Old Soldier Badly Afflicted October 15, 1913

Transcribed by Elayne.

The Robinson Argus, October 15, 1913
Old Soldier is Sadly Afflicted

Oakland, IL, Oct 9. --- Oakland has a civil war veteran in the person of Russell R. WARD who has at this time lain in bed continuously since May 13, 1871, a period of forty-two years. He enlisted in the twenty-sixth Illinois infantry in 1861 and saw full service, being discharged in 1865. He was a guard corporal and fifth sergeant. He was on the famous march through Georgia and considered a good soldier.

While in service he suffered an illness from typhoid fever, which settled in his back and which is primarily the cause of his long seige of bed life. He came to Oakland at the close of the war and was married in February 1866, to Miss Sarah M. THOMAS, who, through all his long years of confinement and suffering has been faithful and helpful to him. She alone has nursed the sick soldier and with true devotion she still continues to give him most of her waking hours.

Mr. Ward cannot even sit up in bed, and he had to be turned every hour out of the twenty-four with the exception of a period of from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. when he sleeps. It is said that Mrs. Ward never misses being on hand to turn him in bed, frequently leaving church services for the purpose.

And this is not all of Mr. Ward's afflictions. For the last thirty years he has been unable to speak or to see. His hearing is good and he also...........(remainder of article is not available to me)


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