the high school entertained the Seniors at a banquet last week.

June 4. Fifty-five leaders and officers of the boys' and girls 4-H Club of Crawford County met last night at the court house for the annual conference which was conducted under the direction of G. C. Randall, assistant state leader. Commencement for the high school seniors was held Tuesday evening in the high school auditorium. Eighty students graduated from the grade school Friday night. Impressive ceremonies were held at the old cemetery on Decoration day, by the American Legion. Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bradley are the parents of a baby boy born Monday.

June 11. James Grow, civil war veteran died last Saturday. The R. T. H. S. band plan to have a rehearsal weekly now in preparation for their encampment at Jefferson Barracks. Robbers looted the Sempsrote store in Trimble Friday night of about $500 worth of merchandise. Election judges of this county were appointed Monday. State aid school funds have been received in three installments. J. F. Spencer has taken over some of the duties of the sales department in the Lincoln Oil Refining Co., according to an announcement made by president H. B. Carpenter this week. John Lindsay is recovering from the wound he received when his rifle was accidentally discharged. A disastrous fire swept Merrick's grocery Saturday morning and practically wrecked that building for any use at present. Mrs. Juanita Richey McGahey, of Palestine died Monday morning following an operation for appendicitis. Summer school has commenced at the high school.

June 18. Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Walters celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary June 12. Seven Crawford County boys and girls will be graduated from the University of Illinois this spring. The Carl Curry store at Palestine was robbed of approximately six hundred dollars worth of merchandise Monday night. The first band concert of the season drew a large crowd. Local Boy Scouts are now in the camp near Olney. The Fashion Shop News made its first appearance this week. Funeral services were held Monday for Rachel Jones of Flat Rock. Complaint was filed Friday by Rev. Father Speeman against Elmer Willison and four members of his family.

June 25. The staff of teachers for the high school is now selected according to an announcement by Prin. E. O. May. Nick Simpson was arrested by Deputy Price Tuesday on a liquor charge. At a party at her home Saturday night, Francis Brown announced her marriage to D. J. Thornton which took place May 15. Eagle Scout Leon Lawhead was in Springfield this week attending the rededicating of the Lincoln tomb. The cash drawer of the Recreation Club was robbed of some $40 last Saturday night. Fay Nuttall and Allen Mann were married Sunday afternoon. Frank Baker of Landes died Sunday. Harold Lindsay was married June 20 to Gertrude MacLeod of Bay City, Mich. The tooth of a prehistoric Mammoth was found in the gravel pit near Palestine last week. Floyd Dart, of Kibbie died Tuesday morning from peritonitis.

July 2. Republicans and Democrats of this county have named their delegates to the conventions wherein they will name their candidate for supreme judge of this district. All roads will lead to Hutsonville on the Fourth of July where an all day celebration will be in effect. Ambrose Falls of Palestine is in the Ikemire clinic with several bad bruises over the head and City Marshal Ed Jennings, also of Palestine is wearing bandages, as a result of a fight between the two Tuesday night. Last Tuesday evening at the Brooks-McCarty river camp the members of the World War exemption board held their annual reunion. Hon. Joe B. Crowley died at his home in this city Thursday evening. Floyd Knotts of this city was scheduled to enter the Missouri state prison yesterday for attempted robbery of the bank at Pevely, Mo. Mrs. O. F. Edwards of Oblong died Tuesday night, Dr. H. R. Terill moved his office from this city to Astoria, Ill. Isabel Rousch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burl Rousch, of this city, died Saturday following an emergency operation for appendicitis.

July 9. Oscar Carlstrom has announced that he will be a candidate for governor. The Bureau of Census at Washington has just issued a report on farm acreage and values. Local boys are entering the C. M. T. Camp at Jefferson Barracks. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon for Mary H. Jones, aged local resident who died the previous Friday morning. Crawford county has twenty-five representatives in the annual 4-H Club University tour. Thousands of Crawford County people were at Hutsonville for a safe and same observance of the Fourth of July. The marriage of Wm. E. Bradbury was this week. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Newbold are proud parents of a baby girl.

July 16. Three youths, Geo. Schafer, Lowell Schraeder and Gordon Boardwell, all of Chicago vicinity confessed to State's Attorney O. L. Plunkett that they had stolen an Essex coupe in Palestine yesterday morning which they afterward wrecked in making a get-away. The city of Robinson was aroused Monday morning over what appeared to be a murder mystery but which was later found to have been only a story of a man killing his sick dog. The County Board appointed grand jurors in their regular monthly meeting. Geo. N. Merrick opened a cash grocery last night. Mildred Mace was married May 2 to Jay Foulk Jr. of Bridgeport. Sidney Franklin of Hutsonville was fined for being drunk. The R. T. H. S. band picture appeared in Sunday's St. Louis Post Dispatch. The Board of Review is now in session. Harold S. Williams is the candidate for Supreme judge. Four local scouts began a journey down Wabash and Ohio rivers Monday. Opal Springer was married to Howard Core June 15, at Waterloo, Ill. Clyde Berry and Miss Doris Kimblin, the latter of Casey, were married July 12. Orville Miller, barber of Flat Rock, prevented robbers form carrying away their loot from the Laura Higgens store by his timely appearance on the scene Tuesday night. The county 4-H contests were held Thursday at the high school.

July 23. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Smith of this city celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last Sunday. Supervisors met in a special meeting in hopes of finding an answer to the dilemma of caring for paupers of the different townships. Harry Patton will soon be retired after 28 years service as mail carrier. Roe Smith, of Annapolis, ran a muck Saturday night and killed one and wounded two. Jim Athey returned from a fishing trip in Wisconsin proudly bearing an 18 pound muskie. O. W. Lamb, former resident here died Sunday morning in Detroit, Mich. Boy Scouts of this city spent Saturday night on the river near Musgrave's camp.

July 30. The Boards of Review from Crawford, Lawrence and Clark counties met jointly here Tuesday morning at the request of the Indiana-Illinois Petroleum Association, in hopes of making some adjustment of assessments on oil valuations. Paul Lathrop died Saturday night at the Robinson Hospital. A. C. Wilson, local florist died Tuesday afternoon from a short illness of tonsillitis. Crawford county 4-H Girls won the district meet held in Olney, Tuesday of this week. Arden Price, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Price of this city, was drowned while swimming in an abandoned quarry near Chicago. Bill Thompson of Oblong was mysteriously wounded while hunting squirrels near Oblong, Tuesday morning. Twenty-one girl scouts are now in camp. Carl Conover, former local youth was married to Ethyl Eyerley in Urbana, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Cox will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday. Dr. J. W. Long returned to this city after having completed a six weeks special surgery course in Indianapolis.

August 6. Today ends the period of encampment for local boys who are at Jefferson Barracks, C. M. T. C. In an attempt to save his nephew, Stanley Higgens of Hutsonville, Roy Higgens of Heathsville vicinity lost his life also, making a double tragedy in the Wabash river where they had been swimming. Mrs. Marguerite Huls has been elected President of the twenty-third district of the Legion Auxiliary. Lucile Boyd and Charles Kaley, of this city were married Saturday. The Henry Shipman farm home burned Monday. Mrs. Alice Faught was married to Walter Johnson Friday.

August 13. W. A. Wood of this city, attended the County Fair at Shelbyville Thursday of last week, as representative of the Crawford County Grange Fair Association. Fred Mann was taken to the hospital for insane at Alton Monday. The County Board of Supervisors cut off all blind pensions in their regular meeting Thursday. James Cronin, 62, of Palestine, hanged self in county jail rather than serve sixty days on the state penal farm. Friends gave a farewell party Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Walker. C. L. Dees was recommended by the County Board of Supervisors for the position of County Superintendent of Highways. Supervisors gave John Marbry, janitor of the court house a notice of dismissal.

August 20. Harold S. Williams, Republican candidate for supreme judge addressed local citizens at the court house last Friday. Mrs. J. H. Cudlipp, died Friday at Edwardsville. Ansel Schmalhausen was elected Commander of the American Legion last Tuesday night. R. T. H. S. opens on September 2. Carl Meyers, George McGovern and Dorothy Jackson were arrested Tuesday on charge of rape, the complaint charging the offense was committed against twelve year old Aletha Medlin. Randall Musgrave wrecked his car two miles west of town by taking to a ditch in order to avoid a collision.

August 28. School bells for the city grades will ring Wednesday morning to call the children back to their studies. Carlisle Cox, 19, youth of Terre Haute who was running away had an end put to his adventures when Sheriff Keller took him into custody. John Ball 42, of Brazil was killed last Thursday while hunting squirrels near Porterville. Ed Earnhart was taken to the penal farm at Vandalia where he will begin serving a six months sentence given him for a liquor violation. Newton Crocker, 55, of Palestine, died from injuries received when stuck by a car driven by Wm. Bell on the pavement between Robinson and Palestine.

September 3. The September term of Circuit Court will convene next Monday. Rachel Prior, Dorothy Bandy and Helen York occupy cells at the City Hall following their arrest for disorderliness. The Izaak Walton League of this city seined rough fish form Lake Walton Friday evening. J. A. Balding, an employee of the boys' training school at St. Charles, spent the week end in Robinson. Congressman W. W. Arnold is fishing in the Ozark mountains. Rotertine Affleck and Gustave Schmidt announced their marriage of a year ago recently. Employees of the Ohio Oil Company and their families were present at the city park for the annual picnic, Sunday. The County institute at the high school here, Monday and Tuesday was believed to have been the best yet. A baby boy was born August 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stifle of Gordon.

September 10. Thousands were present for the Old Timers picnic held at Leaverton Park near Palestine Monday. George Matheny of New Hebron vicinity attempted suicide yesterday by slashing himself with a razor. The annual tax levy was extended by the Board of Supervisors in their meeting Tuesday. Thirteen divorces were given in the first day of Circuit Court. The Grange Fair begins next Monday. The County Bar Association held brief memorials to J. B. Crowley and George E. McQueen, members who died within the past year. Miss June Stucky of Oblong became the bride of Randall Musgrave of this city Sunday. R. T. H. S. had 400 students enrolled.

September 17. Monroe Smith, murderer was sentenced for life to the Southern Illinois penitentiary at Menard, following his plea of guilty entered before Judge Roy E. Pearce. The Grange fair is off to a good start. Whitfield F. Brackett of Oblong was found guilty of rape of granddaughter but judge set aside verdict and called for new trial. Rev. T. C. Todd, who has been serving the pastorate at Bloomington comes here to be the minister for the local United Brethren church.

September 24. The Lincoln Oil Refining Company completed a record deal Tuesday when they preached the Everingham interests known as the Beco Lubricating Co. Congressman W. E. Hull, member of the Waterways system will speak in Robinson Sept. 20. Perry Brimberry, one of the few remaining civil war veterans died Thursday morning. T. M. Custis died Friday following a long illness. The Grange Fair ended Friday.

October 1. R. T. H. S. defeated Newton last Saturday 7-0 in the first game of the grid season. R. T. H. S. elected class officers for the year. Congressman W. E. Hull who spoke here last week outlined a plan to make the Mississippi navigable its entire length. Beco employees were banqueted by the Lincoln Oil Refining Company at the Woolworth Hotel Wednesday night. A reception for the high school teachers was held last Friday night. W. O. Richards of Palestine was killed Monday evening when his buggy was crashed into by a car driven by Wm. Mathews of Stoy. Mrs. Sam Cochran died last Saturday. The annual meeting of the E. I. League was held last Tuesday night at the hotel in Marshall. Announcement was made last week in Lawrenceville of the merger of the Farmers' State Bank and the People's State Banking Co. of that city.

October 8. A. 0-0 game was played between Robinson and Casey on the local field last Saturday. Robert E. Lewis of Birds died in the Good Samaritan Hospital at Vincennes from a gun shot wound allegedly inflicted by Charles Sharon, farmer. Dr. Ra Jones was fortunate to escape serious injury when his car plunged through a fence near Newton. New officers for the American Legion were installed Tuesday night.

October 15. George Comer, 21, of Carmi, died in the sanitarium here from injuries received while at work on the state road near Higalgo, when he was picked up by a clam shell of a steam shovel and was crushed. Robert C. Bowman, impersonator, will be the first number to appear before the high school on the Brown Lyceum Course for which they have contracted. The Census Bureau have just issued a new bulletin on the fifteenth census for this state. The Schoolmasters Club of the Eastern Illinois League, met last Tuesday in the American Legion country home of Paris. Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Smith are proud parents of a baby girl born Oct. 10 at the Ikemire Clinic in Palestine.

October 22. yesterday morning both banks of Hutsonville were closed to business. Chas. L. Dees received appointment of County Superintendent of Highways last week. The Lawrenceville Indians scalped the Robinson Maroons 18-0 in a thrilling game here last Saturday. A reception was held at the Methodist church for the new pastor, J. R. Slaten. Funeral services were held Sunday for John A. Walker. Funeral services were held Monday for Charles Edsel, the eleven months old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lorance, who died the previous Saturday at the Ikemire clinic following an operation for the removal of a toy wheel from the child's stomach. The Business & professional Women's Club held their regular monthly meeting in the Woodworth Hotel late Friday night.

October 30. the Robinson Maroons held the Gertsmeyer eleven to a 0-0 score in last Saturday's game. Arthur Shoulders was poisoned Sunday morning by drinking bad liquor. Earl D. Spencer, Bellair bank robber may be returned to this city from the state reformatory at Pendleton, Ind. Miss Anna Abels and Ben Kweskin were married Sunday at the home of the bride's parents. Dr. Vern Prier of Cristobal Canal Zone visited here with his brother Otto and family. Tuesday evening, the Moose order celebrated their silver anniversary.

November 5. Sylvester Smith, aged Oblong citizen was killed yesterday morning when struck by an automobile. The two banks of Oblong announced their merger last week. Maroons beat Garfield 13-0 last Saturday on the local gridiron. Robinson Boy Scouts were banqueted by their mothers Monday night at the Elks Home. Twenty millionth Ford visited here Friday. "Phantom" automobile, a driverless car, will be driven through Robinson traffic, controlled solely by radio, Saturday. Burglars visit six Robinson homes last week but get away with but little loot.

November 12. Red Cross drive starts Saturday. J. C. Perry Co. to reopen local store on Webster street. Marshall won Armistice Day football game from Maroons, 6-0, on Marshall field. Annual Autumn open house at R. T. H. S. tomorrow evening. Rotary Club entertains war veterans at patriotic luncheon at Woodworth Hotel yesterday. Mrs. Ellis Radebuagh was injured Sunday when her Ford overturned in ditch near New Hebron. Funeral services held Tuesday for Mrs. Florence Bell Clawson. Robinson legionnaires held brief ceremony for their fallen comrades and decorated the graves of the soldiers Armistice day. Officers of the Robinson B. & L. Association were reelected at annual meeting Saturday. "Dubby" Newlin and Louis Wasson were arrested Monday on drunken charge. Otto W. Bond of Oblong was found dead from hemorrhage at side of pavement last Thursday morning.

November 19. Earl D. Spencer, Bellair Bank robber, was brought back here from Pendleton, Indiana Penal Institution by officers Tuesday to be tried at December term of court in this county. George Connett bought Heath's confectionery Thursday. Imo Colliflower of Hutsonville and John Dager of Bridgeport married Sunday. Five farm buildings on the Darnold farm south of town burned Monday. Funeral services today for Mrs. Carrie Ritchie of Trimble. County Board held meeting last week. R. T. H. S. Homecoming called off this year. Charles Turner died last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ferrel celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary last Wednesday.

November 26. Lincoln head voiced confidence in business and announced plan of expansion in sales meeting Thursday. Officers raided still along Wabash river and brought in Ervin Darrough Thursday. Scoreless game played Saturday between Robinson and Charleston grid teams. Niles R. Childress, 64, farmer living near Lawrenceville, was killed on State Route 1, Saturday night by an unknown driver. News ‘N' Everything received honor rating at the state press conference held last week at the University of Illinois. All Crawford county eagerly awaits the grid battle this afternoon between Robinson and Oblong.

December 3. December term of circuit court will convene Monday with Judge Roy E. Pearce presiding. Elks will have a memorial service at the home Sunday afternoon with Rev. J. R. Slaten giving the memorial address. Aid and Benevolence Society announced a public appeal for funds last week. Frank Vance, oil worker, dropped dead last Thursday while at work on Morgan farm. Jimmie Anderson was taken into custody by Chief of Police Hill last Tuesday. Local banks are to distribute $31,000 to depositors in their annual Christmas savings clubs. Funeral services for Charles D. Tuel of Oblong were held Tuesday afternoon. Charles Tohill was injured in a wreck west of Robinson this week.

December 10. Marion Tharp, who escaped from the State Penal Farm in Vandalia in 1938, was arrested in Oblong by Chief of Police Jack Davis Tuesday and brought to Robinson jail. Final arrangements have been made for the Boy Scouts of Robinson to sponsor an appearance of Murdock, America's Master Magician, at the high school Friday. Carl D. Spencer, Bellair bank robber, was sentenced to the state penitentiary in Chester for the indeterminate term of from one year to life, in circuit court here Monday. Citizens voted to extend thirteen cent tax to be used for pauper relief at the town meeting held last Saturday. American Legion announced plan for an employment bureau for veterans. Santa Claus will visit Robinson tomorrow during big sale day. Lowell Bayles, speed aviator of Springfield, Mass., formerly of Newton, was killed last Saturday. Maroons won from Bridgeport High 21-19, in first basketball game of season Friday night.

December 17. Ed. Ryan, one of the three representatives from this, the 48th Senatorial District, died last Sunday night at his home in Lawrenceville. Mary Alice Shimer of Palestine won the county spelling contest here last Saturday. Robinson defeated Palestine basketball team 25-11 Tuesday night. Maroons lost to Mt. Carmel aces 17-13. Glen York, superintendent of the County Poor Farm, suffered dislocated shoulder and bruised chest when gored by a bull Tuesday. J. Weger was picked by Kincade for position of tackle on the All-Wabash Valley eleven for the Terre Haute Tribune. L. B. Highsmith of Flat Rock was elected president of the Crawford County Medical Society at the annual meeting held Tuesday. Five members of the R. T. H. S. vocational agriculture classes won fifteen dollars in premiums at the sectional poultry and grain show in Mt. Carmel last week.

December 24. Red Brownfield suffered a fractured skull last Saturday when Ross Vanetta struck him in the head with a chunk of coal following a discussion over a dog. Officers are seeking Vanetta. Robinson Elks spent today delivering Christmas baskets to the needy. Robinson quintet beat Oblong in furious game Friday. Kathryn Lewis and Ralph Mail were married in Newton Friday. Vint Nash of Annapolis was killed Saturday evening when he stepped into a fast train at the Central avenue crossing in Casey. Otho Quick, Lillian Kirk and Thelma Lowther were initiated into National Honor Society at the high school last Friday. Community carol singing, led by J. R. Sheets, on the north steps of the Court house Tuesday night, drew a large crowd. Alice Tharp died Monday at the Weber sanitarium in Olney. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at New Hebron for Mrs. Mary Anna Henderson.

December 31. Lyman Booth, former purchasing agent for the Lincoln Oil Refining Company of this city, died last Thursday at the Union Hospital in Terre Haute from tuberculosis. Lowell Wade of this city lost both feet when he fell under the wheels of a freight train when bumming a ride near Hayes, Kansas. Mrs. George H. Keeley died Friday night at her home in this city following a month's illness. Mausoleum company has completed addition to their manufacturing plant. George S. Beggs died Monday at his home near Duncanville. Peaches Prior spent Christmas in the county jail after being arrested in indecency charge. Isaac McCoy is recovering from accidental rifle wounds which he received Christmas night while hunting coons. Three youths robbed Allendale bank last Thursday. Funeral services were held Sunday for John Faught of this city at the Pentecostal church.


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