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Oblong circa 1850

Range Street looking south, Oblong, IL circa 1850. Photo courtesy of Carole Kirk-Hutcheon.

Photo of Excelsior School, Dec. 16, 1895; Teacher R. A. Plunkitt.

Excelsior School, Dec. 16, 1895; Teacher: R. A. Plunkitt.

Third from left on front row is Benjamin Harrision Pleasant, born 1888 in Crawford Co., IL son of Thomas Jefferson Pleasant and Caroline Cotton Pleasant. If you can identify anyone else in this picture, please contact Jan.

Jesse Swinger

Jesse is the son of Jacob Swiger and Martha Hyre. Grandson of Absalom Hyre. Photo taken in the 1880s to early 1890s. Palestine/LaMotte Prairie area. Photo courtesy of Jim.

LaMotte Prairie 

LaMotte Prairie group

From left to right: William and Amanda Newlin, Willis Swinger, Jake Winger, Virgil and Sarah Plunkett, Becca Winger and Baby, Porch: Jim Clayton, Webster Hyre, Minnie and Jesse Swinger, Martha Swinger, Rhoda Belle Hyre, Isaac Swinger, Jake Swinger, Mary Ellen and John Weller. Taken around late 1880s or early 1890s.

Photo courtesy of Jim List

Mortimor and Susannah Seymour

Mortimor and Susannah Seymour

Mortimor and Susannah Seymour. Susannah is the sister of Rhoda Belle Walker.

Photo courtesy of Jim List

William Albert Curtis family CA early 1900s

William Albert Curtis Family

The photo was taken in the area know as Kibbie, which is close to Oblong. The young man, second from the right is James Logan Curtis, who was born in 1894. As there are 8 children in the photo and they had a family of 10 with number 8 being born in 1900 and number 9 in 1904, it is believed that the photo was taken in that period of 1900-1904. Photo courtesy of Jim Curtis.

First Methodist Espiscopal Church in Oblong, postmarked May 7, 1906

First Methodist Espiscopal Church in Oblong

Postcard picture postmarked May 7, 1906. Photo courtesy of Cindy Kuhn.

Jesse Swinger

Marie Walker and her classmates. My guess is around 1915. My grandmother is one of the twin girls in the second row, 3rd and 4th from the right. The other is her sister Myrle Photo courtesy of Jim.

Uncle Billy Howell his daughter Vera & son Pearl.

Uncle Billy Howell, his daughter Vera & son Pearl

Vera married Lawrence Hardisheldt. Photo courtesy of Rose Harris

Jesse Swinger

I'm not sure who these women are except for the woman on the far right. She is Elizabeth Walker, Wife of George Walker of Palestine. This photo, I would guess would be around 1918- 1920. Photo courtesy of Jim.

Jesse Swinger

Photo taken between 1860 to 1870. Only a guess though. Absalom and his wife Rebecca moved to Palestine about 1863. Absalom died in 1878 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.. Photo courtesy of Jim.

Martin Luther James and Elizabeth (Wright) James

Martin Luther James (son of Levi and Sarah James) and Elizabeth (Wright) James (daughter of John F. and Susannah Wright).

Photo courtesy of Cindy Kuhn


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