Letters written by Warren B. Evans

Provided by Karen Nelson

Introduction to letters written by Warren B. Evans.

The letters were written to Martha (Ogden) Shipp who lived at Licking, MO. The letters are typed as written. No attempt has been made to correct the spelling.

The letters written by Warren B. Evans were handed down through the Shipp family who lived at Licking, MO. Jim and Karen Nelson have the letter, and posted them on the Crawford County, IL Website.

May 4, 1896
West York, Crawford Co., Ill.

Mrs. Shipp

I have a tax title to 40 acres of land in Crawford Co., Ill. It is described as follows. The North West quarter of the South East quarter of section one, Town eight north, of range twelve west situated in the County of Crawford and state of Illinois. I have owned it for sometime. The title was taken out on the 17, of May 1789. It is in no danger of even being bothered I don't suppose. But I have bought out some of the other heirs and so it is no more than right that I make you an offer. It you will go before a notary public and make me a quick claim deed and express it to me with instructions to express you fifteen dollars I will send you the amount. According to the laws of the state of Illinois the time of redemption will be out on the 17, of this May. It may be news to you to know that your mother Mrs. Polly Ogden died on the _____Nov. four years ago. One of the Ramses ownes the old place. The land that I spoke of is the woods on Racoon Creek. If you send the deed write a letter when you express it so I will be ready.

Warren B. Evans
West York, Crawford Co., Ill.

If you can tell me the post office address of Rachele children I wish you would do so.

Note by Karen and Jim Nelson: Polly (Reynolds) Ogden was a step-mother (not mother) to Martha (Ogden) Shipp. Martha (Ogden) Shipp's parents were Benjamin Ogden, Sr. and Courtney (Harrison) Ogden.

Crawford Co., West York, Ill. July 8, 1896

Mrs. Martha Shipp Licking, Texas Co., MO.

I received your letter of June 30 saying you would go before a notary republic and sign a deed. So I send you the deed. You will see that it calls for $15.00 and fifty cents. The fifty cents is to pay the notary public. You have him to fill it out and you send it to me by express to West Union, Crawford Co., Ill. Have C. O. D. $15.00 and 50 cents. Subject to examination of course then the agent can examine the deed_______ it all right he will let me ______ for $15.50 and if it is not all right the company will send it back to you and let you correct it. It will be all right I am certain. Of course I can't get the deed from the company without expressing you the money. I will pay all charges so you will have the whole $15. I am not marriage relation to the Ogden family but my step mother is a sister to Wm. Hungerford. He is dead now but his widow is a sister to you. Her name is Jane Hungerford. I received the letter from her the other day she is keeping store in Rockford, Ind.

Warren B. Evans
West York Crawford Co., Ill.

The first page of this letter is missing. The letter was written by Warren B. Evans to Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, Mo.

it and send it to me by express with orders to pay $15 C. O. D. subject to examination and of course I will have to send you the money before I can get the deed. This the only safe way for both.

As for as I have heard the heirs all do not want it to go into court but wish to compromise.

Let me Know from you.

Warren B. Evans
West York
Crawford Co., Ill.

Aug. 11, 896
West York, Crawford Co., Ill.

Mrs. Martha Ship
Licking, Texas Co., Missouri

I received a letter two weeks ago yesterday stating that you had sent me a deed, but from some cause it has not come yet. So if your sure it was sent you would better get the agent to look after it as I am ready to send you the money as soon as the deed comes. I have been waiting so as to give plenty of time for it but has not come so I thought I would let you know.

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