Letters written by Susannah "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden

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Introduction to letters written by Susannah "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden:

The letters were written to Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO. Martha (Ogden) Shipp was a sister-in-law (not a sister) to "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden. Susannah "Susan" Fisher married Benjamin Ogden, Jr. Benjamin Ogden, Jr. and Martha (Ogden) Shipp were brother and sister.

Martha (Ogden) Shipp was married to William Shipp. They lived at Licking, MO. The letters are typed as written. No attempt has been made to correct the spelling.

The letters written by Susannah "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden were handed down through the Shipp family who lived at Licking, MO. Jim and Karen Nelson have the letters, and posted them on the Crawford County, IL Genealogy Website.

June, the 18, 1868
Avon, Iowa, Polk County

Dear, Friends it is with a sad heart that I under take to write to you, my trouble is great, Ben is no more he died last Sunday evening at 20 minutes of 9 o'clock when we first came home he sayed that he was cold for about three weeks when the cold sensation left he lost his appetite and a fever set in he was confined to his bed seven weeks the last two days of his life he had to be lifted like a child and fed with a spoon he was struck with death Friday night about dark and lived until dark Sunday night he knew every thing until the last he was patience and resened to his fate he new that he was going to die he sayd that he was ready and willing to go any minute the lord said come, he told me how he wanted me to do he sent and had his clothes bought to be buried in, all day Sunday before he died he wanted us to get his clothes and dress him he would say every little bit that the teames had come to take him home and he wanted to be of the last words that I heard him say was that he was leaving hear and I only lack about two feet of being up but I can't get up with this body and again he sayed I am ready to go, he died in faith believing in God his last request of me was he wanted me to write to you and Henry Harrison and Jane Hungerford and let you know that he was dead he told me to write to you and tell you he wanted you to send me ten dollars for the gun and three for the log chain you can send the money in a letter I am verry neady we had three doctors tending on him and I have the to pay and it cost somuch to live O Martha I am so lonesome Ben called _______ Shipp several times he said that ______ standing here and sayd that Elijah of old was here he tried to show him to me The rest of us is about but not to well. The grashoppers are thick and doing a right smart damage Will (William) and Martha you have my love and wishes. Write soon as you get this I go you letter and ______ nomore at present but remain your friend

It cost us 75 dollars to drive home we got 50 for Jack got 47 dollars for the wagon and 12 for the horness.

from Susan Ogden
To Will and Martha Shipp

Note by Jim and Karen Nelson: The letter was written to William Shipp and wife Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO from Martha Shipp's sister-in-law Susannah "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden. The letter was informing Martha (Ogden) Shipp that her brother Benjamin Ogden died. Jane (Ogden) Hungerford was a sister to Martha (Ogden) Shipp and Benjamin Ogden.

Avon, Iowa Polk Co.
August the 16, 1872

Dear Sister

I will try and drop you a few lines to let you know how we are. We are all well and hope this will find you the same. I have not heard from you or old York (Note: probably York, IL) for a long time. I have a hard time of it to get along. my children are not big enough to help me much and I ain't stout. Times have changed since Ben died the people are proud and aira, lucrative and selfish and care only for themselves. I wish that William would pay me for the gun I know that he could if he would I do need the money so bad Martha will you be so good as to get me some stocking yarn and dried Peaches and apples and send them to me You can put them up in a box and send them to me by express and I can pay the Frait on them if you send me anything you must send it to Desmoins, Iowa Polk Co. for we have no office at Avon.

Well we have only tolerable wheat crops here corn is late I am afraid that the frost will bite the corn. Potatoes are good cabbage looks nice vegetables look very well, lard is 10cts per pound. Baken 10 flour is four dollars and half hundred coffee 3 ½ pounds to the dollar sugar brown 7 pounds to the dollar dried apples and peaches 8 pounds to the dollar corn 25cts bushell butter 20cts pound eggs 10cts dozen.

Wish that I could see you and family tell Courtney (Courtney Shipp) that I would be glad to see her I want Jane and Lizzie (Jane and Lizzie Shipp) to write to me I want you to give my best love to Nancy Pressor and family I wish I could go and see her and eat turkey with her I hope to hear from you soon. I must come to a close for I am not interesting you. Old Uncle Hudson Harrison is still alive.

Yours with much Respect, Susan Ogden
To Martha A. Shipp

Note by Jim and Karen Nelson: The letter was sent to Martha A. (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO. Martha was a sister-in-law, (not a sister) to Susannah "Susan" (Fisher) Ogden. Courtney and Jane who are mentioned in the letter were daughters of Martha (Ogden) Shipp and William Shipp. Nancy (Shipp) Pressor mentioned in the letter was a sister to William Shipp. Nancy also lived at Licking, MO.

July 8, 1882

Dear Sister, I take my pen in hand in order to drop you a few lines to let you know that we are alive and among the living It has ben a long time since I have heard from you I have often thought about you and your family and wondered if you was still getting along I went out to Bairburg, Nebraska this spring I took Eddy, with me I went to see Father, and Phileana , my sister. I was gone five weeks I found Father very feeble His health is very poor He was 80 years old the 7 of April I expect that he is dead by this time. Nebraska is a nice country. Father lives in Jefferson county Neb. 9 miles of Fairburg the county seat. We have had a coald spring and summer, the waters have been very high the frost killed most of the fruit here. Wheat looks well and will be a good crop if nothing hapens to it. Corn in this place looks well but is rather late potatoes and other truck looks well, we have had hard scratching to get along this year on account of the storm and drouth last year, but if nothing happens to the crops this year we will have plenty We have heard nothing from York (probably York, IL) since April 11, 1882 I wish you could write to me and let me know what they are doing with Uncles Estate (Uncle Henry Harrison). I begin to think there is something not right about matters or they would write to me and inform me of what is done about it Has the estate been settled yet I don't see how they can lag so long about the Estate and not come to some conclusion, one way or another please write as soon as you can and tell me if you know what has been done about it. Give Jane and Lizzie (Jane and Lizzie Shipp) and the rest of your family my love I would love to see them once more Write me all the news is Nancy Pressor still alive what has become of her children is Mrs. Prady (probably Priddy) alive is Mrs. Kelling alive How is time with you do you live at the same place you did when I was there is your country improving.

Write soon and often. Martha has two girls and one boy her youngest is three years old she is all right now and no prospects of any more _____ Reed (or Reel) is not married yet and Alson has made nomove at present Write soon.

Direct your letter to Avon Station
Polk County Iowa
Susan Ogden

Note by Jim and Karen Nelson: The letter was sent to Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO. Martha was a sister-in-law to Susan (Fisher) Ogden. Apparently, Susan and Benjamin Ogden's children were Eddy, Alson and Reed Ogden. Jane and Lizzie mentioned in the letter were daughters of Martha and William Shipp. Nancy was a sister to William Shipp. Nancy married George Washington Pressor. This letter mentioned the estate of Henry Harrison, Jr. Also see letters written by Abraham Harrison mentioning the estate of Henry Harrison, Jr. Henry Harrison, Jr. was born 1808 and died 1878 and is buried in the Harrison Cemetery Clark Co., IL.

February 15, 1891,
Avon, Polk County, Iowa

Dear Martha

I received your letter dated January 25, 1891. I am living at Avon I got your letter yesterday was glad to hear from you it found us all well except bad colds We have had a nice winter Times are hard here No work this winter and every thing is dull but we will have better times in the spring when work opens up There is going to be vast amount of work this spring and summer in Desmoin There will be all kinds of work to be done there is going to be a great improvement in Desmoin there will be thousands of dollars paid out for work there will be some of the nicest buildings just up this summer and all kinds of improvements going on paving streets grading and all kinds of work When spring work opens up there will be better times.

Alson lives at Vancover, Washington territory they are having hard time there Martha lives in Desmoin, Cornelia lives in Avon and Ed and Bub lives with me I don't know what else to write that would be of interest to you if you was acquainted with any body here I could write more. I want to hear from you and your children Write and tell me how you all are. I will close by wishing you all good luck

I will be sixty years old the 9 of March ad I haven't got a gray hair in on my head. I could pass for one that was only 40 years old.

Write Soon, Susan Ogden

Avon, Iowa June 18, 1893
Mrs. Martha Shipp

Dear sister I will write you a few lines it has bin a long time since I have written to you and I will try and write a few lines in order to let you know that I have not forgotten you I have often thout that I would write to you but have bin neglectful I am as well as might be expected for one of my age Alson is living in Washington close to Vancover, Felida Clark County is his post office Martha lives in Desmoines, Iowa Cornelia lives in Avon Ed lives in Warren County, Iowa they are that is my children are all married but Bub the oldest boy he got mad and left home last winter and does not come about me I got a letter from Alson yeasterday they was all well but Birtie there baby he will be three years old in September he sat down in a dish pan of boiling water and was scalded from his waist down below his knees they sayd that he had bin having hard spasms but was some better when they wrote Alson has two boys and one girl Martha has two girls and one boy Cornelia has two girls Ed has none We have had a good deal of rain this spring and the truck looks well in this section of country health is pretty good here I would like to hear from you and your family I haven't heard from old York (probably York, IL) for near three years do you ever hear from any body that lives there is your step mother a living and do you know if we will get any thing when she dies I would like to know something about the estate Ben always sayd that when his stepmother died that that farm would be sold and divided up between the Ogden heirs Do you know how many acres of there is of the land I wish that you would let me know My brother Paul Fischer seen a man that youst to live down in that country close to where old Polly Ogden lives and he told Paul that the land was worth all they way from 40 to 75 dollars and acre I wish that you could look after it and let me know. Please write soon I would like to hear from you once more in life give my love to all of your children I want to know how many gran children you have I have 5 granddaughters and three gransons Pleas write soon I want to hear from you

good bye Susan Ogden

Note by Kim and Karen Nelson: The letter was written to Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO. Martha was a sister-in-law to Susan (Fisher)Ogden. Martha's step-mother, Polly (Reynolds) Ogden was mentioned in the letter. The letter mentioned the estate of Polly (Reynolds) Ogden.

Avon, Polk County, Iowa
June 22, 1894

Dear Sister, Martha Ship,

I received your kind and welcome letter was glad to hear from you I am not well this summer my health is poor I was surpirsed to at Bub (Susan's son) to think that he would go amoung his fathers people looking like he did Him and Sam Fischer never told where they was going and left in there raggs and dirt I was astonished when I got your letter and learned that they was at your house they got here the same day that your letter did I have seen Bub several times since he came back but he just speaks to me hes mad at me he got mad at me a year the 30 of last January he was going with a widow woman and him and her went together untill newdealers parted them he blamed me for the trouble so he has left me alone to take care of myself so I let him alone I speak when I see him but he only grunts at me it seems hard to be treated so by ones own child but that does not hurt like the way he does he was a smart man to work and proud and dressy but since he has played out wit the widow he goes shabby and does not care for anyone Martha please tell this to no one for if Bub was to hear that I had wrote this he would be fighting mad but I have told the truth my children are well times are hard we have had a very dry spring and June corn and potatoes look tollerable well oats and meadows are about ruined all small grain is damaged by the dry weather write soon and often I would like to see you and your children. Direct to Levey, Polk Co., Iowa we have got the post office back to Levey. give my love to all your children Sam told all about you and your children. Sam Fischer likes you folks.

Susan Ogden

Note by Jim and Karen Nelson: The letter was sent to Martha (Ogden) Shipp of Licking, MO. Martha was a sister-in-law to Susan (Fisher) Ogden. Susan (Fisher) Ogden had a son named Allen Henry Ogden, his nickname was "Bub." Allen Henry "Bub" Ogden also wrote letters to Martha (Ogden) Shipp, the letters are signed A. H. Ogden.

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