Small Group/Individual Photos

Photos that are listed here as links are identified. When you click on the link, it will take you to the page with that picture on it. Please note that you may have to scroll down to see the photo. If all individuals in the picture are not identified, there will be a note to indicate that.

There are a number of photos of groups such as school classes, church groups and baseball teams. If you can help with identification of additional individuals in these group photos, please contact the submitter and/or the coordinator. To view a larger version of these photos, click on the photo itself.

If you have photos you'd like help identifying, or just ones you'd like to share, please email them preferably in JPG format (please scan at 72 or 100 dpi), and I'll do my best to get them up on the web site!

Walkers of Lamotte Prairie
Miss Opal Higgins, Flat Rock
Warren Keifer Walker
Mortimor and Susannah Seymour
James S & Emily Doty Kirk
Lamotte Prairie group
Vern Hyre
Twin sisters Marie and Myrl Walker
Arthur Large family
Warren Keifer Walker
Miss Laura and Miss Pauline Pierce and Grandfather St. Clair
Frankie Casler/Kessler
Miss Nellie Siler, Flat Rock
G. W. Purcell
William Albert Curtis Family
Uncle Billy Howell, his daughter Vera & son Pearl
Martin Luther James and Elizabeth (Wright) James
Four Generations of Hoskinsons
Blanche Reynolds Nidey
Caroline McDaniel Nidey & Daughters
Annie C. Guyer, age 8
Maggie P. Guyer, age 1
Ira F. Guyer, age 1
Mattie E. Guyer, age 12
Charles Clifford Guyer, age 4
Jesse Swinger
1915 Class Picture (Walker Sister's)
1918- 1920 Group of Ladies, Elizabeth Walker and Unknown Ladies
Absalom Hyre
George Walker about 1900 with many other men & 1 little girl.
Earl Ikemire
Earl and Junie (Dennis) Ikemire and children, about 1925
Nathanial Steele, M.D. (1912). Text regarding the photo


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