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CRISS, HIGGINS posted by Marlene Jolly on May 1, 1999

Seeking any info. on John CRISS who mar. Mary (Polly) HIGGINS in Crawford Co. on Dec. 1, 1853.

DOLLAR posted by Marilyn Reynolds on May 1, 1999

I am looking for information about William, Ralph, and John DOLLAR who bought land in Palestine between 1843 - 1851. If anyone has information about this family I would appreciate hearing from you.

DAVIS, NEVIL, RIPPLE, WATSON posted by Bob Nevil on May 1, 1999

Searching for info on Jesse RIPPLE and/or Elizabeth DAVIS. These are parents of Leanah RIPPLE who married William NEVIL in 1880 in the State of Kansas. Leanah RIPPLE was born in Illinois. Indications are that the RIPPLE's were in Palestine, Crawford Co. Illinois. Leanah RIPPLE was born in 1851. A post card to her in 1911, from her cousin Mary RIPPLE, was postmarked Palestine. Elizabeth DAVIS may have been from around this part of the State also but it may have been her second marriage. 1880 census in Kansas lists Leanah (Luana)RIPPLE as a half-sister living with the family of Joseph T. WATSON. Any help would be appreciated.

COX, MOWERY, THOMAS posted by Susan Jernigan on May 3, 1999

I would like to get a copy of my great grandmother's obituary. Her name was Martha Ellen COX THOMAS. She lived in Hardinsville, IL. Her date of death was February 9, 1933. An old letter that I found was from R.C. MOWERY, the minister of the First Christian Church (North Range Street) in Oblong, IL to my grandfather, Arthur Z. THOMAS of Terre Haute, Indiana. The letter was written on February 23, 1933. It referred to Martha Ellen's obituary in the "Oracle." Assume it must have been an issue between February 9 and February 23, 1933. Any ideas how to get a copy?

FORD, HIGHSMITH, PAINTER, PARKER posted by Beverly A. Matthews on May 8, 1999

Andrew Jackson PAINTER, born April 6, 1840 Crawford County, Illinois, deceased April 1, 1888 in Crawford County, Illinois. He was married to Rachel V. Ford, August 31, 1862 Crawford County, Illinois. She was the daughter of Nathan FORD and Julia PARKER. William F. HIGHSMITH petitioned the court for the letter of Administration to him and the said John PAINTER in Crawford County, Illinois. It is stated that William F. HIGHSMITH is a nephew of Andrew Jackson PAINTER in the records. Trying to get the connection. Who were the parents of William F. HIGHSMITH?

CURTIS, INMAN posted by Candyce Gerrard on May 10, 1999

CURTIS, William Wiley Looking for ancestors. Died November 10,1869 in Oblong, Crawford County Illinois. Married to INMAN, Lovey. Trace my ancestor through their son Littleberry CURTIS.

BAKER, CURTIS, MADOX, MCCLEAVE posted by Candyce Gerrard on May 10, 1999

I am looking for more information on my great-grandmother's father Jackson BAKER. He was married to Margaret Lavina CURTIS in Feb. 1876 in Crawford County. She was born in Oblong, Crawford County, the daughter of Mary Jane MADOX and Littleberry CURTIS. My G.Grandmother Mary Alice BAKER married Thomas MCCLEAVE who was also born in Oblong.

HOOK, MAGRUE posted by Robert E. Hook on May 15, 1999

My father was born in Oblong ,Illinois in 1896 in the month of June. His full name was Roscoe Freeman HOOK, moved to California in 1906 and settled at Chico, California. I am seeking info on his parents and how they arrived in Oblong Illinois and from where. His father's name was Joseph F. HOOK his mothers name was Emma, her maiden name was MAGRUE [ not sure of the spelling].

GUILLIM, GUILLUM, YORK posted by Barbara York Wright on May 19, 1999

YORK/GUILLIM My grandfather Henry YORK was born in Crawford County 1874 as was his father. I am looking for any information on my Grandfathers and Grandmother Hilda mae GUILLUM brothers and sisters. I have very little information on my Grandmother. The YORK family came to Crawford County around 1818 from Ky and Va. I have not found any information on GUILLUM. I am told she was German. She died in 1922 and my dad was 9 yrs old. Her fathers name was Wilhum. Any help would be appreciated.

COBB, WHEELER posted by Kathy Helmer on May 23, 1999

Searching for the ancestors of Chauncey Crews WHEELER, b. in Crawford Co., IL September 8, 1880, died Nov. 11, 1959, interred in Palestine, Crawford Co. He married Julia Elsie COBB in Wesley Chapel, Crawford Co., IL,(ca 1900) Julia was born in Wesley Chapel, Crawford Co., IL Jan. 3, 1881, d. May 1965. Would appreciate any information regarding siblings and parents of Chauncey WHEELER and Julia COBB.

MAXWELL posted by Jim Maxwell on May 23, 1999

Looking for descendants of Archibald S. MAXWELL. Am looking to share family history. I am descended through Archibald G. to John to Adolphus (Dolph) to Otis. Anyone else out there?

ALLEN, CLOUSE, HORNBACK posted by Donna Isom MacDougall on May 24, 1999

ALLEN - Looking for parents of Luther Sherman ALLEN, who was born at Robinson in 1894 and died in 1954. Siblings of Luther were Carl, James, Ida May, Mary, Emma Jane, Elijah Oscar, and John. Parents were definitely James ALLEN and Elizabeth CLOUSE Allen. After the death of James, Elizabeth remarried (HORNBACK) and had at least two more children, twin girls named Ora and Cora. Elizabeth CLOUSE Allen Hornback died in 1938.

GOFF posted by Yvonne Goff on May 30, 1999

Looking for information on John GOFF and wife Kesiah, their son Mason GOFF, and Mason GOFF's son Mason J. GOFF. They moved to Crawford County, IL in the early 1840's from Henry County, KY. Would greatly appreciate any information on this family.

CAMPER, CUMMINS, KEMPER, LEACH, LEE posted by Sandra Wortham on May 31, 1999

Seeking family of Mrs. Rose Byron KEMPER LEACH of Robinson, IL in 1983. I am in possession of a ltr she wrote a Mrs. CAMPER 1/7/83 (this family name is spelled both ways). Other family names mentioned were Olier Nelson KEMPER & Martin & Martha KEMPER CUMMINS as well as having visited with a John Dean KEMPER of Chicago whose brother was James KEMPER. Mrs. Leach was organizing a Kemper reunion in "Bellefantaine, O" it looks like; she was going to be 86 in March of that year. John Dean KEMPER and Rose LEACH were both aware of a relationship to Gen. Robert E. LEE, and I am very interested in this if someone might have a clue for me. I've been unsuccessful in my research of this and thought I might be able to find other family knowing of this through the noted letter.


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