Marriage Consent Slips (1817-1850)

Many thanks to Sue Jones of the Crawford County Historical Society for providing the information for these marriages. This page isn't indexed, so use the "Search" or "Find" feature of your browser to find items of interest to you.

This is a transcript of the Crawford County, IL marriage consent slips found in marriage book A. These records go through 1850. The consent slips from marriage book B have not yet been indexed.

Date No. Consent
3-Mar-1817 #1 Please to give license for the rights of matramony to be solomized between Joseph Kennedy and my daughter Polly and this shall be your warrent for the same. George Bath Test: John Bath
9-Oct-1818 #21 Hutson Crick: Sir: Mr. Elmon Goff wishes to obtain a license to get married you will grant him the same and you will much oblige your humble servent. Israel Harris
10-Oct-1818 #30 The parents of Dicy Spradley are both satisfied to the match. Caleb Anderson Dicey Spradley Lion/Sion Moress step-father Rebella Moress her mother.
10-Oct-1818 #31 This is to certify to the clerk of Crawford Co. that the parents of Saley Cole are satisfied to the match. Austin Tam (?) Saley Cole Godeth Cole her mother.
23-Oct-1818 #32 Dear Sir: This is to certify that it meets my approbation for William Childers and my daughter Prudence to be married and you may feel yourself at liberty to grant him license for the same. Given under my hand. Wm. Howard
19-Nov-1818 #33 This is to certify to the clerk of Crawford Co. that the parents of the girl are satisfied with the match. Enoch Jones Polly Anderson Elizabeth Anderson her mother.
5-May-1819 #43A [marriage not fully recorded] To the clerk of Crawford County, Illinois. This is to certify that I David Shook of said county hath given my daughter Charity to James Coonrod when he obtain lysons from you given under my hand the day and date I have writen.
23-Oct-1819 #52 I certify that I am willing that the said William Norris and my daughter Anne Pinkstaff shall be married and you are to issue marriage license. Andrew Pinkstaff
25-June-1820 #63A [marriage not fully recorded] Mr. Pfier you will please to let Jefferson Norris/Morris have lisince as he is going to marry my daughter and oblige your freand. William Waldrup
16-July-1820 #63B To clerk Crawford County this is to certify that Amassa Vanmeter obtaine permison from me for licesin. Andrew Pinkstaff.
12-Mar-1821 #82 This is to certify that my daughter Sarah Kinney is eighteen years old and is there for at liberty to act for herself. Crawford County March 12th, 1821. Isaac Kinney
April-1821   Eli Adams and Elizabeth Shaw can marry. signed Joseph Shaw
6-Aug-1821 #90 Jackariah Henry swears that Britania Henry his sister is of age and parents don't mind her marrying to J. Wineman
7-Aug-1821 #90 [on same sheet as above] Nohemaih Plough swears that he married the sister of Abbey Eaton and that he had heard Joseph Eaton father of Abbey say shes of lawful age and Plough believes it to be so.
30-Aug-1821   Joseph Willard and Ralph Haskett affirm that Susannah Willard is 18 years and her parents don't object to her marrying. Only that their marriage is according to Quaker rules. Signed by Jesse Payne
29-Sept-1821 #95 To the clerk of Crawford County state of Illinois. I do hereby certify that my son William shall obtain a license to marry Margaret Hern on this 29th day of Sept. 1821. Nathaniel Wayne.
30-Aug-1821 #98 Mr. Edward Piper pleas to let James Doil have lisens to marry Rebcca Hicks. William Hicks.
20-Feb-1822 #107 James Boatright states John Moore, Sr. said his son John Moore could marry Darcus Walters and Miss Darcus Walters says shes 18.
19-Mar-1822 #111 Hannah Kidwell gives consent for Enock Lee to marry her daughter Catherine Kidwell.
26-June-1822 #117 I give leave for John York to get license from you. Benjamin Eaton.
11-July-1822 #120 Richard E. Barker swears that Hannah Righenour is of lawful age.
Oct-1822 #127 I don't object to my daughter Sarah Walters marrying John W. Simpson. Jacob Walters.
21-Dec-1822 #128 Parents of Benjamin Higgins and Milley Seaney have consents to the marriage. Samual Seaney, Catherine Seaney, Jesse Higgins and Hannah Higgins.
31-Dec-1822 #131A Lewis Huckaba said Margaret Evins is 18 and her father Benjamin Evins said she might do as she pleased alluding to marrying this day.
5-Nov-1823 #143 I Susannah Sallee doth agree that Oliver Sallee and Lucy Kidwell may be joined in marriage. I Hannah Kidwell agree that Oliver Sallee and Lucy Kidwell may be married.
11-Nov-1823 #144 I Willis Evins swear that Rachael Evins is of lawful age and her parents are willing that she should marry and I am of lawful age.
27-Dec-1823 #149 Came William McDowell and John Higgins giving their consent for marriage to Josiah McDowell and Elizabeth Higgins.
9-Jan-1824 #149A Let Robert Dolahan marry with my daughter Elizabeth as I can't be there. James McCord.
12-Jan-1824 #149B We have given our consent to marry between Jonathon Newlin and our daughter Nancy. John and Rachal Boyd.
18-May-1824 #152A I have given my consent to John B. Williamson to marry my daughter Hester Pratt Wilson. C. Alexander Wilson.
1-June-1824 #153 I have given my consent to Simon Plough to marry my daughter Betsy. Samuel Plough; witness by Benjamin Jones.
21-July-1824 #156 I William Bratton swear that my father George Bratton is willing to let my sister Patsey Bratton marry Samuel Shaw. Signed by William Bratton
1824 #157 I Lott Watts swear that Jemima Murphy informs me she is of lawful age nearly one year past and I've known her for 4-5 years. Lot Watts.
18-Nov-1824 #158B [no marriage took place] I Isaac Edwards do swear that Eliva Sparks is of lawful age. (Eliline Sparks) Isaac Edwards
18-Nov-1824 #158B [no marriage took place] I give my consent for Isaac Edwards to marry my daughter Eveline. Ichabod Scranton
29-Nov-1824 #162 Grant permission for my son William Fowler to marry. Signed Benjamin Fowler Grant permission for William Fowler and my daughter Polly Hix to marry. William Hix
1824 #163 I Sary York do certify that my daughter Elizabeth is past 18 and is willing to marry William Goodwin.
30-Mar-1825 #174 Peter Barrick Jr. is at liberty to obtain a marriage license. Peter Barick.
28-Apr-1825 #168 Grant Jesse Higgins Jr. license to marry. signed Jesse and Hannah Higgins. Wit: John Higgins
20 May-1825   [no marriage] I Nicholas Trusky swear that Elijah Clak said to me this morning that Susan Booth is her own guardian and that I think shes of lawful age. N. Trusky.
4-June-1825 #171 I am willing for my son Daniel Easton to marry Mary York. signed Richard Easton.
24-Nov-1825 #178 I am willing for Solomon Hallette to marry my daughter Nancy. signed William Waldrop.
1825 #179 [no marriage took place] I Truman Hubbard swear that Chalky Draper told me that his daughter Margaret was of lawful age being 19.
5-Jan-1826 #182 I am willing that William Hallette and my daughter Sally Waldrip shall marry. signed William Waldrip.
1826 #183 I John Evins swear that I believe Elizabeth Parks is above 18 and her parents are not living. signed John Evins.
18-Jan-1826 #183A Please grant Peter Higgins license to marry my daughter Nancy Kinkindall. Thomas H. McCorpin wit: John Higgins, Esq.
11-Jan-1826 #184 I Elizabeth Carrow swear that I was 22 years old last March.
24-Jan-1826 #185 I John Hackett swear that John Hill, Sr. father of William Hill is willing for him to marry. Rebecca Biggs.
6-Nov-1826 #195 I Johnson Bright swear that Elizabeth Clinch has been raised by James Ryan who has broke up housekeeping and she now lives with William Ryan who does not object to our marriage. signed Johnston Bright.
22-Dec-1826 #197 I give my consent to Joseph Sanford to marry my daughter Teracy. signed R. Hall.
12-Mar-1827 #205 Please grant Able Prior license to marry my daughter Franky. signed John Martin
17-April-1827   [This was found in the marriage file of 1827, I don't believe it has to do with a marriage, as I could find none taking place] Joseph Snider swears Neoma Henry has not lived with her father since last May but has her home at my house and with my brother-in-law and that she is 18 years. The people of Illinois to Sheriff.
13-June-1827 #210 I grant Squire H. Gordon license to marry my daughter Rebecca Grimes by me Catherine Grimes.
11-June-1827 #214 Please issue license to Jesse Veach and my daughter Maria Johnson signed Jeremiah Johnson.
13-Aug-1827 #211 Hosea Martin, guardian of Nancy Starr gives consent for her to marry Jeffry Delap. Jefferson Delap.
14-Aug-1827 #211 [no marriage took place] Please let Jefferson Delap and Nancy Star have license as I have no objection I am guardian for her. Hosea Martin.
18-Dec-1827 #225 I certify my daughter Clemina Cobb was 18 years old the 25 of Sept. last and can do for her self. signed John and Nancy Cobb.
3-Jan-1828 #222 License states Lucinda Seaney and Nimrod Gaines were married at Samuel Seaneys home.
13-Jan-1828 #227 Please furnish Thomas Cockes [Cox?] with license to marry my daughter Deborah Lindly. signed Jane Lindley
31-Jan-1828 #228 I am willing for my son Stephen Easton to marry Elisabeth Nickson. signed Richard Easton [same paper] I William Mitchell swear that Elizabeth Nickson lives at my house and I give consent for license to marry Stephen Easton. signed William Mitchell.
6-May-1828 #236 [no marriage took place] I Benjamin Peacher, Jr. swear that I know Sindilla Broadis and that her father is dead and her mother ran her off from Davis Co. Indiana. Benjamin Peacher, Jr.
12-Aug-1828 #244 I Joseph Allison swear that Polly Carter daughter of William Carter is of lawful age. signed Joseph Allison.
15-Aug-1828 #245 I John Pike swear that Mr. Samual Lindley father of Queen Lindley told me that he was willing for his daughter to marry. Joseph Green
12-Apr-1829 #270 I request you to grant a license for Benjamin Thomson and my daughter Sally Neal. Joseph Neal witt: Jacob Neal
4-June-1829 #271 Please give a license to Joseph Glen to marry my daughter Ellener. Benjamin Reynolds.
11-Nov-1829 #283 No consent but license states Polly Johnston was previously Polly Glen.
4-Nov-1830 #317 You are authorized to marry John Pike and Irene Floyd with consent of Nathan Musgrave guardian of Irene.
15-Jan-1831 #326 I do not object to S. Boatright marrying Helen E. signed Catherine Edwards
17-Jan-1832 #356 Give consent to marry Mr. Trimble and my daughter a license. signed Frederich Merckley
20-Jan-1832 #355 Sir: you may grant William Hix license to marry. signed Benjamin Maddox
31-Jan-1832 #357 I Sam'l H. Cunningham swear that Luvana Cruse parents told me she is of lawful age. Please grant Samual H. Cunningham a marriage license signed Ephram Cunningham.
23-Mar-1833 #385 I give my consent to grant a marriage license to Amos Greyson with my daughter Julyan. signed Nath'l Cochran wit: Jacob Greyson
9-Apr-1833 #390 I consent to the marriage of Cyrus L. Danforth and my daughter Julian. signed Joseph Kitchell
14-Mar-1833 #394 I swear that Isabel Patten has made her home for some time at my house that her father and mother are not in this county her father being dead and that she can marry Jackson James. signed Johnathon Percell.
19-Sept-1833 #408 I William J. Porter swear that Mr. Jesse Bedwell mentioned to me yesterday that his daughter Susannah was of lawful age. signed William Porter
25-Oct-1833 #409A Grant license to my son Thomas Allen to marry Miss Susan Boher 25-Oct-1833. Anna Allen has no objection.
1-Nov-1833 #410 We give our consent to marry between Matthew Newlin and our daughter Abigail Boyd. signed John and Rachal Boyd
5-Nov-1833 #411 (no marriage took place) Give license to James L. Darnell my son to marry Nancy Bennett daughter of James T. Bennett. signed Abigail Darnell
9-Dec-1833 #415 You can give license to J. D. McGahey to marry my daughter Ann Gill. signed John Gill
12-Dec-1833 #416 Grant marriage license for Elizabeth Darnell and William H. Neal a son of Joseph Neal. signed Alijah Darnall
3-Nov-1833 #416 You can give my son William license to marry. signed Joseph Neal.
8-May-1834 #433 I Leonard Simmons swear that Mr. William Dunlap father of R. Dunlap told me this morning and to have me come to town with his son Robert and get license to marry Miss Hannah Higgins. signed Leonard Simons.
4-July-1834 #439 I Robert Steepleton swear that Lavina Austin is nineteen as I saw her age set down in a book. signed Robert Steepleton.
13-Sept-1834 #445 We William Baker and Anthony Sandusky swear that June Hereford is of lawful age and I Anthony Sandusky have known her about 6 years and think she is 18. signed William Baker and Anthony Sandusky.
13-Sept-1834 #445 (Two consents but found no license in file box, however the marriage is recorded in the marriage book A). I William Scott swear that I am 21 years of age
9-Dec-1835 #487 Please grant Jefferson Maddox license to marry. Benj. Maddox
22-Mar-1836 #504 I have given my consent that Thomas Gill, Jr., should have my daughter in marriage. David Porter, Jr., A. Lagow Esq. wittness
17-Jan-1837 #524 I have no objection to let Benoni Hollingsead, Jr. license to marry Mary Easton. Benoni and Mary Hollingsead
9-Feb-1837 #529 I certify that Henry D. Hagar has permission to marry my daughter Margaret Ann Bennett. Hannah Bennet (her mark)
28-Jan-1839 #613 I give my consent to the marriage between Michel York and our daughter Rachael 28-Jan-1839. John Boyd, Rachal Boyd.
26-Feb-1839 #619 Please issue license to John Hill of this county to marry my daughter Lizara Morris. 26-Feb-1829. Rich G. Morris
26-Feb -1839 #620 Mr. Baker: Let Mills have license. signed Edward Allison, Sally Ann Allison, Asa Miller.
15-Oct-1839 #656 (slip was found in the 1841 file box) Married on Tuesday evening the fifteenth instant by the Rev. David McGahey, A. C. French, Esq. to Miss Clarecy Kitchell 6th daughter of the Hon. Joseph Kitchell all of Palestine, Illinois.
29-Oct-1839 #657 Give license to Levi Longnecker to marry my daughter as I have no objections. Benjamin Beckwith
26-Nov-1839 #660 Please grant to Adam Murphy license for the purpose of marriage of my step daughter Eliza Ann Smith. Doctor Hill.
15-Oct-1839 #661 (no marriage took place) Please to issue a marriage license for John Egan and Eliza Ann Mallett daughter of Wheeler Mallett and Philem Munger of Crawford County. Eliza A. Mallett, John Egan.
13-Feb-1840   (no marriage took place) Issue license to S. C. Hampton and Cristiann Vandover to marry. signed Charles Vamove.
31-Feb-1840 #671 Grant license to Wm. B. Baker. They both of age. signed William Baker.
30-Mar-1840 #679 I am willing that you grant license to Moses Goodwin to marry my daughter Hannah. Mary Lolenshed
6-Apr-1840 #679 Please join in marriage Mr. Moses Goodwin (by consent of guardian Ranson Goodwin) and Miss Hannah Easton.
29-Oct-1840 #706 I say that I have no objections to Jacob Russell and Melindia Harden to join in matromony. Jacob Murphy, James Hagerty, witt.
30-Oct-1840 #707 Squire J. Kindell may have license to marry my daughter Cemanthey. George Bemis
3-Dec-1840 #715 The clerk is hereby autherised to isue license for Rozetta Seany and Alfrid Moore. James Little, Elizabeth Moore (her mark)
Please marry Alfred Moore and Rosetta Seaney with consent of James Little quardian of Rosetta and Elizabeth Moore, mother of the said Alfred having been made known to me in writing.
23-Jan-1841 #729 Mister Baker Sir: James Little do give this boy the balance of his days to shift for himself. So I give you liberty to give him the binding paper for life time. Alford P. Little
17-July-1841 #757 This is to certify that Newton and Artemis is of age. Given under our hands and seals. Levi Higgins, Eli___ Attaway.
10-Nov-1841 #772 I give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Sophia Ann Clayton to Amos Ford. Rebcca Rash (her mark) Wm. Rash, attes: Hazall Lindsay
22-Dec-1841 #780 Mister Baker, please grant to Abraham Coonrod licens to marry Rhoda Haddock by my consent. John Haddock
18-Feb-1842 #791 This is to certify that I Basel Harrison of Crawford County grant license to Joseph Roberts to marry my daughter Nancy.
7-Jun-1842 #809 I certify that I am willing to this marriage between William H. Newlin and Ester Metheny. James Metheny
7-July-1842 #815 I have no objection. David Kirk
Let Jackson Martin have marriage license. Daniel Martin
24-July-1842 #817 Grant my son William Rash marriage license to be united to Nancy Carly (or Corby). Wm. Rash Witt: Hazael Lindsay
5-Sept-1842 #828 I am willing to the marriage between my daughter Lydia and Nelson Jeffers. Daniel Allison
23-Dec-1842 #841 You are to give license to said applicants. John Allison
1-Apr-1843 #866 Hutsonville - I do hereby certify that I have given my consent for my daughter Polly Winkles to marry Georg Bemis you are there fore requested to grant the said G. Bemos license to solemnize the same given under my hand and seal the day the date above mentioned. X (his mark) David Winkle
2-Jun-1843 #879 Mr. Baker let Noah Minnick have licence. Joel Minnick
18-Jun-1843 #882 State of Indiana Crawford County to the Clerk of said county are here by authries to issue lisons to Enoch C. Ralston. Richard Ralston
3-Aug-1843 #892 We William Garrett and John B. Powell do solemnly swear that William Garrett the father of Angline Garrett consented and requests that a marriag licence should you authorize the marrage of John B. Powell and the said Angeline Garrett. William Garrett, John B. Powell
12-Aug-1843 #897 This is to certify that my son Finis Ewring Highsmith has my consent in full to be joined together in Holy Banns of matarmony with Miss Elizabeth Wallace of this county. Given under my hand this 12th Aug. 1843. B.M. Highsmith.
8-Sept-1843 #901 As the bearer, my son Isaac has concented a marriage twith Silena daughter of John Hackney. You will please give him a liscense they are both under age but I certify that the aforesaid marriag is with the mutual consent of their parents on both sides. Your complance will oblige your friend. John Howard
29-Sept-1843 #906 Mr. William Baker as I expect that Zilmon S. Phelps may call at your office for licenes as I expect that him and Elizabeth Jane Raney will be married. As I know not whether I shall be there or not. She is about 19 years old as that appers to be the question. This is of age you are hereby justifiable in ishuing them yours and, W. R. Rainey
7-Oct-1843 #909 Grant marriage to James Barlow. Jesse Barlow
20-Dec-1843 #923 I do solemnly swear that my father John Newlin and the mother Jane Lackey has given there concent for a licence to be aprove authorzing their marriage of myself and Jane Lackey. Sargent Newlin
21-Dec-1843 #924 We do hereby certify that Malissa McColpin is of age and there is no objection on our part to the bands of matrimony in contemplation you are there fore hereby autherized to grant John M. Kibler licence to that effect. J.W. Maddox, Hannah Maddox
18-Jan-1844 #937 This my certify that Asahel Stiles applies for licence for marriage with Lidia Ann Sackrider that he has our concent. John Sackrider, Mary Sackrider
21-Feb-1844 #944 Mr Baker please ishue marriage license for Elzey Salsbury and my Abigil Lewis and oblige your friend and keep the same profond secret til I see you and I will tell you why. L.B. Lewis, Mary Lewis, Abigil Lewis
3-Apr-1844 #963B I hereby give my consent for James Shepard to marry my daughter Phoebe Metheny. James Metheny
15-Apr-1844 #958 Issue licens for the marriage for my daughter Sopronia to Abner Lindsay. Warner Ford X (his mark) Abner Lindsay is of age you will send the licens by John Lindsay. Yours H. Lindsay
21-Oct-1844 #983 Mr. Baker this shall be your authorthy to give licines to the barrer (John Lindsay) to be united E. Clayton. Hazael Lindsay This shall be your authority to issuce licens for the marriage of Elizabeth Clayton to John Lindsay. X William Rash
18-Dec-1844 #994 I, Dave Guyer do solimley swear, that I belive Sarah Guyer and Jesse R. Morgan of age and that I know of no impediment why licence should not issiue for their marriage. X (his mark) Dave Guyer
25-Jan-1845 #1011 I most solimely swear that the father and mother of Mathae Crouch have consented to the marriage with John R. Main. So help me God. Noah Crouch.
24-Feb-1845 #1021 Then a match to be made between Thomas McKinney and Eveline Deal my daughter are both of age. X (his mark) Moses Deal
14-Apr-1845 #1028 You are hereby requested and authiorised to isuse licence for Mit Steele to join in materony with Carlonie Mallett and obige yours. Philena Mallett. N.T. Steele
11-July-1845 #1040 Sir: This is authenise you to grant licence for my daughter Mary E. Hubbard to join in matromony with John Delay. Austin F. Hubbard
17-Feb-1846 #1073 Mr. Baker, Sir: This will inform you that Nancy Herriman is living at this time. I have raised her from an infant I am her gardien. She is now of age to act for her selfe. I have no objection to a unite of maternity taking place between Robert Beard and her. You can there for issue licence to that effect without any further information and objection. Sewell Goodridge
9-Apr-1846 #1084 I give my consent for the marriage of daughter Rachael McConn to John Guyer. Joseph McConn
25-Dec-1846 #1123 I Tilden Beachum swear that I have neither father, mother, or garden but I am free to do as I think proper. Tildon Beachum or Beauchum I Mary Jane Francis due solemily swear on the Holy Evangily of Almighty God that to the best of my belief I am of the age of 18 years. X (her mark) Mary Jane Francis. Teste: Alexander Lamb
29-Dec-1846 #1125 States on license that parties Abraham Higgins and Martha J. Attaway were not married. She married John Fitts, it states.
14-Feb-1847 #1130 Mr. James Higgins and Miss Margaret Jane Dye the consent of parents having been sworn to by John Higgins.
28-Feb-1847 #1132 Mr. Nemrod Seaney and Rhoda Higgins the consent of parents having been sworn to by Allen Higgins.
11-Mar-1847 #1137 I Robert Watts of the county of said do solomely give on the holy scripters of Almighty God that I heard Ezeckiel Leach father of Absalon say that he was willing liceson should isue for marrage of said Absalon to Racheal York. I ferther swear and certified that Racheal is of age 18 and upwards. Robert Watts.
10-Apr-1847 #1143 I William Reynolds do solmily swear on the Holy Scriptures of Almighty God that I heard my father Jesse Reynolds declare his willingness that license should issue for the marriage of his daughter Rachael Reynolds with Lewis Maddocks and further that I heard the father of Lewis Maddocks declare that he was willing said license should issue. William Reynolds
19-Aug-1847 #1158 I do solemely swear that Polly Phellps who at this day jointly applies with Franklin Hutchings for the license to marry to the clerk of county and is above the age of 18 years. John Phelps
25-Aug-1847 #1160 James Leggett being duly sworn and said Celia York the mother of Caroline York who jointly with Henry Leggett applice to the county commissioner for licines in matarimony has given to me the assent to such marriage and authorizes me to act for her in the matter with said clerk. James Leggett
25-Aug-1847 #1161 I swear.... that Susan Hackney who applies jointly with James Howard.... for licies.... is above the age of 18 years and the father of James Howard who is minor has given his consent to such a marriage. X (his mark) Isaac Howard
4-Sept-1847 #1162 James M. Gullet and Mary Rumble she being a minor and the consent of her father Daniel Rumble having been given here to.
4-Sept-1847 #1163 I do solemley sware... that my father Thomas Kennedy has giving his consent to the marrage of my selfe and Louisa Barrick and authorises me to applie to the clerk of court for proper license. William Kennedy
22-Sept-1847 #1173 This to certify that I am willing that you grant my son license without being in danger. Margret Ivy
22-Oct-1847 #1181 Please let Felix Baker and Nancy Martin have marrage liceison in so doing you much oblidge your friend Danile Martin.
6-Nov-1847 #1186 This authorise you to give liceson to my son John Walter Smith. B. Smith Sarha Jane Burns is past 18 years of age and I give my consent for you to isue license to John Walter Smith and her to be join in mattrony. Abigal Burns
29-Nov-1847 #1188 This is to certify that I am willing for J. A. Highsmith to have license to be marraied given under my hand and seal. R. M. Highsmith
27-Jan-1848 #1199 Grant license to marry Davis Maddox and Mary Ann McKibbin she being of age. Joshua Cushman Nancy Cushman
30-Jan-1848 #1200 Grant marriage license for John McKibben and Mary Jane Funk. Gabriel Funk
30-Jan-1848 #1201 Let John McColpin have license to marry my daughter Elenor. Stephen Shipman
11-Feb-1848 #1203 This is to certify that our daughter Cinderrilla is nearly 18 and we allow her the right to choose for herself. William Kamplain Clemana Kamplain
26-Feb-1848 #1208 I am willing that Asa Chapman may receive license. William Chapman
13-Mar-1848 #1215 This is to authroise you to issue license for the marriage of my daughter Maria to David Ethington. Hazael Lindsay
11-May-1848 #122 Grant Wesley Hill marriage license. Jesse Barlow
16-May-1848 #1229 Grant marriage license to David Kirk and Fanny Brush my daughter. Wm. Brush
5-June-1848 #1230 Issue license for marriage of my daughter Charity to Henry Bascom McCarty. Atts: Wm. B. Duffield X (her mark) Nancy Fesler
28-Aug-1848 #1243 I give my consent to the marriage of Doctor Hill, Jr. with Emeline J. Steers my daughter. John W. Steers
23-Oct-1848 #1260 I give my consent to my daughter Frances and Wm Barbee to marry. Fell Brown
12-Nov-1848 #1272 Please let Ezra V. Bussard have license to marry my daughter Elizabeth Kennedy. Thomas Kennedy Jr.
31-Dec-1848 #1284 Please give license for Elias Shook and Rebecca Postlewait. Isaac Postlewait
7-Jan-1849 #1290 This is to certify that I Amelia Waldrop hereby give my consent to the marriage of my son John M. Strother and Jane Weaver. Amelia Waldrop
9-Feb-1849 #1293 Before me Francis M. Brown justice of the peace of said county comes before me Nathaniel Grieves with license to marry Lucretia Lewis and he swears that his father John Grieves says hes above 21 years and that he swears that information derived from Benj. Lewis the father of Lucretia that she is over 18 years. Nathaniel Grieves F.M. Brown
12-Feb-1849 #1294 License states their both under age. Consent on license: Please grant William H. Hackney lecense to marry Margretta Howard. John Hackney
17-Feb-1849 #1296 I Lydia Beeman give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Maria Beeman with Francis York. Lydia Beeman
27-Feb-1849 #1297 I Mary Ripple give my consent to the marriage of my son Jacob Ripple with Sarah Lockhart. X (her mark) Mary Ripple Witt: O. P. Lockhart
26-Feb-1849 #1299 Give license to S. Hackett to be joined in marriage to my daughter Polley. Lott Watts.
5 Mar-1849 #1301 I Joseph Shaw give my consent to the marriage of my son Joseph Shaw with Lydia A. Norton. X (his mark) Joseph Shaw Witt: Wm. Shaw
8-Mar-1849 #1302 License states Henry Jeffers is of Clark Co. and Pharely Draper is of Crawford Co.
23-Mar-1849 #1304 I Rebecca Barlow give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Elizabeth Hill with George Barlow X (her mark) Rebecca Barlow Witt: J. S. Ward
27-Mar-1849 #1307 I have no objections to you granting license to Abraham Guyer for him to marry Elizabeth Newlin minor heir of Wm Newlin deceased. John Newlin, Jr. Guardian of Elizabeth
29-Mar-1849 #1308 John Bartley is of Jasper County and Rachel Coonrod is of Crawford Co. license states.
3-Apr-1849 #1310 Before me the clerk of Crawford County came Thomas Boyd and swears that Joshua Weaver is above 21 years and Betsey Ann Boyd is above 18 years. Thomas Boyd James Steel clerk
9-Apr-1849 #1314 I John D. Summers of this county give my consent to the marriage of Martin Hubbard of the county with my daughter Rachel E. Summers. John D. Summers
17-Apr-1849 #1315 Let Oliver P. Lockhart have marriage license to marry my daughter Jane Brashear. Elias Brashear
17-Mar-1849 #1318 License states Jane Strother was formerly Jane Weaver
3-June-1849 #1324 License states Charity Miller is above legal age as her brother Jacob Miller swears it to be so.
26-May-1849 #1326 Russellville, IL I give my consent for marriage of John Hart and Ann Jane Boring, Ann Jane Boring is a minor and under my control as guardian. John Shepherd guardian of minor heirs of T.W. Boring deceased.
28-July-1849 #1330 License states that...Thomas Boyd states both Robert Boyd and Mary Haskins are above legal age.
23-Aug-1849 #1337 I consent for my daughter Mary E. Rich to marry John H. Dennis. Amos Rich
6-Sept-1849 #1338 I am willing that Mr. Lawson Baker and my daughter can marry. William Edgington
27-Sept-1849 #1343 I consent to the marriage of William Shaw to my daughter Edy Higgins X (his mark) Levy Higgins
3-Oct-1849 #1346 I Jesse W. Garrard do swear that my father John Garrard, Sr. requested me to signify to the clerk his consent to the marriage of his son Levi Garrard with Nancy Helmick X (his mark) Jesse Garrard
8-Oct-1849 #1348 I James M. Highsmith do swear that Polly Allison requested me to signify her consent to the clerk for the marriage of her daughter Hetty Allison with one Price M. Ford X (his mark) James M. Highsmith
15-Nov-1840 #1354 License states Asa Plew states the parties are above legal age.
24-Nov-1849 #1356 I John Cox father of the John W. Cox hereby consent to his marriage. X (his mark) John Cox
13-Dec-1849 #1358 Nancy Moore has given her consent for Susan Jain Moore to get married.
21-Jan-1850 #1367 I Jacob Sears father of Frankey Sears give my consent to marry Daniel Martin, Jr. Jacob Sears
19-Feb-1850 #1374 License states Andrew Darling is of Richland County and Cynthia Ann McLean is of Crawford Co.
24-Mar-1850 #1381 License states Caleb Sawise is of Clark County and Emeline Wilfong is of Crawford and her father gives his consent. (he is not named)
29-May-1850 #2 License states Nancy Myers is daughter of Jesse Myers.
12-Jun-1850 #3 License states Thomas J. Cunningham is of Morgan County and Christina A. Crews is of Crawford.
3-Jun-1850 #4 I give my consent to the marriage of my son Lyman Wilfong with Parmelia E. Cox. George Wilfong
10-Jun-1850 #6 I Margaret Higgins give my consent for my son George R. Higgins to marry Martha C. Purcell. X (her mark) Margaret Higgins
5-Aug-1850 #15 I Peter Barrick give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Mary Barrick and James Barbee. Peter Barrick
7-Aug-1850 #16 License states John R. T Mayfield is of Clay Co. Indiana and Elizabeth E. Colton is of Crawford Co.
17-Aug-1850 #17 I Thomas Kennedy minister of gospel in the church of Parkers Creek in Crawford Co. do swear that I performed the right of matrimony between Thomas Miller of Jasper County and Mary Ann Gould of Crawford.
18-Sept-1850 #21 I Ezekiel Watts father of Lott Watts give my consent to marry Susanna Cox X (his mark) Ezekiel Watts
27-Sept-1850 #24 License states Stephen D. Meserve is of Clark Co. Consent slip: I Joel Barlow give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Martha Barlow to Stephen D. Meserve. Joel Barlow
6-Nov-1850 #31 License states Pembroke S. Cornelius is of Parke Co. Indiana and Eliza J. Martin is of Crawford Co. IL.
6-Dec-1850 #37 Joseph Mise father of Permelia Mise gives his consent.
21-Dec-1850 #43 I Igal Beeson give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Lydia Beeson to John Alfred Myers. Igal Beeson
1851 #47 I Thomas N. Parker give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Eliza J. Parker and Gabriel Funk. Thomas N. Parker.
28-Dec-1850 #49 I Rebecca Hill give my consent to the marriage of my daughter Mary Tracy to Lorenzo D. Barlow. X (her mark) Rebeccky Hill
30-Dec-1850 #50 License states Clinton Hugerford is of Clark County and Melinda Evans is of Crawford. Noah Evans states their of legal age.


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