Old Settlers Meeting of August 6, 1910

Transcribed by Barbara Dix.

Old Settlers Meeting
From Aug. 12, 1910 edition of the Wabash Pearl

On Sat. Aug 6, 1910 the old folks of Montgomery township. held their 31st annual Reunion. As usual providence provided a day as beautiful as could be wished, which brought large crowds from the surrounding country. At the dinner hour a bounteous repast was spread which made the table groan under its load of good things to eat which the ladies had prepared for the occasion. When the dinner was cleared and all had eaten until they could eat no more, the young folk of Wesley Chapel sang an appropriate song and the congregation came together and were led in a devotional exercise by Rev. Truitt of Flat Rock. After singing again, an account was read of the first meeting which was held in 1879, with the names of those who attended that meeting over 44 years of age. It was found that of the 37 who were over 44 years of age, only 6 now are living. O. W. Gogin, Mary Hill, Aaron Young, Mary Palmateer, Enoch Wesner, and Louisa Wesner.

President Young extended a hardy welcome to all. The young people of Morea sang, "Illinois" and the "Star Spangled Banner". A. W. Duncan of Flat Rock then gave an excellent address Mr. Duncan lived in the vicinity of Morea and taught school in the 60's and his old friends were very much gratified to see him. Miss Audrey Jordan sang a beautiful song , " I'll take Care of You Grandma" after Joseph McHatton of Robinson delivered a very appropriate address and as Mr. McHatton spent his school days in this vicinity he told his friends how he together with the secretary and other illustrious men had attended Mr. Duncan's school and how he like George Washington got mixed up in a cherry tree affair. Mrs. Cecil then told them of her girlhood days when the mothers and daughters carded, spun, wove and made all the clothes for the family. After some appropriate songs by the young folks, Mr. Grobes of Oblong gave an address telling of the great march of civilization and improvement since the old settlers were young. O. W. Gogin of Mt. Healthy Ohio, sent greetings to his old friends by Clarence Adams.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers was made and presented by Mrs. Fanny Higgins to the oldest lady present whom it was found to be Mrs. William Mills age 86. Old relics including a log cabin, old reaping sickles, old and new army guns, old coins and bills, and hickory scrub brooms, were brought and exhibited by Pearson Maxedon, Asaph Green and Aaron Young. Uncle Sam Seaney sang "Liberty Tree", to the pleasure of his friends who were glad to see him out. An election was held was resulting in the continuation of the old board. The congregation then all united in singing "God Be with You Till We Meet Again"' and the exercises closed with the closing of the day.


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