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Transcribed by Barbara Vix.

Palestine is still on the map and is surrounded by the most fertile soil of earth. You have only to witch for water at any spot and it gushes forth in all its purity. Palestine wants your factories. Come along and we will do our part.

Robert Fife, Pres.
J. G. Slater, cashier
J. W. Leaverton, Vice pres.
L. A. Slater

This Bank will assist any man of business capacity to build up a profitable business in Palestine and vicinity. There are many ways in which a good bank like The Farmers State Bank can help you. This help will be extended in such a way that you will be able to get better results from your own efforts.
Capital $50,000
Safety Boxes Rented

Directors: Robert Fife, J. W. Leaverton, David Fife, G. W. Bishop, A. G. Edginton, J. M. Hughes, J. G. Slater, Matthew Fife and J. T. Fulling

Held their annual stockholders meeting last Tuesday and elected officers.

Providence has smiled on Flat Rock by surrounding the town with oil which has changed things down their considerably. In fact for the past two or three years it has presented the appearance of the boom days in the West way back in the eighties. One of the monuments of that prosperity is the Flat Rock Bank which has become one of the strong institutions of the county wth some forty odd thousand capital and very heavy deposits. They held their annual meeting last Tuesday and elected the following efficient board of directors for the ensuing year:

Henry Allison, J. H. Taylor, J. P. Weger, Grant Taylor, William H. Taylor, W. H. Tohill, John Wampler, Hervey N. Richey, J. M. Weger, and G. H. Parker who at the present time is spending the winter with his famly and his sister-in-law Mrs. Valmore Parker and children, of Robinson, in Riverside California.

The following officers were elected which leaves it under the same management: Henry Allison, President: J. H. Taylor, Vice Pres. and Asst. Cashier; J. P Weger, second Vice President, and Grant Taylor, Cashier.

Henry Loughery Blinded With Steam Plunged Into Sewer at the Round House
Henry Loughery, master mechanic of the I.S. railroad at this place plunged headlong into a sewer last Tuesday, and as a result is badly bruised up and is laid up at his home the the time being. The top or the lid which closes the sewer in the round house had been left off and while walking through a dense fog of escaping steam from an engine he fell in as stated above. He had almost suffocated when H. C. Malcomb machinist, came to his rescue. Fortunately no bones are broken and he hopes to out and about in a few days.

Last Tuesday Night Store of D. C. Allison Broken Into at Flat Rock
Flat Rock, Feb. 17, 1910: Last Tuesday night the hardware store of D. C. Allison was burglarized. There was taken $27 in cash, revolvers, pocketknives, razors, and numerous other articles, all of which was valued at $200 or over. They also raided the depot but nothing was taken that can be discovered at this time . There is no clew to the burglars at this time. This is the second robbery in Flat Rock within the past two or three weeks.

Mrs. Dan Peace was called to Louisville KY., last week to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Bob Peace, formerly of Flat Rock. Feb. 1910 Wabash Pearl (Flat Rock News)


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