Happenings of the Year 1932

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The Story of a Year
Happenings of the year 1932 in our city and county
The Robinson Argus

January 5, 1932 Argus pertaining to 1932 happenings

The most notable thing carried in the January 7 issue of the Argus was of the Lincoln Oil Refining Company sales division meeting and the tragic event recorded was that of injuries sustained by Al Stehle, aged printer, who was burned in a gas explosion. Robinson and Bridgeport were each awarded a district basketball tournament. William Swope of Annapolis died. Voorheis Bowen, of Annapolis vicinity, was sentenced to Vandalia for grand larceny. Jack Norris was transferred to the Lincoln Oil advertising department in Indianapolis. Slim Porter returned here to manage the Lobby. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Meskimen have a baby girl. Funeral services for Thomas J. Pleasant were held. John B Mailing, retired business man of Indianapolis, spoke before the Rotary Club here Wednesday. Mildred Hall and Vern Murphy were married. Funeral services were held Wednesday for James Bratton. Funeral services were held Sunday for Charles Meyers. The Eastern Star held their installation of officers Tuesday night.

January 14. Roscoe Richards, living near West York, was accidentally wounded by the discharge of a .32 calibre revolver. Charles W. Hadley, of Wheaton, made his formal announcement of candidacy for Attorney General. W. S. Corwin was put in charge of the Pennsylvania properties of the Associated Producers. Mayor F. L. Wolcott and City Marshal Ed. Jennings of Palestine end difficulties by agreement. The Farmers and Producers and the First National Banks have held their election of officers. Nelle Farthing Jones, widow of the late Dr. John Paull Jones, is seeking to obtain part of the G. W. Jones estate by court action here. The Robinson Maroons were beaten 23-12 by Hutsonville here Friday. High winds did considerable damage here.

January 21. The Lawrenceville Indians scalped the Maroons 31-17 in a cage game there Saturday night. The Jones case ended and Circuit Judge Roy E. Pearce announced he would render his decision when he returns in March. Announcement was made of the annual R.T.H.S. operetta which is to be held Feb. 19. A temporary mail route from Effingham to Palestine has been started. Frank Eagleton and Miss Inez Burleigh were married January 2. J. A. MacHatton, who has recently returned to this county for the practice of law, has opened offices on the north side of the square. Russell Harbison died Thursday of last week form injuries received in the oil fields in Texas. Jack Dunlap was arrested Monday evening on a larceny charge.

January 28. Maroons won sectional tourney here last weekend. Alfred York beaten when he fought to resist arrest made by deputy Hayden Price. Charles Rousch, of this community, and one of the pioneer aviators of this country, was killed in a crash near Rockford. T. J. Newlin has announced himself as a candidate for office of State's Attorney. Edward Bratton has announced that his is a candidate for Circuit Clerk. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. H. B. Sinsabaugh. Mrs. J. R. Evans died here Sunday.

The biggest news of the month to people of Crawford county was the announcement in the February 4th issue of the consolidation of the First National, and Farmers & Producers and the Robinson State Banks, leaving Robinson with but two banks, one to be known as the Second National, and the other as the Crawford County State Bank. Other headlines of this issue follow: Bainbridge high school won the Wabash Valley high school championship as a result of a victory over Dugger R. T. H. S. is now entered in the Eastern Illinois League tourney at Casey. The high school has elected its new officers for the second semester. Several have announced as candidates for the office of highway commissioner. Forty-eight students were placed on the high school honor roll. Wayne Hardin was the February high school Rotarian. I. M. Shepherd, former Oblong youth, died in San Bernadino, California, Wednesday. Funeral was held during the week for the following: Mrs. Edna McGuire of this city, Mrs. Alice Perrine of Oblong, and James Brody, of Tulsa.

February 11. Announcements were made this week that three county officers, State's Attorney O. L. Plunkett, Coroner L. P. Sloan and Circuit Clerk George Tracy would seek renomination. Fred Reavill announced he would be a candidate for the State Legislature, subject to the Republican primary. Announcement was made that the second Rabbit Breeders show would be held here in February. Dr. John W. Long announces his candidacy for Coroner, subject to the democratic primary. George Cramer, formerly of this city, was the hero of a bombing of a car of laundry in Chicago. The Republicans will hold their convention February 12 to select candidates for highway commissioner. The Oblong cage quintet won the annual tourney of the Eastern Illinois League at Casey. University of Illinois 4-H Club leaders coming here next Wednesday. Joe Gurley pled guilty to intoxication and was fined $10. The Board of Supervisors appointed the March grand jurors. Reynolds Creed, Robinson bootlegger, was arrested. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Laura Simons of this city. William A. Stifle was declared "not guilty" of the paternity charge against him. Dr. L. B. Highsmth has announced he is a candidate for Coroner, subject to the Democratic primary.

February 18. The scout officials of this city withdrew the local troops from the Ambraw-Wabash Area Council is important news in this issue. The county Masonic groups will honor the birth of George Washington next Monday. Ivan Wright, former legislator, is charged with forgery and may be brought here for prosecution. A lengthy article states that politics in this county is warming up for the April primary and lists candidates. Republicans held a district meeting at Fairfield at which time they brought the announcement of Oscar Carlstrom for Governor, subject to the primary. The history classes of the R. T. H. S. gave a program in the assembly concerning the life of Abraham Lincoln. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bomer are the parents of a 10 pound baby daughter. Harry D. Fagin has announced he is a candidate in the Democrat primary for the office of Circuit Clerk. The B. and P. Woman's Club held their regular meeting at the Woodworth Hotel Tuesday.

February 25. The big event of this week was the observance by two hundred members of Masonic orders who congregated here to celebrate the 200th anniversary of George Washington. Crawford county people received their bad news in tax notices mailed by the County Treasurer this week. Rabbit Breeders held their annual show and George Martin won the Governor's cup. H. F. Walters was nominated Republican candidate for Commissioner in the convention last Saturday. Henderson Bros. have remodeled their store on East Main street. Austin White of Sullivan, Ind., was fined $100 on a possession charge. Announcement was made of the marriage of Miss Evelyn Bailey to Mr. C. Ray Duncan of Flat Rock. Many applicants want the position of Star Route carrier from Effingham to Palestine. Eli Tague of Rocky Bluff vicinity, pled guilty to possession Monday and was fined $100. The Elks Club will celebrate their 21st anniversary tomorrow night. Miss Rose Foster and Alonzo Lee of Washington, Ind., were married by Rev. J. R. Slaten at the Methodist church Monday. Ted Meskimen has opened a second hand store on the west side of the square. Funeral services were held during the week for Mrs. Ella Houston of this community, and Mrs. David Wilson of North Cross Street.

This month provided a great variety of news, from an agriculture evening school to a bank robbery at Flat Rock. The March 3 issue tells that Tom Crocker was killed by an automobile driven by Lester McGill of Palestine on the pavement just east of this city. H. C. Moor began his evening agricultural school. Charles Hadley met Republican leaders here. Paul Wiseman wrecked a Hudson sedan near Birds Monday. Bruce Campbell, Democratic candidate for Governor, spoke here Friday night. The township G. O. P. committee met and elected Ralph Steele chairman. R. M. Dalrymple has received appointment as postmaster of the Oblong post office. Joseph Prevo Ralston, 76, of West York, died Thursday. Service for Mrs. Julia Highsmith held Sunday. Services for Mary E. Minnick held Sunday. Joe Ed Kopta is the March high school Rotarian.

March 10. All Crawford county was aroused last Friday over the robbery of the Flat Rock Bank and the capture of the bandits near Vincennes. Two of them, Grover Griffith and Clifford Hazen pled guilty in Circuit Court Wednesday and were sentenced to the penitentiary. The third says he will stand trial. John Munderloh, son-in-law of E. A. Wolfe died in South Dakota Sunday. A horrible triple tragedy was revealed to officers at Oblong last Thursday night when they were called to the E. W. Garnier home and found that Garnier had shot dead his wife, her son and then committed suicide. L. D. Pulman of Grayville, is a candidate for Representative from the 48th district. Judge Henry Horner spoke here Tuesday. The C. I. P. S. has announced they will pay their regular quarterly dividend. Eight divorces were granted in the circuit Court which convened here Monday.

March 17. John T. Smith was elected president of the new Second National Bank. Guy Sinclair, third Flat Rock bank bandit was found guilty and sentenced to prison. Al C. Stehle, veteran printer, who was burned last January, left yesterday for the Printer's Home in Colorado Springs, Colo. Manford Cox was elected president of the County Bar Association. J. A. MacHatton has announced his candidacy for State's Attorney, subject to the Republican primary. Funeral services were held Monday for Mary L. Shook. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Mayo Tohill of Flat Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schaffer of Oklahoma, have a baby son. Mrs. Merle Richards, bookkeeper at the Daily News, has obtained a divorce from R. I. Richards.

March 24. A tornado tht struck Robinson and Kibbie vicinities wrecked damages amounting to slightly more than $5,000. Ernest Tracy was knifed in the baack by Nelson Waldrop. The new bank here opened Monday for business. Chester J. McCord, Jersey breeder in Jasper county, had the second highest producing herd in the state in February. Elks here conducted a clinic for crippled children Wednesdya. Faucett's Dary Goods store is celebrating their twenty-ninth year in business in Robinson. The American Legion will aid in the nation-wide drive agaisnt unemplyment. Funeral srvices were held this week for Mrs. Julia Wesley and Mrs. Sarah Ellen Dennis. The eleven months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stout of this city, died of whooping cough. Sam Abels takes over Firestone tires and other automotive products.

March 31. Fred Michael, living north of Oblong, died of injuries received in an automobile accident at the Stoy road crossing on Route 1 Sunday evening. The town auditing board cut the commissioners pay from $6 per day to $4 per day. The new First National Bank of Oblong celebrated with a public reception last Saturday. Edwin Simpson dropped dead in his barn lot Sunday. The Strand theater opened with sound pictures Friday. Miss Ruby Cox of Hutsonville, and Hubert Ralston of West York, were married Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaley are the proud parents of a baby boy.

April 7. The township election held Tuesday went Democratic and was the beginning of the end for Republican office holders for the present. Charley Coombs, the Democrat candidate, defeated H. F. Walters, Republican by a 348 majority in the race for road commissioner. The A. J. Goff home suffered some fire damage Tuesday noon. Foremen and managers of the Ohio Oil Company were given awards at a big safety meeting held at the high school Wednesday evening. Joe Gurle, who is in bad here for default on payment of a fine, is also wanted in Mt. Carmel on a burglary charge. E. E. Core resigned as assistant cashier of the Second National Bank the first of the month. Mrs. Lena Chambers of Flat Rock was found dead in her bed. Dees Brothers were awarded the contract for construction of three and one-half miles of road south of Stoy. John Wesley of Flat Rock died Saturday. Mrs. R. B. Rhine of Oblong died Monday. The Robinson Woman's Club held their April meeting at the high school yesterday.

April 14. Small was nominated for Governor by Republicans and Horner was nominated by Democrats in the primary election Tuesday. The Lincoln Hotel opened here Monday under new management. The Senior play will be given tomorrow night. M. G. Lorance was elected president of the Sourthern Illinois Baseball league here last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moad of Duncanville are parents of a daughter. G. C. Curtis was elected chairman of the Republican Central Committee. W. W. Arnold was nominated as candidate for Congress complete returns revealed. Ross Vanetta wanted for assault with intent to murder, gave himself up to officers. John W. McCain, Rep., was elected chairman of the County Board of Supervisors. Roy Culp pled guilty to possession and was sentenced to the penal farm Monday. Glen Baker brutally beat up old John Rucker Sunday evening. The annual R. T. H. S. Intellectual contest was held Tuesday night. Democrats met and organized their Central Committee with Roy Haskin, chairman. Jimmy Anderson was captured by officers in a burglary here last Sunday night. Anderson fought savagely but was subdued by clubbing. Aaron Boyd was declared "not guilty" of driving while drunk by a jury which deliberated six hours, and surprised many good people who believed the evidence conclusive. The R. T. H. S. typing team won the district contest at Newton Saturday. The Maroons placed first in the Indian Relays held at Lawrenceville Saturday. John Lathrop was elected editor of News 'N' Everything for next year. Miss Effie Newlin of Oblong and John R. Stanfield of Annapolis, were married Saturday.

May 5. This community was shocked to learn Tuesday morning that Bill T. Price, formerly of this city, had accidentally shot and killed himself in a hotel room in Grand Island, nebraska. Red Lanter and Burton Barker of Oblong received decidedly the worst of it when they attempted to lick Chief of Police Davis of Oblong Monday morning. The officer beat them into submission and then arrested them. A woman by name of Jesse Dix of Hutsonville, thought to be dead, lying along the river bank near Ransom's camp, north of Palestine, was found to be very much alive when the Goodwine ambulance arrived on the scene, followed soon after by Coroner L. P. Sloan. They found she had been merely "dead drunk." The Robinson Maroons won first honors at the Eastern Illinois League athletic meet held at Charleston last Saturday. The faculty of the high school suffered pay cuts of 10 per cent last week, to take effect next year. Oscar "Fat" Pritchard was arrested at his home north of the Rocky Bluff schoolhouse Monday afternoon and a quantity of liquor confiscated. Poe Harper suffered a mashed foot when that member of his body was run over by a car driven by Byron Leach. Charles Meyers was caught in the act of robbing the Mul-Jo restaurant Monday morning. This city is observing National Music week. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. G. W. Ferguson of Trimble. A marriage license was issued Monday to Howard Swinger and Inez Stanley. Services were conducted Tuesday for Mrs. Mayme Cline of Terre Haute. Essie A. Henry was arrested by local officers on a drunken driving charge. Dan Sherrod was named high school Rotarian for the month of May.

May 12. The best news of the week was that "Grandma" Deborah Canada of Hutsonville had passed her 100th milestone Tuesday. The aged lady was in her usual health and talked interestingly to a reporter who interviewed her. Another good piece of news was that the R. T. H. S. will graduate 100 boys and girls who have completed their education in that school. Wiley High of Terre Haute, won the Valley basketball championship. The Robinson Drum Corps won second place in is class at the district meeting of the American Legion held in Effingham Sunday. Mrs. Mason Jobe, living east of Oblong, received fatal injuries and her husband was severely injured when their automobile collided with one driven by Herbert Smith, salesman for the Wabash Valley Motor Company on Route 33 two miles east of Oblong. Jeanne Ewing was crowned Queen of May at the annual fete at the high school Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mills of Terre Haute, have a baby daughter, born Tuesday. B. D. Baker of Casey, was arrested by officers here on a charge of stealing explosives from the nitroglycerin plant near Stoy. Mary Heath played in an piano recital at the high school Tuesday. The charge of driving while drunk against Essie A. Henry was dropped at the request of Charles Moorhead who filed the complaint several days before.

May 19. Etta McNece, long time teacher in the grade school here, who is retiring, will be honored by a reception at the Elks home Friday evening. Perna Dunlap of Flat Rock, is still alive and recovering despite the fact that she has a .22 calibre bullet in her brain. Miss Mary Newlin addressed the eleventh annual convention of the Illinois Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs at Champaign May 13. Mason chapter and lodge in this city will soon let the contract for erection of their new home. Dr. D. V. Brigham, formerly of this city, took his own life by taking poison in Elk City, Oklahoma. Walter Cox of Bellair, was arrested at Bellair Sunday by county officers who were called after Cox had made threats against his former sweetheart, Mrs. Minnie Holly. The Robinson Maroon track team won the district meet at Bridgeport Saturday and thus are eligible to compete in the state meet at Champaign. Aunt Mary Ducommun, one of the old ladies of this county, celebrated her 97th birthday this week.

May 26. The American Legion has announced plans for Decoration Day, the services for which they are to be in charge. Charles Baker, Casey oil well shooter, was placed under $5,000 bond in a preliminary hearing before Justice of Peace Ol Wallace. Deputy County Clerk, Wayne Welsh, arrests gasoline thief armed only with a hammer. High school graduates were given their diplomas Friday. The contract for erection of the new Masonic home was let to L. and W. Schernedau. Peaches Prior and her boy friend, W. S. James, were arrested Saturday morning and charged with possession and transportation. James Murray Davis died Sunday afternoon following a brief illness. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Walker of Urbana, have a baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Abbott returned Friday from Tulsa. Promotion exercises will be held tonight in the auditorium of the high school for the eighth grade graduates of the grade school. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Sam Sechrest at the Trimble church. Srvices were held yesterday for Charles Griffy of Oblong. Last Tuesday night the Robinson Municipal Band and the R. T. H. S. Band played a joint concert at the park.

June 2. The community was surprised last Friday night at the commencement exercises to have Prin. E. O. May announce the termination of his services here. Robert Noell, medicine man, was arrested by county officers for having duped Bellair people out of a considerable amount of money. Only three Civil War veterans, A. J. Morris, Prevo Ralston and Joe Lackey, were present at the Old Cemetery at the Decoration Day services conducted by the American Legion. Miss Teresa Colteaux and Miss Leah Baldwin will not return as members of the R. T. H. S. faculty next year. Milton Walters, 75, of Grassy Hollow, suffered a stroke of paralysis Thursday. O. D. Donnell, president of the Ohio Oil Company, and other officials were in Robinson inspecting the Lincoln Refinery Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Price have a baby girl, born May 30. Funeral services were held Saturday for Mrs. Mary Cissna of Hutsonville. The Fair Association is remodeling the grandstand at the fairgrounds.

June 9. C. H. Olwin, in business here 25 years, announced that he is closing out his shoe store and will move his stock to the north side of the square. Eva B. Snider was elected president of the local B. & P. W. Club Friday. In conformity with the bi-centennial observances of Masonic orders, the Oblong Masons dedicated a boulder June 16. James Dewey, a former resident here, died at Hot Springs, Arkansas, last Tuesday. Summer school began at the R. T. H. S. last Monday. The local Mason bodies are planning the laying of the cornerstone of their new temple with June 20 set as the day for the ceremony. Mrs. Mont Bodine, of this city, suffered a broken hip in a fall at her home Sunday afternoon.

June 16. A coroner's jury which conducted an inquiry into the death of Otis Holley who died suddenly March 20, reached a verdict that Holley came to his death by natural causes, thus cleared suspicion from Mrs. Minnie Holley, the deceased's wife, and her lover Walter Cox, who had been called before the inquest. Otto Prier celebrated Monday his first anniversary in his new location. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wood held a reception at their home on North Cross Street last Sunday in honor of their golden wedding anniversary. The burning of the George Ford vacant house in West York believed to have been arson. Mrs. Cecil Hewitt of West Chestnut Street, arrested in night raid by officers. The County Board named election judges Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Weirich of southwest of Robinson, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Sunday.

June 23. The Mason bodies in this city, amid impressive ceremonies, laid the cornerstone of their new temple last Monday. Three bandits held up and robbed the Sam Abels station near the Big Four Monday night. Herbert Hoover was nominated as the Republican choice for President in the convention held in Chicago last week. Ralph E. Stringer of Herrin has been hired to succeed E. O. May as high school principal here. Ches and Noble Steele were arrested here Thursday night and charged with being intoxicated and resisting an officer. Fred Shields, farmer, living near Hutsonville, gave A. L. Wright, stove salesman from Lawrenceville and Constable C. H. Callahan of Hutsonville a good licking when the two went to his house to replevin a kitchen stove.

June 30. Farmers of Crawford and Jasper counties will be in charge of Fourth of July celebration here at which time they will rededicate their efforts to bring back prosperity. Edward Bowman, welder at the Lincoln Oil Refining Company, drowned in a tank of water last Friday. Lloyd Miller of Flat Rock, brooding over trouble with his wife, shot himself at Glen's Camp Saturday evening. Governors of Illinois and Indiana dedicated the new Wabash river bridge at Mt. Carmel Friday. Prevo Ralston, Civil War veteran, was honored on his 85th birthday yesterday by friends and relatives, by a picnic dinner at Leaverton Park. Miss Cora Cummins and George Rich were married Saturday by Rev. Paul Hubels at the Christian church parsonage. The Robinson band in a special concert at the park tonight will dedicate a composition written by M. W. Hollingsworth, bandmaster, expressly for the local post.

July 7. A man hunt spread over all Illinois last Friday and Saturday for three gunmen who Friday night shot and killed Chief of Police Dan Law, and Highway Patrolman Grady Sutton, of Harrisburg. Hon. A. H. Jones, veteran attorney and politician of this city, celebrated his 82nd birthday with a quiet dinner at the Woodworth Hotel Monday. The new postage rate with increase in letters, parcel post, etc., went into effect yesterday. Fred Dennis of Eaton, Colorado, was killed. Dennis Midgett was taken to the penal farm to serve a sentence imposed on him for petty larceny. Premium lists for the fair are now ready for distribution.

July 14. The big news of this week is an article written about Uncle Joe Ford, who will celebrate his 100th birthday July 26. Announcement has been made that the historic Vincennes bridge will be razed to make way for a new one. William Bradbury local attorney secured war insurance on her dead boy, for a Negro Mammy in Kentucky. A report for the past two years shows that the County Coroner has been a busy man. The Wm. Rousch barn and contents burned Tuesday. Ches and Noble Steele were given minimum fines when Ches pled guilty to resisting an officer and Noble pled guilty to reckless driving. Owen "Woody" Wilson confessed to robbing the Wm. Funk store at Duncanville more than a week ago. "Peaches" Prier was fined $100 on her guilty plea to possession. Mr. and Mrs. Vernice Mullins are parents of a seven pound boy, born July 6. Miss Faith Umstott of Annapolis, and Orvill B. Martin were married in Terre Haute last Friday. Carl Miller, student at the R. T. H. S. was elected to membership in the State Future Farmers of America organization.

July 21. When people awakened Wednesday morning, July 20, it was to learn that fire had laid waste to a business block at the Big Four, burning Berry's store, Ches Steele's store and a barber shop and restaurant. Charles McColpin west of Hardinville, was robbed of $200 by four masked bandits Friday night. Mayo Tohill exchanged shots and drove away bandits who escaped with $300 worth of merchandise from the Tohill store. George W. Matheny of New Hebron, took his own life by drinking poison. William Wood, of this city, drowned in the Wabash river while swimming Tuesday evening. The high school teaching faculty is now complete with Miss Helen Mowry and Miss Clara Spratt the new teachers. H. C. Moor and R. W. Mullins captured a great blue heron, which was forced down in this city.

July 28. The Lincoln Oil Refining Company have announced they will move part of their office force to the Farmers & Producers Bank building where they have leased the first floor. Chester Steele, local grocer, dropped dead Wednesday evening of last week at the Big Four while viewing the remains of his store which was burned. Despondent over ill health, Mrs. Martin Waggoner, of Kibbie vicinity, shot herself Monday. Kenneth Baker and Niles Dunlap are recovering from shotgun wounds which they received when they attempted to rob a hen house on the Sylvester Midgett farm. Clarence Medlin and Charles Richardson, who were implicated in the robbery of the Funk store at Duncanville, were released when the star witness against them, Owen "Woody" Wilson, went insane in the jail here. Spencer Woolworth returned Friday from the national convention of B. P. O. Elks, held at Birmingham. Voorheis Coombs died Monday evening. Miss Helen Lowe of Robinson vicinity and Marion Mills of Stoy, were married Saturday afternoon. Robinson Boy Scouts are encamped on the river.

The month of August was marked for Robinson people by three terrible tragedies; the first an explosion at the refinery that took two lives and the second the murder of Mrs. H. C. Moor by her husband, and the third an auto accident that took three lives. The August 4 issue carried a story on the Lincoln refinery explosion, telling of the deaths of two workmen, Pearl Utterback and Frank Stinson, who were instantly killed. Another story tells of Austin I. Westerman shooting himself in a suicide attempt. The American Legion of this city elected Ray Ridgeway their new commander in the annual election of officers. Bailey station which was razed by fire is being rebuilt. Boy Scouts are home from camp. Tom Seamon and wife were fined for beating his mother. J. A. Hartman sold the news stand to J. C Kimmel. Funeral services were held for Mrs. Angie Newlin. A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Rooney of Lawrenceville. The Old Settlers reunion begins at Old York. Miss Mary Hughes was married to Ernest Pulley.

August 11. C. Wayland Brooks, candidate for State Treasurer, spoke at Old York. A state cattle feeders meeting is to be held in Urbana August 19. Lafayette Whitmer was found dead in his bed Tuesday morning. Fire destroyed the barn and trucks of Ed. Eagleton Tuesday night. Frank T. O'Hair, prominent Democrat at Paris died. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Inboden are parents of a boy born Monday. A marriage license was issued to Clerbert Weger and Maxine Martin, both of Flat Rock. Funeral services were held for Oliver Lorance of New Hebron Sunday and for Rev. John Fowler Friday. Chief of Police John Hill is ill with a carbuncle on his neck.

August 18. This community was electrified Monday morning when it was learned that Mrs. H. C. Moor was found murdered six miles south of Marshall, and that her husband was suspected of the slaying. John Musgrave, Isaac McCoy, both of this city, and Marcella Hollingsworth of Oblong, were killed and three others were injured when the car Musgrave was driving, crashed into a bridge abutment near Birds, Saturday night. John Wright, of Oblong, had his hip broken when struck by a hit and run driver on Route 33 Saturday night. Mrs. R. D. Burst of Jasper county and her baby son were killed and the father and four children were injured when the wagon in which they were riding home from the Jasper county fair Friday night, was struck by a sedan driven by Clinton James, local A. & P. store manager. Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Beabout are parents of a seven pound daughter, born last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gatton are parents of a baby girl born last Sunday. A large crowd was in attendance at the annual Farm Bureau picnic held in Leaverton Park last Tuesday. Miss Mabel Lindley was married Aug. 14 to Allen King. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Curtis of Oblong, celebrated their golden wedding Sunday, Aug. 14.

August 25. Students are registering this week at the high school. Three bandits bound and gagged Nelson Bogard and wife of the Bend vicinity, and robbed them of $500 in bonds and cash. Caleb Wartsbaugh former road commissioner of Martin township, filed a charge of assault and battery against his son Clifford Wartsbaugh who turned him over his knee and spanked him. Ray Martinne of Champaign, state secretary of the young Republicans, met with the Robinson organization Tuesday night. The 34th Swinger reunion was held Sunday at the J. J. Winger farm. The state fair is now on in Srpingfield. Burglars looted the McNutt and Musgrave store and Dunhams garage in Hutsonville Tuesday night. Four hundred employees and families were present at the annual picnic of Tydol companies held at the park here, Tuesday. Funeral services were held for Florence Kerr Monday at Oblong. Saturday morning, Miss Hannah Dry, formerly of Palestine, became the wife of Joseph Leurer of Highland Park in that city. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lee Stinson have a baby boy. The Strohl reunion was held August 21 in the Henry grove near Dogwood.

September 1. H. C. Moor confessed to State's Attorney Victor Miller of Marshall that he shot and killed his wife Marjorie Moor. 7,000 employees and families of the Ohio Oil Company and its subsidiaries gathered at the park here for their annual picnic Thursday of last week. Crawford county teachers were gathered at the high school Monday in annual institute. School bells called children back to school. Miss Irene Seaney of this city and Wayne Hannum of Worthington, Indiana, were married Saturday evening. Miss Bonnie Milam and Albert Martin of Hardinville, were married at the Christian parsonage in Oblong Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowrance are parents of a baby daughter born August 25.

September 8. The thirty-seventh annual grange fair is on. Circuit court begins here with a heavy docket. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Springer celebrate their fiftieth year of wedded life Saturday The Old Timers picnic committee reported the largest crowd in attendance of their annual affair at Palestine. The high school is now underway with all classes organized. Clifton Phillips was arrested after hitting Steve Cauley with a brick. The grand jury returned indictments against the following: Jimmy Anderson, charged with burglary and larceny; Charles Baker, charged with burglary and larceny, and Otley Higgins, burglary and larceny. Funeral services were held for Miss Julia Walker. Funeral services were held for the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morris Saturday. Edsel Bennett of Terre Haute, has purchased the bankrupt stock of Henderson Bros. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Mabel Sutfin Wilson of this city to Howard W. Bundy of Terre Haute. Announcement was made of the marriage of Carrie Bonham Winemiller to C. M. Franke. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Taylor of Flat Rock, have been married fifty years and celebrated the anniversary Monday evening.

September 15. Clarence Heck of Hardinville, was arrested Monday on a charge of assault with intent to kill Paul Hancock. The annual county levy has been made by supervisors. William McCauley, Republican candidate for Congress withdraws from the race leaving W. W. Arnold for the present without opposition. The Oblong chapter of Young Republicans was organized Tuesday night. Mrs. J. P. Wright of Calhoun, was injured when the car driven by her husband, Rev. J. P. Wright, was struck by a freight train at the crossing at Gordon. Lyman Duncan of Flat Rock, leaves September 18 for London, England, where he will study at Oxford University. The Rev. O. O. Maxfield was arrested on assault and battery charge filed by his tenant Wesley King. Miss Myra June Parker and Robert Edwards of Oblong, were married Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents in Vienna, Ill.

September 22. A justice of peace jury found Rev. O. O. Maxfield guilty of assault and battery upon the person of Wesley King here Monday. The Grange Fair was a success in every way except financially. Charles Fulling, of Palestine, freight conductor on the I. C. railroad, received fatal injuries at Newton. Winifield Hathaway and Charles Cissna of Hutsonville, were killed when a train crashed into their truck near Kankakee. Raymond Martin of Russellville, died here Monday evening from drinking poisonous liquor. T. Edward Austin of Effingham, will oppose W. W. Arnold in the race for Congress. Jimmie Jones, Arthur Hall and Russell Barnett, all of Hardinville, were fined here for being intoxicated. Chief of Police Hill, who has been ill, returned this week to his duties.

September 29. The Maroon eleven beat Newton here Saturday 25-0. Florence Seall of this city received fatal injuries when an automobile driven by Roland Gill of Hutsonville overturned about two miles south of Marshall Saturday night. Charles Baker was found guilty of stealing nitroglycerin in circuit court here. Clarence Medlin was sentenced to the penal farm on his guilty plea to a charge of larceny. Rev. J. R. Slaten was returned to this city by the M. E. conference. Young Republicans at Flat Rock and Hutsonville were organized this week. Mr. and Mrs. James Waggoner are parents of a baby girl. Jesse Sheets was elected Moderator of the Wabash Valley Association of Baptist churches last week at Newton. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lorance are parents of a nine pound baby boy.

October 5. Tomorrow will be a big day in the history of Robinson Masons for on that day they will celebrate their 75th anniversary and at the same time dedicate their new temple. Jimmy Anderson pled guilty to larceny and was sentenced to the penal farm for a term of one year. Tom Flynn, veteran oil man, died here Monday. New Legion officer were installed Tuesday night. The Robinson Maroons lost last Saturday's game to Casey 6-0. The county G. O. P. are staging a big rally tonight with torchlight parade and speaking. Sam Wesner was found dead in bed Friday morning. Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Mollie Lewis of West York to Rev. Elmer Cissna of Hutsonville. Miss Anna Buettemeyer of Stoy and Goodman Lowther of Robinson were married Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Tracy of Oblong, have a baby boy, born Thursday night.

October 13. Thousands were in attendance at the big Republican rally held here last Thursday, at which time C. Wayland Brooks was the principal speaker. The Hattie C. Lewis Memorial Fund will give to the R. T. H. S. library $10 worth of books in memory of Mrs. Marjorie Moor. County court convened Monday with Judge W. A. McCarty presiding and several cases set for trial. Mrs. Alta Williams, living three miles southwest of Oblong, accidentally shot herself while hunting Friday afternoon. Jack Norris and Caroline Nicholson, both of this city, were married last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Keith are parents of a baby boy born Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Badgley are parents of a nine pound girl born Thursday. Mr. and Ms. Alva Ruede announce the birth of an 8-pound son born Sept. 25.

October 20.Edward Austin, Republican candidate for Congress, was n this county yesterday. One hundred and eighty-six teachers from this county attended the annual meeting of the Southern Illinois Division of the Illinois State Teachers Association held last Thursday and Friday in Flora. Fred Mann blew out his brains at the home of his father, Francis Marion Mann, in New Hebron last Thursday. The Maroons beat Lawrenceville 17-7 last Saturday, thereby evening the defeat suffered at the hand of the latter last year. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Reavill of Flat Rock, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Monday. I. N. Cooper died here Sunday. Miss Jarvis Kilburn and Chester Crum, both of Robinson, were married last Saturday evening at the parsonage home of Rev. H. E. Murray. Amos Williams, world war veteran of Landes, died at the Hines Hospital in Maywood, Tuesday.

October 27. A heading across the page on this date says, "G. O. P. Saved Nation Billion," and then the article goes on to quote President Herbert Hoover. The Maroons won Saturday from Gerstmeyer Tech 7-0. The big G. O. P. rally at Flat Rock was a big success. News 'N' Everything will submit copies in the state high school press contest. Essie A. Henry was severely beaten by Wm. Stoltz last Sunday. Fire destroyed the Methodist church in Annapolis Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Woodford Collins of Indianapolis, have a baby girl.

November 3. This issue is given over mostly to politics. One article deals with the great ovation given Hoover on his Madison Square Garden speech. Another article tells of the busy activities in both political camps in this count. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Sechrest are parents of a new baby girl. Rev. O. O. Maxfield was exonerated of charges of familiarity, misrepresenting facts and of attempting to obtain insurance by fraud in an investigation conducted at the church here by several ministers of nearby towns. Essie Henry had the charge against Wm. Stoltz dismissed. Ed. McCarty lost an arm when he fell into a wood saw.

November 10. "Democrats Sweep Nation in Election." This heading told the story. Every Republican in this county was defeated. State and National candidates went down in defeat in the great Democratic wave. Very little of anything else was considered news this week. However: Mr. and Mrs. Max Springer are the proud parents of a baby boy born Wednesday evening. Funeral services were held for Roy Smith today at his home on South King Street. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon for Mrs. Emery Ewing. Word has been received of the birth of a daughter to Lieut. and Mrs. James Hamilton of Claremore, Okla. The Lincoln Refinery announces that a new warehouse will be erected to replace their present building on East Main Street.

November 17. Opal Higgens of Oblong, was killed and Margaret Dee, Nina Higgens and Marcia Musgrave were injured when the Ford sedan they were driving on Route 1 north of Lawrenceville, crashed into a bridge abutment. Banks announce that $25,000 will soon be distributed in Christmas Club money. The Moor case which was expected to come to trial in November will be delayed until December. The W. A. Case & Son pottery announce they will resume full operation. Joseph Lamb of Flat Rock, died suddenly Monday noon. Funeral services were held today for James McDaniel.

November 24. W. B. Hiteshew of this city was fatally injured in Denver, Colorado last week when the automobile in which he was riding was struck by a train. He died Wednesday of last week. The Robinson Aid and Benevolence Society has made an appeal for funds and clothing to carry on relief work this winter. Eugene Firestone, who June 1930, shot and wounded Sheriff C. H. Wallace and State patrolman Fred Schroeder, may be brought here for trial next month following his release from the federal prison at Leavenworth. The Red Cross organization has started a drive for 500 members in this community. Roy Parker of New Hebron, was painfully injured when he was accidentally shot while quail hunting with his friend Reed Maxwell.

December 1. The newly elected county officers take office next Monday, which will make a clean sweep of Republicans and give Democrats every office in the courthouse. Ninety year old Martha C. Cox of Flat Rock, fell into a rubbish fire and was fatally burned. The Robinson Maroons won from Oblong last Thursday in the annual turkey day game. A Crawford county jury allowed $60 to Hesler heirs for damages to their tract of land, through which a ditch will be dredged to divert the channel of the Ambraw river. John F. Haskin died Saturday morning following an illness of several days. L. R. Hurst, formerly of Hunt City, bought the bankrupt stock of the Three-B Hardware store here. D. L. Kieffer, local contractor, died last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mitchell are parents of a baby girl, born November 19. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Newlin announce the birth of a baby boy. Elk ladies will sponsor a charity party at the home Friday, December 9. Mrs. Hattie Dickey died Monday night at the home of her mother, Mrs. Eliza Dennis, east of Oblong.

December 8. State Motor officer Schroeder aided in the capture of a hijacker and his $2,000 load of liquor just west of Newton Saturday evening. The Clark grand jury returned an indictment at about noon Wednesday charging H. C. Moor with murder of his wife Marjorie. O. L. Plunkett, retiring State's Attorney, opens an office on the west side of the square. Sixty-seven students of the high school have been given places on the honor roll. Impressive Elks Memorial services were held at the Home Sunday. Elmer McLain of this city, was arrested in Terre Haute last week and held for federal investigation. Sol Crouch of Flat Rock, was arrested by county officers who raided his home and confiscated a quantity of brew. The Robinson Maroons opened their cage season with a victory over Bridgeport Friday night. The Eastern Star elected their new officers Tuesday night.

December 15. Charles Selby, county rural school teacher, shot dead Lawrence Osborn, bank cashier, at Bridgeport, and then killed himself, thus ending personal differences. The date of the H. C. Moor trial has been definitely set for January 9. Farm Bureau held their annual meeting in Robinson Saturday. Sol Crouch was sentenced to the penal farm at Vandalia for sixty days on his guilty plea to possession. Dr. S. A. Smith, formerly of Annapolis, died at Carbon, Indiana. Funeral services were conducted for Walter Cline of Marshall at West Union Sunday afternoon. Services were held yesterday afternoon for William Davids, who died Tuesday morning at his home near Hutsonville. The residence of L. F. Garrard on North Howard Street was damaged about $500 by fire Thursday of last week. Kathryn Hale became the bride of Jesse Calvert of Oblong in ceremonies performed last Sunday. Forest Keenan from Sundown school, won first place in the County Spelling contest held here last Saturday. Eugene Firestone will not be returned to this county, but will instead be taken to California where he will face charges of operating in an auto theft ring.

December 22. A jury called in condemnation proceedings allowed property owners along the Vincennes road small damages from the state for routing of the new road to be built through this county. Ralph Waldo Emmerson, WLS organist, gave a recital here Sunday afternoon. The Elks club will distribute 210 baskets of food to the poor in this community Saturday. Oblong cagers trimmed the Robinson quintet in a fast game Friday night. A band concert, given by the Maroon band at the high school Friday night lent holiday spirit to the time of the year. Kelsey Smith was slightly injured when his car crashed into the bridge just east of the Big Four on Route 1. Prior Harvey, taxi driver, was painfully burned when gas ignited at the scene of the Kelsey Smith wrecked car and exploded. The local Legion post was host to all service men in the county at a rabbit supper served in the Moose home Tuesday night. Newton has been named as a center for a district basketball tourney. Mrs. Lieuanna Van Horn died Tuesday in Gary, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Rash of Rocky Bluff vicinity, are the proud parents of a baby boy, born Thursday. Mrs. H. C. Shafer died at her home south of Gordon Wednesday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. George Baker are the parents of a baby boy.

December 29. Hal Mefford, prominent citizen of this city, and well known in athletic circles in the mid west, died at the Ikemire Clinic in Palestine Saturday morning following a long illness. Mrs. Harriet Booker, of Jasper county, nearly 102 years old, died in her sleep Sunday night. The Maroons won decisively over the Flat Rock team Thursday night of last week. Mrs. Mary E. Duncan died last Monday at her home east of Flat Rock. Eddie Meyers, the last of the Noble bank robbers to be captured was taken in Detroit last Friday. Lester F. Garrard confessed to State's Attorney Bradbury and deputy Fire Marshal F. D. Talley that he fired his own home in hopes of collecting from insurance policies he had taken out on the furniture. Mrs. Rhoda Alexander died Sunday at her home in this city. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cortelyou of Oblong, are the parents of a baby boy, born Tuesday morning. Ralph Steel is in the Robinson Hospital with an infection in a burned arm. J. C. Stoner, Civil War veteran, died Tuesday. State's Attorney J. Stanley Bradbury played the part of Santa Claus to Palestine kiddies at the gade school Friday forenoon.


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