Miscellaneous Articles from the Robinson Constitution, January 10, 1907

Transcribed by Elayne.


An accidental shooting affair took place Saturday about noon which will probably teach two boys that pistols are not quite so harmless as they look. Lowell Fos, a son of H.D. Fox was playing with a pistol and accidently shot himself through the hand. The same bullet struck and lodged in the wall of abdomen of his younger brother. While not so serious, the wounds required the services of of a doctor and the accident should be a lesson to the boys. -Mt. Carmen Register. H. D. Fox, father of the boys, is a son of John Fox of this city and formerly resided here.


"There is something you would like to know?" Why not consult Madam Alamo. I will tell of your husband, wife, friend or enemies; who is true and who is false. If you wish to succeed in any business undertaking consult me. I will put you on the right road. I will commence work Saturday 9 a.m. Satisfaction guaranteed.

"Judge Me By My Work"
Located over Sheriff's Residence


Elizabeth MAUD was born in Yorkshire, England May 14th, 1834 and died in Los Gatos, California, December 29, 1906, aged 72 years, 7 months, and 15 days.
      While an infant, her parents moved to and settled in Butler county, Ohio where she grew to young womanhood.
      She was united in marriage to Wm. Updike Nov 8, 1853 and in 1856 at a time when privations were many and comforts few, the young couple settled on a farm 5 miles southwest of Robinson, moving again to the present family home in 1876.
      Their Union was blessed with 5 children two of whom, Walter W. and Mrs. Maud Short are living to mourn their loss. She is survived by 2 sisters, Mrs. John Cortelyon of this vicinity and Mrs. Fred Gilling of Rockport, Ill.
      Early in her married life she united with the Methodist Episcopal church and has always lived an earnest Christian life, dying in full confidence of the faith she espoused early in life. Being naturally of a retiring disposition, she was never particularly active in church work, yet in her quiet way, by word and deed she gave evidence to those about her that she ws trying to walk in the steps of the master.
      The remains arrived here Friday accompanied by Wilbur Short and wife. The funeral sercices were conducted Friday by Rev. Van Treese at the M. E. church and burial in the city cemetery.


Mrs. Josephine Alice WALKER was born in the state of Kentucky May 22, 1840. She was married Oct 11, 1856 to Geo. C. Walker who preceded to the Great Be- (rest of page is cut off)


C.M. Highsmith, Robinson, IL
John T. Lindsay
J. P. Eagleton, Robinson, IL
Mary A. McLain, Robinson, IL
Ross Smiley
W.W. Updike


Walter G. Boylan and Miss......... Notice originally appeared in the Mt. Carmel Register


Miss Oms GERHART, a young lady just returned from a year's study in the Bush Temple Conserveratory of Chicago is visiting in Robinson and will announce in a few days the opening of a studio for the purpose of teaching piano.
      Miss Gerhart studied in (Vincennes ? - can't make out this word) University a number of years when after graduation in the Teachers Course she was elected a member of the Musical faculty and taught until she resigned to continue study in Chicago. In the latter place she gathered a number of young people around her and there taught while taking advanced work. She comes highly recommended as having always been successful and will doubtful find's large patronage here as so many inquiries have been made for a teacher.


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