1850 Crawford County Census Index

The census is indexed and broken up into several files. To locate the family you are interested in, click on the link below that corresponds to the their last name. Once you reach the index, use the find or search feature of your browser to locate the individual you are interested in. You will see a column of information about that individual. The last column entry for that person tells which file the actual census transcription is located in. It should look something like "pg0187a.txt". Write down that file name, then use the "BACK" button in your browser to return to this page. Then click on the link below for that page. Sorry this may be confusing, but I didn't design it. If I had, the last column would be clickable links which would take you directly to the file you desire. I have merely provided a way to get you directly to the indices without navigating through the entire Census Index. If you're so inclined to navigate through that, (perhaps to see if records are available for other counties) then click here.

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These are the actual transcription pages:










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