Silas Malcom 19 Dec 1887 Letter to the Editor

Transcribed by Sue Jones.

The following letter appeared in the recent issue of the Newton Press, and we reproduce it this week by request:
   To the Editor: Please publish the following: I was born in Crawford county, Ill., May 21, 1841. At 17 I went to Knox county, Indiana, and resided there until the war; I enlisted in the 33rd Indiana in August 1861, and served in the army until the close of the war. I then lived in Knox county about 15 years, and moved to Jasper county, Illinois, and lived here up to the present. During that time I never was arrested or accused of crime of any kind. I have belonged to the M. E. church for eighteen years and have tried to live a Christian life, and while I now occupy a felon's cell and am looked upon as a murderer, my conscience is clear of all intentional wrong. I am the father of eleven children, three dead and eight living, and have always been poor. My wife is blind, and while I can stand the punishment put upon me by money and perjury myself, my heart bleeds for my family who must pass through life disgraced forever. So far as the murder of George Bowers is concerned I am as innocent as the angels in heaven and while I have been judged by earthly courts and must suffer the wicked penalty, I appeal to the Great Judge whose all seeing eye can see and know the truth. My wicked prosecutors can destroy my happiness in this world, they can imprison me, disgrace my family, take me from my wife and children but they cannot destroy my soul or deceive Him who judges all in the next world. The truth may come out some day, but that will not restore my home and family as it once was. I go to the penitentiary an innocent man, and while I know my statement will be laughed at by the wicked world I look to the bright beyond for redress and feel an abiding faith that God will yet protect the innocent. May heaven protect my family and for give those who testified falsely against me. I reiterate: I had nothing directly or indirectly to do with the murder. I knew nothing about it and can meet my God in peace when I die. If I have any friends left I hope they will console my wife and family in their distress. At my age, and distressed in mind and body as I am, I never expect to live my time out, but will live as I have in years gone by till God calls me home. Good bye to all. Silas Malcom.
    Jasper County jail, Dec. 19


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